Sunshine Coast

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City of Sunshine Coast
Ciudad de Costa Sol
Bandar Pantai Matahari Terbenam
Flag of Sunshine Coast.png SSCMidtownSkyline.png
Top: Flag of the city of Sunshine Coast
Bottom: The skyline of Sunshine Coast
Town officials
Mayor Echohue
Deputy Mayor Megascatterbomb
MRT  SE23  Alta Mesa
Other transit Sunshine Transit
Facts and figures
Population 14,829,573 (Metro Area)
6,198,122. (City Proper)
Founded August 18th, 2018
Town rank  [Premier] 
World New

Sunshine Coast is the largest city in the Republic of Bahia and a major center of technology and tourism. The city is a major economic hub for the southeast, housing the headquarters of multiple corporations, and is a major center of information technology. The city is located on an isthmus of land between Lake Thanos and the Southern Sea, which means it is sheltered from high sea waves and protected from invasion. With a metro population of more than 14 million people, the city is fast becoming a powerhouse in the southeast. Its port handles more than three million tons of cargo per year, and it is one of the MRT's largest tourist destinations.



The history of Sunshine Coast begins far before the city was founded. Sometime in September of 2016, before the Epsilon era began, a guest by the name of Citybuilder_ joined the server for the first time. He stayed on the server as a guest for two years, flying around and exploring a world with endless bounds. Eventually, he began to notice that there were almost no tropical resort cities. Originally, he had not felt the need to apply for member, but now, 'he had a mission.'

He flew down the southern line, and discovered a station located in a beautiful valley, and knew it was going to be the home of his city. He applied for member, but unfortunately his application was rejected, and he went back to his original role on the server of flying around and being silent. In this time, ModernArt claimed the station he wanted. But then, one day, when he was exploring, godzilltrain messaged him, asking why he hadn't re-applied. He applied again, and while he was flying around a new area south of the MRT station SE23, he was promoted to member by godzilltrain.


After getting member, he immediately went to work, placing a red block with a sign on top marked "Sunshine Coast". This day, August 18th, 2018, is the official founding of the city of Sunshine Coast. He began building a road network on the island, creating a roundabout and multiple roads.

He constructed a big palm tree, and said in chat "I think I just created the coolest palm tree on the server" Conric005 tpa'd to him, and this is the beginning of the alliance between Conric and Cacto that persists to this day. He created a business (Sunshine Bank) and a home in Sunshine Coast, and was promoted to citizen by hvt and Kastle on August 30th, 2018. This began the age of expansion for Sunshine Coast.


Citybuilder promptly got to work on Downtown Sunshine Coast, and soon was promoted to Trustee while eating some pizza by Kastle. The city of Sunshine Coast officially became a town on September 15th, 2018, with Conric005 as its Deputy Mayor. Citybuilder continued to work on the town, and although it was rejected for mayor by both Tom_Pairs and godzilltrain, it was accepted on September 23rd. In the period between Mayor and Senator, Citybuilder expanded the city exponentially, constructing the Flagstaff Mesa district, a new port, a national park, and the first part of the B191. He constructed the Flagstaff Mesa Dam, (Thingy Dam) which provides much of the city's power supply.

Finally, sometime between October 1st and October 10th, he applied for Senator. He had decided to apply due to Cookie46910 saying that his city was Senator quality, and although CityB didn't believe this, he applied. Two weeks later, he got on the server for a few minutes and ended up getting promoted to Senator.

Senator Era

After Sunshine Coast got Senator, Citybuilder got to work on the new airport. Sunshine Coast Regional Airport was constructed in a single day, and it serves as the aviation gateway to Sunshine Coast until Sunshine Coast International is constructed. Finally, Cact0 commissioned the construction of the B191, a road linking Sunshine Coast to Murrville. With Time2's help, CityB destroyed the freeway through downtown, and a whole new district of Downtown was constructed. The new capital was built, and the city was expanded even further. At the start of December, Cact0 applied for Governor, and he was promoted on December 14th.

