S' Mart

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S’ Mart
"Supermart for SMart people"
Senior staff
Founder AlphaDS
Facts and figures
Headquarters Lapis Bay
Founded May 9th 2019

S’ Mart is a chain grocery store which sells all kinds of stuff. S’ Mart is different from most stores, using real items instead of putting them on item frames. It also has a mini storage in the Lapis Bay branch.

Foundation of the Company

The constuction of the first S’ Mart starting shortly after AlphaDS built the first two houses in Lapis Bay. The construction of the shop lasted a few days, and the company was officially founded.


Store City/town MRT station Ward Type Opened Remarks
1 Lapis Bay  XE31  Lapis Bay 2 Outdoors May 9th 2019 First and original store
2 Pasadena  A20  Pasadena 9 Pre-built building May 29th 2019
3 Carnoustie International Airport None 8 Airport Store June 25th 2019
4 Sylvania  V10  Woodsbane 3 Outdoors June 29th 2019 This store is a collaboration with AppleGamer123
5 Foresne, Flying Tree Square  SW5  Foresne Shenmore 5 Shopping Mall November 11st 2019
6 GSM Town None 2 Outdoors 8th December 2019 Feel free to edit the exterior, but please let me know
7 Foresne, Chinatown  SW6  Foresne Central 5 Pre-Built Building 15th February 2020 Sells Chinese themed items