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| colspan="5" |'''[2B] WALDDORF'''
| colspan="5" |'''[2B] WALDDORF''' (Total 4)
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| colspan="5" |'''[3A] WOODYLAND'''
| colspan="5" |'''[3A] WOODYLAND'''
| colspan="5" |'''TOTAL BUILDING COUNT: 68'''
| colspan="5" |'''TOTAL BUILDING COUNT: 72'''

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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Town officials
Mayor ktkren777
Deputy Mayor PeacemakerX5
Founder ktkren777
MRT  SW8  Foobar
Bus SBS Transit - Svc 1 to 5
Roadways B531 leading to A53
Water soon
Nearest airport Southoak South Plains Airport
Rail FLR, Southoak Rail Service
Other transit SRS MRT; SRS LRT
Facts and figures
Population 7
Town hall coordinates -2500, 17400 (around)
Founded 28/11/19
Recognized as town 1/3/2020
Town rank [Senator]
State Region of Lumeva
World New (epsilon/zeta)
Post codes SH5
Political Party Liberal
MPO Epsilonian Republic
Ward(s) 5
Other info
Denonym Southoaker
Current building count* 66

Southoak is a town in Southwest Epsilon, in the Region of Lumeva, Republic of Epsilon, currently 500 blocks away from the Epsilonian border, with expansion plans of up to z=18200, founded by ktkren777 on the 28th of November 2019. It is located around 500 blocks south and 200 blocks west of central Peacopolis and 2 stations away from Foresne. It has direct connections with these two towns using the FLR R1 Line from the Central District, and to the A53 via the B531 to Peacopolis. It also has in its possession (not in entirety, shared with Peacopolis) an MRT station to its' name -  SW8  (Southoak-Peacopolis Interchange)

Southoak is branded as the IKEA© of Lumeva, as it plans to make itself a place to relax and enjoy life, while not entirely forgetting the busy and bustling city life from neighbouring Peacopolis.


- Take Zephyr Line to ZS47/S0 (terminus)

- Take Southern Line to SW8

- Or just /tpa ktkren777 (no chance i'm not here, its my main project)

- In fact you can take Southern Line to SW6 (Foresne), go up to liveray, take Line R1 Westbound and end up at Southoak.

History (it's not real please don't think it is)

(In the story, MRT server is located in Northeast Asia, a vast archipelago south of Okinawa and east of Taiwan, with the main island being MRT)


Neo-colonialism had just swept the world by storm, and European empires were having their territories secede or separate from what used to be their protectors and guardians. The poverty-stricken colonial civilisation of 南橡 (nán xiàng) or Nanxiang, which directly translates into its modern name, was no different. The British Empire, to the people, had merely just pillaged the land, treated the people like utter scum, and ran off with the goods for trade revenue. In the end, after a bloody riot, the country seceded and changed its' name to Southoak in order to try to erase some of the bad memories that were stuck in their heads for so long.


The land was acquired by the MRT Corporation, which later turned into a full-fledged sovereign state in 2012 when Frumple took over the helm. The people of Southoak were in favour of this decision., but still continued to suffer under poor living conditions for 15 more painful and excruciating years.


PeacemakerX5 was travelling on the newly built Southern Line, and saw a civilisation at SW8. He had already been assigned to redevelop the plains above SW8 into a city of his own, to better connect that corner of the world. He saw the civilisation and took pity on the bloodshed that once was, and took the land for future redevelopment. A few attap houses were changed into modern houses, and people started to see hope once again. They celebrated at the hills together, and ate at the Delights Café he opened up as a quick shack to bring comfort to the locals.


PeacemakerX5 was very busy with developing his new city, Peacopolis, and it was developing rapidly, and Southoak couldn't hold up its' big brother up north anymore. He gave ktkren777 the responsibility of completely changing the town, and he quickly got to work by demolishing and relocating people to the first residential district of Little Kyoto. The financial district, split into two parts and called the Central District and Central District 2 quickly gave rise to new and more professional jobs for the people, including being office workers in the corporate world, being entrepreneurs and establishing new franchises around the city, and working in the service industry for the people by being doctors, nurses, lawyers, firemen and restaurant staff etc. Southoak is now a prosperous area where people flock to for business purposes, and also for a getaway from the bustling city life of Peacopolis. People that once had no access to food or even potable water and sanitation, now experience state-of-the-art public transportation, business venues such as world-class convention centres and stock exchanges, boasting some of the best in the region so far. It is certainly safe to say that Southoak has come a very long way. As the locals once used to say before 1990, Our spirit stronk.


