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Tag: 2017 source edit
Tag: 2017 source edit
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| owner-oper  =
| owner-oper  =
| owner        = {{u|mi_aquamarine}}
| owner        = {{u|mi_aquamarine}}
| operator    = Shenghua Airports Corporation
| operator    = [[Shenghua Airports Corporation]]
| city-served  = [[Shenghua]]
| city-served  = [[Shenghua]]
| location    = [[Shenghua]]
| location    = [[Shenghua]]

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Shenghua Seaplane Terminal
Puerto de Hidroavión de Shenghua
IATA:  SHA – ICAO: none
Airport type Seaplane port
Owner mi_aquamarine
Operator Shenghua Airports Corporation
Serves Shenghua
Location Shenghua
Built 2020
In use 2020-

The Shenghua Seaplane Terminal is a seaplane port in Shenghua, consisting of three gates. It is the second seaplane terminal in Nansei-Gunto, behind the Kazeshima Konaejima Seaplane Port. It is commonly used by domestic commuters, along with international travellers to UNET's territories.


Gate Status Destination Airline Flight Number
1 Status: Service Good.png Open Kazeshima Konaejima Seaplane Port
Wenyanga Harbour
Turbula.png TR002
2 Status: Service Good.png Open Titsensaki Seaplane Port nex airlines NX103
3 ? Heaven City 360 Airlines ?