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Serena Daily dives into the real stories of Serena City and the global news stories from all around the MRT


Serena Daily says "Hello world!" Today marks the date of the all-new news site bringing you closer to the stories in Serena City. First out is an interview with Mayor Powerminer 01 on the future of the town:

IN FOCUS: Serena Mayor, powerminer01 talks about big developments in Serena City

Serena Daily had the chance to sit down and talk to Serena Mayor powerminer01 about the recent developments all around Serena City. We meet him in his office in the old city hall of Watchfield, which in the coming months very likely will be a ward of the larger metropolis of Serena City. The old town hall stands proudly on the hill on the northern edge of the old town, presenting a view of a skyline which, in the mayor's own words has "sprung up like a forest" Watchfield is in the middle of a booming region, not far from Central City. Watchfield has always been a town of modest proportions in comparison to the neigbouring cities of Xilia and Cornus in the east, along with Radiance Square just across the A8 highway. "I think the vision for Wathchfield was always a vision of something smaller, something graspable," powerminer continues at his desk, "but the overall ambition in the region is really infectious" Wathchfield has really sprung up since it was founded in june of 2015, much of the landscape in the vicinity has been completely transformed. "Watchfield has become clustered over the years", powerminer continues, "Lots of different areas has grown independently. I sometimes feel as if the city is too clustered, yet, It's rather the result of extremely organic growth." Wathcfield grew very quickly in 2016, something which might have affected the clustering. "Before I knew it, the city had no one center", the mayor adds, "I believe it was the idea of renewal, the idea of wanting to make something better. I believe that the eastern expansion is an example of that vision of making a better city than how it started." The eastern expansion of Watchfield, soon to be known as Serena Republica, was according to the mayor the vision of making new, more city-like central district. The buildings, like the palace-like residential buildings and the new public library are upscaled in comparison to the more modest town houses of old Watchfield. Powerminer argues for the divide of the city into separate wards just because of this difference in atmosphere between the different areas which have grown, sometimes far apart from each other. "I believe Watchfield, under the new name, Serena, will be regarded as more coherent. The new city hall, along with the new courthouse have been more contextually planned in the context of the rest of the city. Most of Watchfield has been more or less completed for years, and I think that part of the new larger city will lift the old town up". Powerminer explains the plans of connecting the whole city in a more flexible way. "Currently, the road connections between the new and old city are few. Most of the old city is very well supplied with public transit, thatks to the very well planned bus network by autobus22, but in the long run, these street buses need to be complemented with other connections all over." Powerminer continues by showing the plans for the new metro. "I think a metro system like you see here brings stringency to the whole city. Currently only two stations are done, on the northwestern edge of the yellow line. I intend to first construct metro stations in the old town to make sure all those areas become part of the intented whole. There is still much work to be done, but I believe that this transit system will be a vital foundation for the transision from town to city in the coming months" Powerminer looks tired at his desk. Lots of things needs to be finished before the official transition into Serena City can begin, but he says that he is hopeful for the future. "So many success stories have taken place in this region", he says, "Whitechapel has always been a big inspiration for taking this town to another level and Radiance Square is hopefully soon to reach Premier, not that Premier would be reachable for Watchfield of Serena today, but Senator would be fun."

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