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Southeastern Regional Corridor Planning Committee

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This committee is a research project with the goal of increasing accessibility to cities in the ILX VLX corridor, particularly in the means of high-speed warp service and a prospective A-Highway.

Cities included in the study:

Greater Fort Yaxier (I26-I30/V29-V33)
Greater Southburg (I36/V41 and Surrounding Areas)
New Stone City (V43)
Gryffin (V44-V45)
Aeolia (SE9/V47)
Victoria (I40-I41)
(Note: This study does not mean an immediate change to any of these cities listed above or others. If you are an owner of one or more of these cities, please stay calm. This is just a project to help increase transportation options for this corridor.)

Prospective A-Road

This road was proposed by FiorkG recently in public chat. It was proposed under the name "A57" (may not be accurate) and spans the VLX corridor from the TriBiome Island. If completed, it could mean bus lines.

Prospective HSR (warp) Rail

This rail line, named the Southeastern Linkway (dubbed SELink) is an idea by Foxwolf11 to increase transportation connectivity around the VLX. It starts in the city of Gryffin and heads Northbound to Fort Yaxier.

(More information soon)

(Note: If you are interested in this project, please use the /mail command to mail Foxwolf11. This is a research study, not a comprehensive plan. If you own a city listed or one in the corridor, contact Foxwolf11 to share your input on the project.)