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Town officials
Mayor helkama
MRT  49  Foobar
Facts and figures
Population 2 Kekkomatic, Helkama
Founded Gamma opening date.
Official language(s) Finnish, English (unoffical: Swedish, Sami)
World New

Southlake is a city located at the station C49. It is by a lake and has a River connection to the sea.


Southlake is the only city on the MRT where the offical language is Finnish. And the Finnish embassy is located on southlake.


Southlake has A bunch of trees and a forest. The lake next to southlake has good water, the Quality of the water is Really good.


Southlake can be reach by MRT Circle line And by Boat from the southern sea with the river.


The HelkGroup HQ is located in southlake.