Dated back to 16 September 2016. Officially in use as of 28 November 2019.

The flag of Southoak is one that represents the ideals of the people.





And always shall our spirit be ever so stronk.


Every sector is divided into several more sub-sectors for ease in navigation, mail and organisation in the city hall. During elections, however, ballots are collected through sectors themselves, and there will be a central voting collection point at each sector. Sectors are numbered and sub-sectors sequenced in Latin alphabet.


Sector 1a: Exhibition Hub

This sector has the Southoak Convention Centre as its major highlight and an Southoak Metro Station serving here in the form of  NE3 , with the SkyHigh Hotel and Convention Centre Management Office. The Watersports Academy is also in this sector. It is also home to the Mayor's Residence, the private Sakura Park  005  and the famous Spruce Bridge, on a exclave island of what used to be Peacopolis. This also houses some tourist information offices and the welcome centre at the narrow but long chunk of land situated south of Southoak Convention Centre. The MRT Station  SW8  NE4  is located here, and up to the right of the exit is the Terra Bridge, named after the land and water it mountains over. There is also an MRT Welcome Centre  004  located just south of SOCC to welcome visitors from all over the server, giving them something resemblant to the welcome centres around the server.

New additions include the HeartCOMM broadcasting tower, which after much deliberation was constructed without its' intended revolving restaurant, as it would ruin the overall balance and aesthetic of the structure. Restaurant and shopping facilities will be situated north of the tower as a 5-stoery building across the SOCC.

Sector 1b: Central District/Neustadt

This sector will essentially be the heart of the town. The Southoak Holdings Towers, often nicknamed "Cyan Towers", holding to its colour, and the Southoak Stock Centre (SKX Centre) are located along Twin Road, leading up to the Southoak CBD Station, where nearly all transport links to the town terminate. This station is served by FLR, a subsidiary of NewRail, and Southoak Railway Service. Southoak City Hall is also located along Waterway Road, with the futuristic blue and red wings representing the waterways and prudence, and brotherhood and power respectively. The original CBD area is served by the Southoak Metro (located at B3 of the SRSConnect Station) -  FR3 .

Neustadt is a place of prosperity and hope, with new skyscrapers being constructed every day. Its connections with the rest of Southoak lies with future bus routes 6 and 7 and the Neustraße Station  FR4  WO4 . The Canon Recording Studios Tower is situated here, along with other important buildings such as the F1 Motorsport Home of Southoak, the Technology Research Office and the Gregory Meteorology and Geography Centre of Southoak. Some of the buildings that ktkren777 is most fond of are situated right here in Neustadt. On Express Rd is the connection to the B531, the major road in and out of Southoak driving up to Peacopolis and with plans to connect further to Tedville and the A53. There is also a short extension to the west of Express Rd, Neustadt West, that mostly comprises of residential towers and community facilities. It is meant to be where the upper class lives, as it is right downtown and has many shopping and business activities a few metres outside their homes.

Wave Lane is home to a food court, the Apple Store + Data Management Centre, the old Clock Tower or "der Uhrturm" as the community used to call it, and the Wave Lane Communit Centre. This area also has a Savanna-style park,  008 , inspired by Aardvark when ktkren777 was commisioned to construct a franchise at the mentioned town.

It is the only area that actually majorly flattens out land before developing the land, following the Peacopolis Method of Development - Mojangitis. It is the one area that dominates the skyline everywhere in the city, with y-coordinates extending up to y=210.

This sector has the dubious award of being the largest sub-sector in Southoak at the moment. Yay!