Governor Era

After the city got promoted to Governor, immediately work began on the Sunshine Coast Expressway tunnel under Capital Mesa. The tunnel was completed in a day, and the freeway finally arrived on the opposite coast of Maspalmas Bay. An interchange was built, and construction began on Sunshine Coast- SSI International airport. The airport was approved and pasted a few days later with the help of _HeavenAngel_. At this time, it only had a few gates, but this would later change. Soon, Maspalmas became a thriving resorts district, with hotels, beaches, a theme park, and other attractions. The Sunshine Coast Freeway was extended west to the B191, bypassing Wooridge. The Suburb of Palm Valley was founded along this highway, with over 20 homes. Soon, Sunshine Coast had over 100 buildings, and Cact0 applied for Premier. He was worried about Sunshine Coast not being large enough, so he expanded in every direction, filling the empty areas of the city. A port was built near SSR, a small naval base in midtown was constructed, and many other small cosmetic changes were applied to the city. A few days before the gsm where SSC would be considered for premier, SSI terminal 2 was pasted in, adding many more gates to the airport. The city, to Cact0's surprise, got an overwhelming "yes" vote for Premier.

Premier Days

Sunshine Coast got premier in February, and after that, development on the city generally stalled. Work will continue in the future, especially in the suburbs.


Due to close proximity to the equator and the warm Lake Thanos, the city experiences tropical climatic conditions, typified by hot and humid weather throughout much of the year. It has a tropical wet and dry climate (Köppen: Aw). Annual rainfall is approximately 1,100 mm (43 in), and in a normal year there are two rainy seasons: "the long rains" in April and May and "the short rains" in November and December. Additionally, there are over 270 sunny days per year. Monsoon thunderstorms are common in all months, and can generate rapidly off of Lake Thanos and drop torrential rains over the city. Hurricanes are rare, but do happen. Major hurricanes include Hurricane Adam, a Category 5 storm that devastated the city in 2018, Tropical Storm Bella, which brought torrential flooding rains to the city, and Hurricane Chris brought damaging Catagory 3 winds during Christmas Day. The water of lake thanos is a constant 23c-26c temperature, perfect for the development of Coral Reefs, including notable ones such as Coral Beach. Sunshine Coast´s coral reefs are generally healthy, but in some areas, high tourism is damaging the reefs.

Regions and Boroughs

Sunshine Coast is divided into multiple regions and Boroughs. Regions are the national administrative division of the People's Republic of Sunshine Coast, and the city of Sunshine Coast is home to 10 of these regions, each with its own Senator in the People's Congress. The other administrative division is the Borough, which is the City-Level administrative division. There are four boroughs in the city of Sunshine Coast proper.

Old Town

Old town is the oldest section of the city, and most of the most historic buildings in Sunshine Coast lie in this district. This is where Cact0 founded his city immediantly upon becoming member by placing a single red block with the sign "sUnshine coast" on it. The sign was removed, but the block still stands as the first block ever placed in sunshine coast and the first block ever places by Cact0 on the MRT. Other buildings in this borough are the former city hall, which is now a museum, the former SunshineBank headquarters, multiple embassies, Cact0's first home, and the burnt out remains of the first capital of the People's Republic of Sunshine Coast, which was destroyed during the Sunshine Coast Civil War.

El Presidente Park, in Oldtown Sunshine Coast

Notable Locations

  • Old Capital (Now destroyed)
  • Embassy Row
  • Old SunshineBank HQ
  • Sunshine Coast Civil War Museum (Under Construction)
  • Oldest Building In Sunshine Coast
  • First Block Placed in SSC
  • First Presidential Home
  • Night Markets
  • Oldtown Beach
  • El Presidente Park
  • AstroSlurp (First outside franchise in Sunshine Coast)


Downtown Sunshine Coast is the major hub of economic activity in the nation, as well as the seat of the central government. Founded after Cact0 got Citizen, Downtown's first building was a terrible looking white skyscraper which was the headquarters of Sunshine Bank until it was demolished and replaced by the Central Administrative Building. Downtown is home to almost all of the city's skyscrapers, and you can find the National Capital Complex here, too.

