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Royal Cars
CEO woorich999
Additional Information
Headquarters Heampstead

Royal Cars is the luxury vehicle division of the automaker NewRich Vehicles. The division specializes in manufacturing premium vehicles for the upper classes of the MRT. The brand is known for it's sports car model, Royal Cars Mustang which clocks in at 310 horsepower and is one of the most efficient sports cars out on the market currently.


Royal Cars is a car dealership franchise that was founded when Derpy_Melon was making a car dealership for Heampstead. When Derpy_Melon made it, he built it in the lab world. So when jphgolf4321 was pasting it, he said to make it a franchise. That is how Royal Cars was founded. When Derpy_Melon left the server, the current CEO, woorich999 took over and has now started to sell the franchise again and expand it.

Car Models


Model Seats Horsepower Miles Per Gallon (City/A-Road) Description
Mustang 4 310 to 480 hp 21/31 Built to be legendary. Be legendary with the growl of a 310 horsepower engine.
Mini Cooper 4 134 to 228 hp 28/38 It's in the name, MINI.
E Class Hybrid (Under Development) 4 215 to 302 hp 43/45 Quiet. Efficient. Smooth.


Model Seats Horsepower Miles Per Gallon (City/A-Road) Description
Range Rover 4 254 to 557 hp 22/28 Built to be versatile.

Dealership Types

Below is a list of the types of dealerships.


Royal Cars Standard.png


# Location Name MRT Station Mayor/Owner Type
1 Heampstead  M42  Derpy_Melon Standard
2 Ravenna None jphgolf4321 Standard
3 Freedon None soso123 Standard
4 Tulsi's Solitude None clurny Standard
5 Spring Valley None Architect_21 Standard
6 Digipool  XE6  Thesteakpie Standard
7 Desertview None lfpp003 Standard
8 Izumo  C34  ModernArt Standard
9 Shadowpoint None EliteNeon Standard
10 Lakeside Bay None SuperSamuel25 Standard
11 Ellesume  EN1  Allifarki Standard
12 Pyeongmun City None BangtanSky Standard
13 Los Angeles None _Kastle Standard
14 Lumiose City None BossOfGames Standard
15 Lanark  C113  Earack Standard
16 Segville  ZS6  godzilltrain Standard
17 Whiteley None AP_Red Standard
18 Waterville  A22  PtldKnight Standard
19 Peripotamia Cookie46910 Standard
20 Merced  WS1  Cookie46910 Standard
21 Wauvis Bay Echohue Standard

How To Get One

If you would like a Royal Cars Dealership, you may either ask woorich999 if he and another mod is online. One store costs $35.

Preparing The Plot

1. With magenta wool, mark out the size of the plot.
2. In the front left corner (Road Side) put a cyan stained clay with a sign that says "Royal Cars Dealership".