Sector 1c: Central District 2

This sector is an extension of Sector 1b. Situated here is the Blue Bridge. Often, decorations are hung on the bridge for prosperity during every festival. The famous wework Tower, housing Ted Industries and Peace Enterprises for now, also has some more space up for grabs, with tailor-made offices at your disposal. The Southoak Executive Bank, with famous wrap-around green glass to represent the prosperity and blessings you receive upon entry, is to the right of the wework Tower. The Foresne Embassy and the FlyLumeva Southoak Headquarters are just across the road. The Stone Brick Wall with a semicircular river entry also situates here, as a part of Southoak's heritage, described in the Heritage Gardens (U/C)  006  behind the wework Tower and the Bank. There are plans for this sector to be served by the Southoak Metro  NE2 , a shorter but higher demand line for the metro in order to connect the current bustling Financial Districts.

Sector 1d: Bricklake

There are two dominant structures here, a transport museum and the Energy Co. of Southoak Headquarters. What used to be a granite quarry has now been converted and renovated into a shallow lake with tropical fish and some corals being the major highlight. The Bricklake Country Club and the Integrated Recreational Centre of Bricklake are placed here next to the lake for tourists to enjoy. This sector is served by the Southoak Metro  FR1  NE1 . The Forest Line will, in future, connect the whole of Southoak together as a long and high-demand line for residents to commute north to south and vice versa.

Sector 1e: Little Kyoto

This sector is the epitome of landed housing in Southoak. With some Japanese inspiration, this contemporary village is what to expect for housing in the future, with common areas for socialisation, urban farming, and exercise. This ensures sustainability of the housing in Southoak. The architectural style is mostly neo-modern, with naturalised Southoakers from Japan and China bringing their cultural heritage over to our land, and thus influencing this district heavily. It is named Little Kyoto because of the inspiration it takes from the city. This village is served by the Southoak Metro  FR1  NE1 . The only significantly different change in style is in the Kleinsburg-Style Modern House and in the Semi-Detached Suburban House, as immigrants came over to settle the land, thus making Little Kyoto a very diverse place, despite it being named after such a homogenous nation and city. On a different note, a small but important park is located at 9 Kyoto St A - Kyoto Park  001 , revitalising residents with the beautiful prismarine area and a walk down to the "valley" providing a view of the Bricklake and the developments around it.

Sector 1f: Taldorf

Taldorf is the essential service area of the entire city and is where the tertiary service-based economy thrives. The main branch of the Police Force in Southoak is located here, along with the University of Medicine complete with dormitories, staff facilities, state-of-the-art medicinal and scientific technology for students to reseach in, and a link bridge to the once-ultimate building of Taldorf General Hospital. The land just north of that is home to some small street shopping in terms of food and retail, also including a service by the Southoak Metro with underground link bridges to every vital building in the area (SPF, TGH etc.)  FR2 . The SRS HQ is also situated here, with easy access to more emergency customer service from the SRSConnect Station just across. The Botanic Gardens  003  are also located here, developed with the help of PeacemakerX5 and his famous leaf-arc thingamajigs and a custom fountain made for me :3. Taldorf Park  002  just below that is located below serving the purpose of a beautiful but contrasting walkthrough area to the rest of the city, using the palette of Red Sandstone Blocks, intriguing many of the residents here at first sight. The Botanic Gardens Area also will be served by the SRS Metro  NE5 .


Sector 2a: Öst-Pfannenstiel

Öst-Pfannenstiel is a future district just east of the Southoak City Hall, where a progress landmark is set to be, along with the quaint Austrian-inspired shophouses and houses in the future (just east of the Botanic Gardens are also counted as part of this district). This will be a tourist hotspot due to its shopping, along with Bricklake. Each house has its own purpose, take a deper look inside to really enjoy the culture of Öst-Pfannenstiel. This area is served by SBS  1  2  3  4  5  and by the Southoak Metro -  NE6  WO5 .

Just south of the actual panhandle is the relatively flat land that leads to Foresne and East Peacopolis, and has a small but lively Weihnachtmarkt (when its Weihnacht, of course (Christmas)). There are plans for road connections between Öst-Pfannenstiel and East Peacopolis once East Peacopolis starts to be developed (basically when PeacemakerX5 gets premier).

Sector 2b: Walddorf

Walddorf is a future sector just west of Neustadt and Taldorf, home to the future Casino Square and Walddorf Condos.

