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====Season 1 ([[Survivor 1|Survivor: Utara]])====
====Season 1 ([[Survivor 1|Survivor: Utara]])====
This season is hosted by {{u|AyyLion}} and began on November 10, 2018. These were the castaways who participated in Survivor: Utara:
This season is hosted by {{u|AyyLion}} and began on November 10, 2018. These were the 12 castaways who participated in Survivor: Utara:
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{| class="wikitable sortable"

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Survivor Taco-Bacon Forest.png
old Season 1 Logo
Game Overview
Idea Created September 12, 2014
Category Game Shows, Reality
Number of Seasons 1
Number of Mini-Seasons 1
Number of Episodes 1 (?? planned)
Created By Baseball02, AyyLion
Presented By Baseball02 (Mini Season), AyyLion (Season 1)

Survivor FAQ

What is Survivor?

Survivor is a game show where 10 or more castaways are split into two (or three) tribes and must live together as a tribe. The contestants must endure challenges, and must gain the trust of fellow contestants to avoid being eliminated at Tribal Council.

How can I sign up?

Signups are currently not open, sorry.

When is the next season?

Season 1 has already started and Season 2 information is unknown?

Show Format


The contestants know the cast list beforehand, so they know who will be in the game. Once the game has started, contestants won't know what types of challenges they will get.

Contestants can form alliances with each other which may allow them to survive longer in the game.


These are two types of competitions in Survivor, each for a different in-game power or privilege.

Reward Challenge

In every episode except for the finale and the merge, there is a reward challenge. This gives players the chance to win items useful for their survival, such as coal for their furnace, food, or an afternoon at the spa. Note that on the first episode, the immunity and reward challenges are usually bundled into one challenge.

Immunity Challenge

In every episode, there is an immunity challenge. Before the merge, it is a team challenge for the entire tribe, but after the merge, it is an individual immunity challenge.

Tribal Council & Elimination

Every episode, a tribe goes to Tribal Council where they must vote off one of their own tribe members. Fire represents life, and if your torch goes out, it is game over... and the tribe has spoken.


In the event of a tie in the votes, there is a revote in which only people who didn't get the most votes can vote in. These people must vote only for people involved in that tie.

In the event that the votes are STILL tied after a revote, the people who were NOT involved in the tie and did not obtain immunity (either by challenge or idol) must draw wool, and the person with the red wool is eliminated.

The Jury

In the final episode, the final two castaways face the Jury. The Jury is composed of five or more eliminated castaways who vote on who will win Survivor, and the $3,000 prize.

Season Info

Season 1 (Survivor: Utara)

This season is hosted by AyyLion and began on November 10, 2018. These were the 12 castaways who participated in Survivor: Utara:

Name Country Original Tribe Merged Tribe Eliminated
??? ??? Anguar ??? ???
??? ??? Peleliu ??? ???
??? ??? Anguar ??? ???
??? ??? Peleliu ??? ???
??? ??? Anguar ??? ???
??? ??? Peleliu ??? ???
??? ??? Anguar ??? ???
??? ??? Peleliu ??? ???
??? ??? Anguar ??? ???
??? ??? Peleliu ??? ???
??? ??? Anguar ??? ???
??? ??? Peleliu ??? ???
  • (Tribe 1) Anguar:
  • (Tribe 2) Peleliu:
  • (Merged) ???:


Due to the mini-seasons being so short, they will not receive their own page. They will be on this page. Probably in the future, there may be a separate page which contains all the mini-seasons.

Survivor: The Summit

This test season had 7 castaways and happened on September 14, 2014.

Challenges & Tribal Councils

This was a test season so there were no reward challenges.

  • First Immunity Challenge: Get to the top of the summit and place all three of the tribe's clay blocks on top of their colored wool to win immunity. Kitania won immunity.
  • First Tribal Council Eisitasi went to tribal council. There was a tie at first, but at the revote, ryan_friel was voted out 2-1.
  • Second Immunity Challenge: Relay swimming. Get both wool blocks to the finish line first to win immunity. Music3_0 sat out this challenge. Kitania won immunity.
  • Second Tribal Council: Music3_0 was sent to tribal council with the Eisitasi tribe, but he was immune. tarheelscourse was voted out 2-1.
  • Third Immunity Challenge: Find 3 wool blocks on the side of the mountain and place them on top of their colored clay first to win immunity. It was a one on one challenge... MinecraftYoshi26 versus KittyCat11231. Yoshi won and gave Kitania immunity once again.
  • Third Tribal Council: By default, KittyCat11231 was eliminated from the game.
  • The Merge: For the first time in Survivor history, the entire Eisitasi tribe was eliminated, so the entire Kitania tribe was moved into the Hamanei tribe.
  • There was supposed to be a fourth immunity challenge and tribal council, but it never happened because everyone left early.
  • There was supposed to be a final jury, but it never happened because everyone left early.
Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
skelezomperman Got Red Block Did Not Play
ryan_friel Eisitasi 1st Voted Out
tarheelscourse Eisitasi 2nd Voted Out
KittyCat11231 Eisitasi 3rd Eliminated
Music3_0 Kitania Hamanei Survived
MinecraftYoshi26 Kitania Survived
Cortesi Kitania Survived

This is the first time in Survivor history where an entire tribe was eliminated before the merge.


General Achivements

Achievement get!
The Sole Survivor
Be the Winner in a season of Survivor.
Achievement get!
Win individual immunity in a post-merge immunity chllenge
Achievement get!
The Tribe has Spoken
Be eliminated in a tribal council.
Achievement get!
Find a hidden immunity idol.
Achievement get!
High Bidder
Bid your entire stack of diamonds on one item in the Survivor Auction.
Achievement get!
Be eliminated in a tribal council where all of the other tribe members voted for you.
Achievement get!
Win a reward challenge in Survivor.
Achievement get!
Million Diamond Decision
Be a jury member in a season of Survivor.
Achievement get!
Faced the Jury
Face the final jury in a season of Survivor.
Achievement get!
Get blindsided in a season of Survivor.

Seasonal Achievements

Achievement get!
Signed up for Tacos and Bacon!
Be in Survivor: Taco-Bacon Forest.
Achievement get!
Winner, Winner, Taco Dinner.
Win Survivor: Taco-Bacon Forest.