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| headerstyle = background:#FDBC73;
| headerstyle = background:#FDBC73;
| above = Canton of Dongryoon<br>동륜부 胴輪部<br>Le canton de Dongryoon
| above = Province of Sagal<br>사갈도 砂蠍道<br>La province de Sagal
|image = [[File:Judo.png|300px]]
|image = [[File:Judo.png|300px]]
|header1 = Information
|header1 = Information

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Province of Sagal
사갈도 砂蠍道
La province de Sagal
Country Juhwa Islands
Organization 4 Cantons / 17 Districts
Government Body The Provincial Government of Sagal
・ Canton Senators  
  - Dongryoon (vacant)
  - Sanghwa Starcubed
  - Gaehwa (vacant)
  - Jongnyeong (vacant)
Demonym Sagalsupy
Population 3,827,850
・ Total $330.7 billion
・ Per Capita $86,400 (2nd)
Calling Code (+4) 1--

The Province of Sagal (Korean: 사갈도, Japanese: 砂蠍道) is the southernmost of the three provinces belonging to the Juhwa Islands. While the province capital is located in the Canton of Dongryoon, the nations' capital is the Jaeyoon Castle which administers itself independently from the provincial government.


The name "Sagal" (砂蠍) literally translates to "sand scorpion" in Sino-Korean due to the shape of the province map interestingly looking like a falling scorpion. In Japanese, the letters "砂蠍" would be pronounced as "Sakatsu", though the second letter is considered rather uncommon in both languages.


Sagal Province is mostly Mediterranean, but portions of the eastern coast is considered uniquely humid (Köppen climate classification: Csb). Being the most distant province from the continent and located in the center of the Eastern Equinox Ocean, Sagal Province experiences the most climatic effect of the oceanic currents, and receives an equal influence of windward and leeward weathers.

Sagal Province receives the most sunlight out of all provinces due to its rather desert-like terrain, and its climate is generally summarized as sunny, semi-dry, and cool with occasional clouds. While the weather usually does not encroach radical temperatures, summer months of July and September can become scalding, while winter nights on January can get unpleasantly cold. In addition, night times can get excessively damp, especially in the eastern region.

With Juhwa Islands and the Equinox Ocean being located in the Southern Hemisphere of the MRT World, the ocean current moves anti-clockwise but receives warm current from the southeast and the cool current from the northwest. This gives the western coasts cooler waters and the eastern coasts warmer waters and as a result, the eastern Canton of Dongryoon experiences a semi-humid climate which is well separated from the drier, Mediterranean west by the geographical barriers of Dongryoon Hills and the inner river circling Jaeyoon Castle. Despite ranging from arid to humid, much of Sagal Province receives equally minimal precipitation in comparison to the other provinces, but Dongryoon West which is semi-surrounded by Dongryoon Hills at the east is exceptionally drier than the rest of the Province, making it the driest place in the Juhwa Islands.

Juhwa Islands as a whole acts as a sea circuit, but the Juhwa Strait between Sagal Province and Inok Province acts as a minor circuit breaker as well, somewhat splitting the circuit into two portions (Sagal Circuit and Gijo Circuit). Due to the Sagal Circuit pushing warm waters west to the colder ocean, the Canton of Sanghwa receives a strong westward ocean current with temperate waters, while the southern coasts by the Canton of Gaehwa and Jongryeong receiving eastward ocean current for the same reason. However, the warm-to-cold transition at the Juhwa Strait leaves a vulnerable spot for typhoons to form which severely strikes Namhae Province and to a lesser extent, the Canton of Gaehwa of Sagal Province as well.

Administrative Divisions

Sagal Province consists of four cantons and a self-administrated capital territory.

Jaeyoon Castle


The Canton of Dongryoon (Korean: 동륜부, Japanese: 胴輪部) is the center canton of Sagal Province. It houses the provincial capital and is considered the heart of the province.