Addresses of Buildings

# Building Postal Code Address Category
0 Future NE4 SW8 Station (Underground) L-SO-1a-01-01 1 Terra Bridge Infrastructure
1 Official Mayor's Residence L-SO-1a-02-01 1 Sakura Drive Residential
1 SParks - 005 - Sakura Park L-SO-1a-02-02 2 Sakura Drive Park
2 Southoak Convention Centre L-SO-1a-03-01 1 Exhibition Rd Recreation/Service/Convention
3 SOCC SkyHigh 5* Hotel L-SO-1a-03-01a 1A Exhibition Rd Residential
4 SOCC Management Office L-SO-1a-03-01b 1B Exhibition Rd Commercial Office
4 Southoak Convention Centre Carpark L-SO-1a-03-02 2 Exhibition Rd Carpark
5 HeartCOMM Broadcasting Tower (Observation Tower) L-SO-1a-03-03 3 Exhibition Rd Infrastructure/Recreation
5 Watersports Academy of Southoak L-SO-1a-04-02 1 Pingshui Lane Recreation
5 SParks - 004 - Welcome Park L-SO-1a-04-03 2 Pingshui Lane Park
1 Southoak City Hall L-SO-1b-01-01 1 Waterway Rd Government
2 Southoak Holdings HQ Tower 1 L-SO-1b-02-01 1 Twin Rd Commercial Office
3 SKX Centre A L-SO-1b-02-02 2 Twin Rd Commercial
4 Southoak Holdings HQ Tower 2 L-SO-1b-02-03 3 Twin Rd Commercial Office
5 SKX Centre B L-SO-1b-02-04 4 Twin Rd Commercial
6 C24 Store L-SO-1b-02-05 5 Twin Rd Commercial
7 FR3 SRS SRSConnect Southoak L-SO-1b-02-06 6 Twin Rd Infrastructure/Carpark
8 Fried Chicken Store (ondist) L-SO-1b-03-01 1 Express Rd Commercial
9 Aston Soda (notshort925) L-SO-1b-03-02 2 Express Rd Commercial
10 Future Neustadt Community Centre L-SO-1b-03-03 3 Express Rd Administrative
11 Future Wheelock Apartments L-SO-1b-03-04 4 Express Rd Residential
12 Future Palm Leaf Apartments L-SO-1b-03-05 5 Express Rd Residential
13 FoodRepublic Southoak L-SO-1b-04-01 1 Wave Lane Food
14 Apple Store/Data Management Southoak L-SO-1b-04-02 2 Wave Lane Social Infrastructure
15 Öst-Pfannenstiel Clock Tower L-SO-1b-04-03 3 Wave Lane Landmark/Recreation
16 Wave Area Community Centre L-SO-1b-04-04 4 Wave Lane Administrative
16 SParks - 008 - Aardpark L-SO-1b-04-05 5 Wave Lane Park
17 Southoak Research & Technology Office L-SO-1b-05-01 1 Neustadt Straße Administrative Office
18 Canon Recording Studios Inc. L-SO-1b-05-02 2 Neustadt Straße Commercial
19 Southoak Dept. of Water L-SO-1b-05-03 3 Neustadt Straße Administrative Office
20 Formula 1 Management Co. Lumeva L-SO-1b-05-04 4 Neustadt Straße Commercial Office
21 FR4 Neustadt L-SO-1b-05-04a 4A Neustadt Straße Infrastructure
21 Neustadt Southoak Stall L-SO-1b-05-04b 4B Neustadt Straße Commercial
22 Gregory Topography, Meteorology, Geography Centre of Southoak L-SO-1b-05-05 5 Neustadt Straße Commercial Office
23 SkyHigh Executive Hotel + Shopping Centre L-SO-1b-05-06 6 Neustadt Straße Residential
24 Rainbow Architecture Inc. Wing A L-SO-1b-05-07 7 Neustadt Straße Commercial Office
25 Rainbow Architecture Inc. Wing B L-SO-1b-05-08 8 Neustadt Straße Commercial Office
26 Future The Epsilia HQ in conjunction with Southoak Press Holdings Ltd. L-SO-1b-06-01 1 Neustadt Ln Commercial Office
27 Future Skyscraper L-SO-1b-06-02 2 Neustadt Ln
1 Lumeva AirLink HQ L-SO-1c-01-01 1 Blue Bridge Rd Commercial Office
2 Southoak Northeast Executive Bank L-SO-1c-01-02 2 Blue Bridge Rd Commercial Mixed-Use
3 Foresne Embassy Southoak L-SO-1c-01-03 3 Blue Bridge Rd Administrative Office
4 wework Tower L-SO-1c-01-04 4 Blue Bridge Rd Commercial Office
5 NE2 Central District 2 L-SO-1c-01-05 5 Blue Bridge Rd Infrastructure
6 Public Toilet (Male) L-SO-1c-01-06a 6A Blue Bridge Rd Social Infrastructure
7 Public Toilet (Female) L-SO-1c-01-06b 6B Blue Bridge Rd Social Infrastructure
7 SParks - 006 - Heritage Gardens L-SO-1c-01-07 7 Blue Bridge Rd Park
[1D] BRICKLAKE (Total 7)
0 Bricklake L-SO-1d-01-00 0 Branch Rd Recreation/Landmark
1 FR1 Bricklake/Little Kyoto Exit A L-SO-1d-01-01 1 Branch Rd Infrastructure
2 Future Franchise Lot L-SO-1d-01-02 2 Branch Rd Commercial
