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Sippa' - The Tea Company
Sippa's current logo.
Founder and Chief Executive Ayudar
Number of Cafes 9
Headquarters Acutech Towers, Los Serafins
Other Information
Founded August 14th, 2019
Parent Company Acutech Holdings
Mission Statement Quick, delicious tea for dirt cheap prices.
Slogan The Tea Company
Founding Location Standalone - Los Serafins

Sippa' is a tea company founded by Ayudar in an effort to bring high quality tea to the masses. He wanted to start a franchise, and his passion for tea drove him to the point he is today. Sippa' is expanding rapidly, and aims to become the number one tea company in MRT.


Sippa' was founded based on Ayudar's passion for brewing the finest quality tea. In order to boost growth, Sippa's early franchises were sold based on a "pay what you can and want to" method, leaving little initial profit for the company until it was established into the industry. It's goal is to spread the love of tea to everyone on the MRT server.


A public database of locations will be available in the near future, in the form of a spreadsheet. All Sippa' locations are built custom, but feature a similar style. The founding location of Sippa' is still open today, in Los Serafins.

If you'd like to have a Sippa' location in your city, free of charge, mail Ayudar through MRT or contact RKarim#0376 through discord.


Sippa' is a wholly owned subsidiary of Acutech Holdings Incorporated, an international conglomerate holding company. Please direct all corporate requests to Acutech's PR department.