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{{quality|2}} [[Category:Towns]]
{{quality|2}} [[Category:Towns]]

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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

Shadowpoint is a town near  C6  Foobar that was founded by EliteNeon. It is going under a citywide renovation.


The day he got member, EliteNeon founded Shadowpoint on April 3rd, 2016. The town slowly rose through the ranks. Councilor on June 28th and Mayor on July ----. Shadowpoint failed to get senator atleast 4 times until Epsilon came when Shadowpoint just sat there. After EliteNeon finished building Grayzen National Airport, Shadowpoint went into a mass renovation and is still in that process. On 10/28/2017, Mercury203 acquired the town. On November 15th of 2017, FredTheTimeLord acquired the town. On May 19th, 2019, the town was transferred back to EliteNeon.