Concrete and Steel skyscrapers tower over Lake Thanos in Downtown Sunshine Coast.

Notable Locations

  • City Hall
  • Sunshine Coast Metro
  • Sunshine Coast Capital Complex
  • Sunshine Coast Skytower
  • Presidential Palace
  • Assange Square
  • ASC Headquarters
  • Sunshine Coast World Trade Center
  • Downtown Acacia National Park
  • Semicircular Quay
  • Sunshine Coast Waterfront

Flagstaff Mesa

Flagstaff Mesa is a suburban area on top of a mesa of the same name, and is the only extensive suburb in the city of Sunshine Coast proper, with most of the city's suburbs being either separate towns founded by Cact0 directly next to the city, or towns founded by other people along the lakeshore. Flagstaff Mesa was named after the giant flagpole placed upon it shortly after Cact0 began construction on Downtown. This Borough is also home to the Sunshine Coast waterport, which was built right before Cact0 got trustee, and than demolished and reconstructed right before he got Senator.

A view of Flagstaff Mesa towering over the stores of South Downtown.

Notable Locations

  • Flagstaff Mesa National Park
  • War For Communism Memorial Flag
  • Old Presidential Home
  • Flagstaff Lake
  • Thingy Dam
  • HvtTown Resettlement Camp
  • Equator
  • Lake Thanos - Hvt2011 National Canal


Midtown is home to most of the stores in the city, and it is also home to the Port of Sunshine Coast, along with Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport, and the Sunshine Coast base of the Montego Navy.





SSC Metro Map.png


1: Old Town Borough Hall

2: Old Town Night Market

3: Sunshine Coast Motel

4: Old Town Beach Mall

5: Old Sunshine Bank Headquarters

6: Old Department of Defense Headquarters

7: Birchwood Embassy / AstroSlurp

8: Covina Embassy

9: SunshineBank Center

10: Sunshine Coast Gondala

11: Deadbush Embassy

12: Norwest Embassy

13: Creeperville Embassy

14: Sandy Point Visitor Center

15: AstroCorp Regional HQ (Formerly P I N C Center)

16: Sandstone Tower

17: UFuel

18: Waterfront Apartments

19: Acacia Building

20: FurryMill HQ

21: Communist McDonalds HQ

22: Central Administrative Building (Now City Hall)

23: TeleSun Building

24: ASC Headquarters

25: Sunshine Tribune Building

26: Sunshine Coast Shantytown (Not actually one building, but they're so small they might as well be one building)

27: Sunshine Coast Ferryport

28: Cact0's house on Flagstaff Mesa

29: Conric005's house on Flagstaff Mesa

30: House with unknown owner on Flagstaff Mesa

31: Sunshine Coast World Trade Center Tower 1

32: Sunshine Coast World Trade Center Tower 2

33: Tacurger Shack

34: Sunshine Coast Monorail Station (Closed for renovations)

35: Sunshine Coast Climatic Institute Building

36: Hvt's Arcade

37: Sunshine Coast Skytower

38: SnowCorp Tower

39: Grocery Store on Midtown Road

40: London's Grocery Store

41: Unoccupied house on Flagstaff Mesa

42: Home of Mi_Aquamarine on Flagstaff Mesa

43: Unoccupied house on Flagstaff Mesa

44: Unoccupied house on Flagstaff Mesa

45: Unoccupied house on Flagstaff Mesa

46: House of _Heaven_Angel_

47: Thingy Dam

48: Flagstaff Mesa Strip Mall

49: Sunshine Coast Regional Airport (SSR)