3 Pick 'n' Pay/Iceden Clock Towers L-SO-1d-01-03 3 Branch Rd Commercial
4 Future Southoak Northeast Country Club L-SO-1d-01-04 4 Branch Rd Recreation
5 Future Tourist Infobox L-SO-1d-01-05 5 Branch Rd Recreation
6 Southoak Energy Management Co. L-SO-1d-02-01 1 Granite Straight Administrative Office
6 Street Food Stall L-SO-1d-02-02 2 Granite Straight Food yum
7 Transport Museum, Southoak, Lumeva L-SO-1d-02-03 3 Granite Straight Recreation
[1E] LITTLE KYOTO (Total 13)
1 Landed Modern Japanese House L-SO-1e-01-01 1 Kyoto St A Residential
2 Landed Ancient Japanese House L-SO-1e-01-02 2 Kyoto St A Residential
3 Landed Foresne-Style House L-SO-1e-01-03 3 Kyoto St A Residential
4 Landed Contemporary Japanese House L-SO-1e-01-04 4 Kyoto St A Residential
5 FR1 Bricklake/Little Kyoto Exit B L-SO-1e-01-05 5 Kyoto St A Infrastructure
6 Semi-Detached European House L-SO-1e-01-06a 6A Kyoto St A Residential
6 Semi-Detached European House L-SO-1e-01-06b 6B Kyoto St A Residential
7 Landed Kleinsburg-Style House L-SO-1e-01-07 7 Kyoto St A Residential
8 Semi-Detached Modern Taiwanese House L-SO-1e-01-08a 8A Kyoto St A Residential
8 Semi-Detached Modern Taiwanese House L-SO-1e-01-08b 8B Kyoto St A Residential
8 SParks - 001 - Little Kyoto Park L-SO-1e-01-09 9 Kyoto St A Park
9 Landed Arctic-Style House L-SO-1e-01-10 10 Kyoto St A Residential
10 Landed Contemporary Japanese House L-SO-1e-02-01 1 Kyoto St B Residential
11 Semi-Detached Modern Japanese House L-SO-1e-02-02 2 Kyoto St B Residential
11 Semi-Detached Modern Japanese House L-SO-1e-02-03 3 Kyoto St B Residential
12 Semi-Detached Modern Taiwanese House L-SO-1e-02-04 4 Kyoto St B Residential
12 Semi-Detached Modern Taiwanese House L-SO-1e-02-05 5 Kyoto St B Residential
13 Semi-Detached Nanyang-Style Shophouse L-SO-1e-03-01 1 Kyoto Sidewalk Commercial
13 Semi-Detached Nanyang-Style Shophouse L-SO-1e-03-02 2 Kyoto Sidewalk Commercial
[1F] TALDORF (Total 5)
1 SRS HQ L-SO-1f-01-01 1 Taldorf Ln Commercial Office
2 University of Medicine in conjunction with TGH L-SO-1f-01-02 2 Taldorf Ln Education
3 Southoak Taldorf General Hospital L-SO-1f-01-03 3 Taldorf Ln Administration
4 Police HQ, Taldorf L-SO-1f-02-02 2 Iron Bridge Ln Administration
5 FR2 Taldorf L-SO-1f-03-01 1 Taldorf Circle Infrastructure
5 SParks - 003 - Botanic Gardens L-SO-1f-04-01 1 Taldorf Hill Park
5 SParks - 002 - Taldorf Park L-SO-1f-04-02 2 Taldorf Hill Park
1 NE6 SBS Öst-Pfannenstiel Bus Interchange/Depot L-SO-2a-01-01 1 Eastward Ln Infrastructure
2 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-02-01 1 Stone Brick Square Commercial/Residential
2 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-02-02 2 Stone Brick Square Commercial/Residential
2 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-02-03 3 Stone Brick Square Commercial/Residential
2 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-02-04 4 Stone Brick Square Commercial/Residential
2 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-02-05 5 Stone Brick Square Commercial/Residential
2 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-02-06 6 Stone Brick Square Commercial/Residential
2 Öst-Pfannenstiel Weihnachtmarkt L-SO-2a-02-07 7 Stone Brick Square Recreation
3 Semi-Detached Austrian Shophouse L-SO-2a-03-01 1 S. Vettel St Commercial
4 Future European Roadside Market L-SO-2a-03-02 2 S. Vettel St Commercial
[2B] WALDDORF (Total 4)
1 Walddorf Block 1 L-SO-2b-01-01 1 Walddorf Rd Residential
2 Walddorf Block 2 L-SO-2b-01-02 2 Walddorf Rd Residential
3 Walddorf Block 3 L-SO-2b-01-03 3 Walddorf Rd Residential
4 Walddorf Sports Complex L-SO-2b-01-04 4 Walddorf Rd Recreational
4 Riverside Walk L-SO-2b-01-05 5 Walddorf Rd Park
[2E] AIRPORT (Total 1)
1 Southoak South Plains Airport Terminal 1 L-SO-2e-01-01 1 Airport Boulevard Infrastructure



