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Rockham Central

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Rockham Central East is the main terminus of warprail in Rockham. It has 14Platforms with each being suitable for a different ammount of carriges. 8 of them are terminating while 6 are through platforms. It is orientated east-west, but Platforms 13 & 14 are north-south.

Platform Listings

Higher Level

Platform Company Destination Status
Platform 1
Platform 2
Platform 3
Platform 4
Platform 5
Platform 6
Platform 6a
Platform 7
Platform 8 ValleyConnect Stratos In Service

Lower Level

Platform Company Destination Status
Platform 9
Platform 10
Platform 11 ValleyConnect
Platform 12 ValleyConnect
Platform 13
Platform 14
Platform A BluRail Scarborough In Service
Platform B BluRail Haibian In Service

To get a platform

If you wish to get a platform please ask Aldranster50 ingame or in discord.