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Special Administrative Region of Wimbledon

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The Special Administrative Region of Wimbledon, also known as Metro Wimbledon is a collection of cities on and around Wimbledon Island in the Northern Ocean. The current Capitol is Risima, being the main downtown region of the area. The governing body is The Senate of Wimbledon, inspired by the Parliament of WolvHaven and the MRT's General Staff Meetings.


District One - Risima

On the west side of Wimbledon Island lies Risima, the Capitol of Wimbledon. The Senate, The Presidential Office, The Stock Exchange, The Offices of The Government, and The Armed Forces are based in Risima. Embassies to other Cities and States as well as liasons to the differing regions of Wimbledon. Risima is also the main cultural center of Wimbledon, being one of two original cities on the island.

District Two - Twickenham

On the east side of Wimbledon Island lies Twickenham. Twickenham is a small town under development by MIKE24DUDE. It is the regions main area for seafood trade as it is the only city with a fishery.

District Three - Mount Whittmoore

In the mountains west of Risima lies the settlement of Mount Whittmoore. A ski resort town was originally the brainchild of EliteNeon, however, after persuading allifarki to build a town forming The SAR, the ski resort idea was put into play by allifarki.

Overseas Territories

The City-State of Shadowpoint was dissolved in July, 2017. The former territories agreed to join the SAR as an overseas territory.


The SAR is a constitutional republic, similar to The United States of America. Upon formation, EliteNeon was nominated President of the SAR, EliteNeon will serve a four month term and democratic elections will subsequently follow. The Senate of The SAR is the governing body that makes all the decisions regarding the laws, changes, and other legislation. After a bill passes the senate, the President will sign into law or veto the bill.