SParks is a subsidiary of Southoak Holdings and 51% of its shares are owned by it. The remaining 49% is owned by Southoak City itself. It is responsible for the maintenance and creation of new parks around Southoak, and was created on 21 May 2020 in response to Vulpine_Master's feedback to me about my Senator Application. There are currently 5 parks around Southoak.

Status Code Name Address Subsector
open  001  Little Kyoto Park 9 Kyoto St A [1e]
open  002  Taldorf Park South 2 Taldorf Hill [1f]
open  003  Botanic Gardens 1 Taldorf Hill [1f]
open  004  MRT Welcome Centre 2 Pingshui Lane [1a]
private  005  Sakura Park 2 Sakura Drive [1a]
U/C  006  Heritage Gardens 7 Blue Bridge Rd [1c]
U/C  007  Neustadt Park 5 Express Rd [1b]
open  008  Aardpark 5 Wave Lane [1b]

Southoak Metro

MRT = Mass Rapid Transit = Warp Metro

If you are interested in buying the carriage that serves the SRS MRT, I'd be happy to negotiate. (imo it looks much better from the starboard side than the port side lmao)

Normally I wouldn't mind offering it for $7 in-game. Again, GMT+8, thank you.

LRT = Light Rapid Transit = Cart Metro


Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png FR1 Bricklake/Little Kyoto NE1
Dynmap Green Flag.png FR2 Taldorf
Dynmap Green Flag.png FR3 SRSConnect SRS (warprail)
Dynmap Construction.png FR4 Neustraße (under construction) WO4 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png FR5 Southward (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png FR6 Southoak South Plains Airport (planned)


Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png NE1 Bricklake/Little Kyoto FR1
Dynmap Construction.png NE2 Central District 2 (under construction)
Dynmap Pin.png NE3 Southoak Convention Centre (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png NE4 [SW8] MRT (planned) SW8
Dynmap Pin.png NE5 Botanic Gardens (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png NE6 Öst-Pfannenstiel Bus Interchange (under construction) SBS
Dynmap Pin.png NE7 Four-Peak Cave Hills (planned)


Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png WO1 Walddorf Condos (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png WO2 Casino Square (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png WO3 Neustadt West (planned)
Dynmap Construction.png WO4 Neustraße (under construction) FR4
Dynmap Pin.png WO5 Öst-Pfannenstiel Bus Interchange (planned) NE6, SBS


Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png RG1 Southoak SW (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png RG2 Ferry Terminal (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png RG3 Liebe Brücke (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png RG4 Southoak South Plains Airport (planned) FR6 (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png RG5 Woodyland (planned)

Southoak Bus Services

Services 1 to 5 will all have the origin of the Future Öst-Pfannenstiel Bus Interchange and Depot in Sector 2a. All these services are planned and will use the warp signs to facilitate faster transport. These services are expected to be in operation fully by 1 August 2020. Buses that do not operate on a circular route have a return service from its destination to its origin.


Svc No. Origin Name Stp Code Other Significant Stops Destination Name Stp Code
 1  Öst-P. Bus I. 21001 SKX, FlyLumeva HQ Peacopolis Airfield [PCE] X9001
 2  Öst-P. Bus I. 21001 Warprail Connect, Walddorf Condos, Walddorf SkyHigh Hotel, Casino Square Walddorf Depot 22003
 3  Öst-P. Bus I. 21001 [SW8] MRT, Bricklake, Southoak Holdings Towers, City Hall Öst-P. Bus I. (Circular) 21001
 4  Öst-P. Bus I. 21001 F1 Building, C24 Store, SRS HQ/Police HQ, SOCC, City Hall Öst-P. Bus I. (Circular) 21001
 5  Öst-P. Bus I. 21001 Southoak Research/Tech Office, C24 Store, Southoak Taldorf General Hospital, [SW8] MRT Peacopolis Welcome Centre, [SW8] X8001


Stop Code Stop Name Sector
11001 [SW8] MRT 1a
11002 SOCC 1a
12001 Southoak Holdings Towers 1b
12002 SKX 1b
12003 C24 Store 1b
12004 Warprail Connect 1b
12005 West Neustadt 1b
12006 City Hall 1b
12007 Southoak Research/Tech Office 1b
12008 F1 Motorsport HQ Southoak 1b
12009 (Neustadt) 1b
12010 (Neustadt) 1b
12011 (Neustadt) 1b
12012 (Neustadt) 1b
13001 FlyLumeva HQ 1c
13002 wework Tower 1c
14001 Bricklake 1d
16001 SRS HQ/Police HQ 1f
16002 Southoak Taldorf General Hospital 1f
21001 Öst-Pfannenstiel Bus Interchange 2a
21002 Casino Square 2a
22001 Walddorf Condos 2b
22002 Walddorf SkyHigh Hotel 2b
22003 Walddorf Depot 2b
X8001 Peacopolis Welcome Centre [SW8] P8
X9001 Peacopolis Airfield [PCE] P9


SVC 1: OPERATIONAL (25-4-20, ktkren777)





Southoak Holdings

This is the parent company of

SkyHigh Hotel (Luxury)

SkyHigh Hotel (Ordinary)

Southoak Cafés and Restaurants (tailor-made to your expectations)

Southoak Bookstores

Southoak Shoppes

Contact me in-game (when i'm online, my time zone is GMT+8) and I will set you a reasonable price for the things that I build for you (assuming you want it). Prices are negotiable with the strict condition that you are reasonable. I need money :(


The culture of Southoak is actually tied with ktkren777's own culture. He lives in Singapore, but has English as his primary language and Chinese as a mother tongue, but loves the Germanic countries' language and culture. Hence, Öst-Pfannenstiel representing Tirol, Neustadt representing Frankfurt, but a small touch of his Asian heritage in Little Kyoto, which also has a little bit of Japanese architectural style. All in all, Southoak is culturally diverse, and through its unity, their spirit is stronk. Southoak tells an immigrant's tale.

ts (or any "stolen" buildings)

On the info board at SW8. (for simplified information)

Weier (50% inspired by the HDB HQ at New Singapore) - 1 Neustadt Straße (Research and Technology Office of Southoak)

PeacemakerX5, who helped me out with many things in the town in general.

Thats it. I'm serious, the rest have either permission or like online designs irl so i don't think that would count as copying :P.