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| founded = 2nd July, 2015
| founded = 2nd July, 2015
'''Serena''' also known as Watchfield is a town located at stations {{st|A|A7}} and {{st|A|A8}} on the Arctic Line in the new MRT world.
'''Serena''' formerly known as [[Watchfield]] is a town located at stations {{st|A|A7}} and {{st|A|A8}} on the Arctic Line in the new MRT world.
Serena currently reffers to the future name of a larger metropolitan area expanding from the current town of [[Watchfield]]
== Transit ==
== Transit ==

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Serena republica wiki.png
Town officials
Mayor powerminer01
MRT  A8  Watchfield ,  A7  Watchfield East
Roadways  A8 
Nearest airport Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Facts and figures
Population 4
Town hall coordinates -2548, 75, -1934
Founded 2nd July, 2015

Serena formerly known as Watchfield is a town located at stations  A7  Watchfield East and  A8  Watchfield on the Arctic Line in the new MRT world.


Public transit in the form of street buses and limited metro service is available. see more detailed local commuter information below.


Map over the Serena SLT Metro System

The Serena SLT Metro System is under construction. As of the 4 of february 2020, Service is limited between stations Y -Serena West/Watchfield- Y and Y -Glass City- Y on the yellow line.


For in-depth stories on what happens in Serena, visit Serena Daily

Feb 4th 2020: Serena officials confirm that the Serena SLT Metro System construction is underway. First stations on the Yellow Line are finished and the system is currently open for service between stations: Y -Serena West/Watchfield- Y and Y -Glass City- Y.

Feb 2nd 2020: Serena opens public library in Republica. The brand new library in eastSerena Republica, situated between Grand Hotel and the new Maritime Square, is now confirmed to be open to the public.

Jan 3rd 2020: Serena officials confirm that the construction of the Serena Metro System has begun. Expect road blocks around Watchfield, Glass City and Serena Suburbia for some time.

Oct 3rd 2019: Serena currently negotiates with Piron Incorporated regarding a joint venture to improve the local transit system. Sources confirm the early planning of a metro system currently in development which will serve the Serena Metropolitan area. Acacia Transit Systems, a subsidary of Piron Incorporated have already confirmed that development is well under way. Serena officials want to alert the citizens of Serena Republica,Glass City, Serena Subrbia and Watchfield to expect the tunnel work and measurements begin shortly, and thus may affect local transit.

Oct 1st 2019: Serena has been confirmed to join the Epsilonian Republic and will subsequently elect three citizens for parliament. Serena Metropolitan area is represented in parliament under the name Watchfield for the time being.


List of Current and future wards of Serena Status:
Serena West: Watchfield Under development
Serena East: Serena Academica Not yet under development
Serena City: Serena Republica Under development
Serena South: Serena Suburbia Under development
Serena North: Glass City Under development
caption: Dynmap render of the town hall as of October 1st 2019

Serena West, named Watchfield is the oldest part of the city, and the location of the old town hall. Watchfield got its name from the geographical properties of the nearby area. Watch as in view and field describing the plain grasslands on which the town sits.

Serena East nicknamed Serena Academica from its geograpical vicinity to the Serena Republican University.

Serena Republica is the beating heart of Serena City, being the location of the new Serena city hall, Serena Public Library, Republica Mall and Campus Piron, headquarters of Piron Incorporated and all its companies. The name 'Serena Republica' stems from the so-called "Most Serene Republic of Venice" during the Reneissance in Europe, reflecting order and serenity.

Serena South nicknamed Serena Suburbia is the southern sprawling neighborhood of Serena. Suburbia is mainly a residential neigborhood and has expansion plans further east, subsequently bordering the future Serena Republican University campus grounds at the southern edge of Serena Academica.

Serena North nicknamed Glass City surrounds a small lake and sticks out with its coherently postmodern architectural style. Glass city is a largely commercial area with hotels and restaurants, notably being home to the first Marin Hotels building on the MRT Server.


Serena is located along the Arctic Line, Station  A8  Watchfield. The surrounding area consists of mostly flat plains and small hills. East, the dense forest acts as a natural border. West The Class-A Highway  A8  acts as the border Between Watchfield and Radiance Square. North, CitiRail aswell as a deep forest together mark the northern border. South, the great taiga halts the city's current expansion.


Serena is currently expanding and exploiting land for new neighborhoods towards the east, bordering Xilia.


Oct 3rd 2019 Citizens may experience noise and obstacles in the areas of Serena Republica and Glass City due to construction work. Serena Republica is currently seeing massive development in the construction of new public, commersial and residential buildings. Recidents and workers of Glass City and Watchfield may experience shockwaves due to tunnel work for measuring and preparing for the construction of a new metro system provided by Acacia Transit Systems.


  • February 4th 2020 First two stations on the SLT Metro Yellow Line opened for service between stations Y -Serena West/Watchfield- Y and Y -Glass City- Y.
  • October 1st 2019 Serena joined the Epsilonian Republic and is currently represented under the name Watchfield
  • September 29th 2019 New plans were revealed to expand Watchfield into a larger metropolitan area and give it the name Serena
  • May 15th 2017 Watchfield's malfunctioning tram system was replaced by a warp bus service provided by autobus22
  • September 11th 2015 The Class-A Highway  A8  exit "Watchfield" was re-opened
  • July 30th 2015 The Class-A Highway  A8  exit "Watchfield" was closed.
  • July 29th 2015 Watchfield's Tram system was officially completed.
  • July 24th 2015 The town was officially opened for builders.
  • July 20th Watchfield was connected to the Class-A Highway  A8 .
  • July 17th Watchfield got its own banner which swings from the facade of the town hall
  • July 16th The wiki page Watchfield was created.
  • July 2nd 2015 The town was officially named to Watchfield.
  • June 22nd 2015 MRT Station  A8  Watchfield was claimed by powerminer01.