50: Frumple's Taco Shack HQ

51: Santium Building

52: Palmas Del Mar Hotel

53: Sunshine Coast Capital Complex Building 1

54: Sunshine Coast Capital Complex Building 2

55: Sunshine Coast Capital Complex Building 3

56: Sunshine Coast Capital Complex Building 4

57: Chai Mocha Ranch

58: FMC Base Building 1

59: Home of Camelfantasy on Flagstaff Mesa

60: Home of Knowmads7 on Flagstaff Mesa

61: Home of Woorich999 on Flagstaff Mesa

62: Home of Time2MakeMyMove on Flagstaff Mesa

63: Home of mjpwff on Flagstaff Mesa

64: Home of BuildPilot on Flagstaff Mesa

65: Presidential Palace

66: Unknown electronics store in Midtown

67: Taco Bell

68: RichPlus Gasoline

69: Kastle's Prubourne Steak

70: Not BurgerQueen

71: Purple Pigeon

72: 0xCoffee

73: BuildPilot's bookstore

74: SSI Airport Terminal One

75: Movie Theater in Maspalmas

76: Sunshine Coast Current City Hall

77: Mega Da Boi Resort

78: London150's bowling ally

79: Maspalmas Spleef Arena

80: BarneyLand

81: BearLodge Maspalmas

82: Vickiposa's Franchise in Palm Valley

83: Helkama's Franchise in Palm Valley

84: Sesese's Gear Check

85: Lala's store thingy

86: AlikLolly

87: Residential Home

88: Residential Home

89: Residential Home

90: Residential Home

91: Residential Home

92: Residential Home

93: Residential Home

94: Residential Home

95: Residential Home

96: Residential Home

97: Residential Home

98: Residential Home

99: Residential Home

100: Residential Home

101: Residential Home

102: Residential Home

103: Residential Home

104: Residential Home

105: Residential Home

106: Residential Home

107: Residential Home

108: Residential Home

109: Residential Home

110: Residential Home

111: Residential Home

112: Residential Home

113: Residential Home

114: Residential Home

115: Residential Home

116: Residential Home

117: Residential Home

118: Montego Government Complex #1

119: Montego Government Complex #2

120: Montego Government Complex #3

121: Montego Government Complex #4

122: Sunshine Coast Library

123: Jupiter Moters Building

124: Fiork´s Car Factory

125: AstroSlurp Distribution Center

126: Sunshine Coast Mail Center

127: Factory

128: Tank Factory

129: Road Sign Repository

130: SSI Terminal Two

131: Residential Home

132: Residential Home

133: Residential Home

134: Residential Home

135: Residential Home

136: Residential Home

137: Residential Home


Sunshine Coast's local TV station is Sunshine Coast Broadcasting Network(SSCBN), operating on callsign NSSC.. It consists of the main channel, a repeated broadcast of KBS Kids from Kevtropolis (the only non-communist media in the area), a horse channel, a music channel, and a government channel.


Channel Resolution Aspect ratio PSIP Name Programming
1.1 1080i 16:9 NSSC-DT Main NSSC programming
1.2 720p 16:9 NSSCK SSC KBS Kids
1.3 720p 16:9 NSSCH House of Horses
1.5 720p 16:9 NSSCM Jam Time
1.6 720p 16:9 NSSC-WX SunshineWeather



Resident Address District
Mi_Aquamarine 1140 Rimside Drive Flagstaff Mesa
Conric005 1146 Rimside Drive Flagstaff Mesa
Cact0 1145 Rimside Drive Flagstaff Mesa
MojangChan 52 Kastle Road HVTown Slums
hvt2011 8172 Chiefbozx Avenue HVTown Slums
AyyLion 8 Mega Road HVTown Slums
Johngi 82612 Sunshine Coast Highway Waterfront Apartments
knowmads7 4 29 Palms Streey Flagstaff Mesa
camelfantasy 6 29 Palms Street Flagstaff Mesa
time2makemymove 8 29 Palms Street Flagstaff Mesa
woorich999 10 29 Palms Street Flagstaff Mesa
mjpwwf 12 29 Palms Street Flagstaff Mesa
BuildPilot 14 29 Palms Street Flagstaff Mesa