Survivor: Utara

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Survivor: Utara
Survivor logo.png
SessionsNovember 10, 2018, December 1, 2018, December 8, 2018, & December 9, 2018
No. of episodes9
No. of castaways12
Season chronology
Followed bySurvivor: El Calor

Survivor: Utara, also commonly known as Survivor 1, is the first season of Survivor, hosted by AyyLion. The season premiered on November 3, 2018, with the first session taking place on November 10, 2018. 12 contestants competed in 9 episodes in a blended game show format: the game will be played in sessions, similar to game shows such as The Mole or The Amazing Race, but in a continuous day-to-day Discord similar to Big Brother.


The season was announced on August 22, 2018, after the finale of Big Brother 3. Applications opened at this time. The premiere of the season was announced to be October 6, 2018; however, the date was postponed after several players dropping out and an emergency with the host. Applications re-opened on October 12, and the final premiere date was chosen to be November 3, 2018.

The first session was held on November 10, 2018, where only one episode was held. This was considered to be a failure due to several reasons, one primary one being that there was a glitch that prevented all crafting.

The second session was held on December 1, 2018. This session went much smoother than the first, helped in part by the fact that crafting had been re-enabled. Episodes 2-4 were played during this session.

The third session, with episodes 5-7, was played on December 8, 2018. The next day, the final episode was played. The Final Tribal Council was held over Discord over the next few days, leading up to the reveal of the winner at the reunion on December 15, 2018.

The logo is originally from the logo of the real season Survivor: Borneo.


Contestant Original tribe Merged tribe Finish
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Peleliu 1st voted out
Episode 1
Flag of The Netherlands.png The Netherlands
Angaur 2nd voted out
Episode 2
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Angaur 3rd voted out
Episode 3
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Peleliu 4th voted out
Episode 4
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Angaur Kayangel Medically evacuated
1st jury member
Episode 5
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Peleliu 5th voted out
2nd jury member
Episode 5
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand
Peleliu 6th voted out
3rd jury member
Episode 6
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Angaur 7th voted out
4th jury member
Episode 7
Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Peleliu 8th voted out
5th jury member
Episode 8
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Angaur 2nd Runner-up
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Peleliu Runner-up
Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Angaur Sole Survivor

Season summary

Castaways were divided into two tribes-Angaur and Peleliu. While both tribes attended equal Tribal Councils in the pre-merge phase of the game, Peleliu tribe was regarded as being a stronger tribe due to their reliable food source, while Angaur routinely starved. Between the second and third sessions, it became known that jphgolf4321 was unavailable for any future session of the season, resulting in his medical evacuation from the game. Starting the merge with jphgolf4321's removal, the Angaur tribe ended up 1 member down. However, due to Vickiposa flipping at the subsequent Tribal Councils, several members of Peleliu were eliminated over the course of the merge. At the Final Tribal Council, most jury members did not consider Conric005 due to a perceived weak game and speech, while remaining divided between Vicki's subtler game and warmer speech, and Yoshi's stronger game and colder speech. MinecraftYoshi26 was eventually named the winner at the reunion, where the mini-season of Survivor: Christmas Island, Naughty vs Nice was to take place. The mini-season was officially announced at the conclusion of the eighth episode.

Episode Challenges Eliminated Finish
Reward Immunity
1 "All The Storms Coming" Peleliu Angaur SkyjumperTalon 1st voted out
Episode 1
2 "I Can See This Ending Well" Peleliu Red_Ray 2nd voted out
Episode 2
3 "Can I Have The Back Of Your Jacket?" Angaur Peleliu PineappleMaster2 3rd voted out
Episode 3
4 "When We Resort To Cannibalism" Angaur[a] Angaur sesese9 4th voted out
Episode 4
5 "These Cows are Defective" None[b] jphgolf4321 Medically evacuated
1st jury member
Episode 5
None[c] megascatterbomb Cookie46910 5th voted out
2nd jury member
Episode 5
6 "TBD" Survivor
hvt2011 megascatterbomb 6th voted out
3rd jury member
Episode 6
7 "TBD" MinecraftYoshi26
MinecraftYoshi26 hvt2011 7th voted out
4th jury member
Episode 7
8 "Sit Back Down" None MinecraftYoshi26 mine_man_ 8th voted out
5th jury member
Episode 8
9 "Reunion" Jury vote
Conric005 2nd runner-up
Vickiposa Runner-up
MinecraftYoshi26 Sole Survivor
a. ^ Both teams tied in the Reward Challenge. As a result, both teams received the reward.
b. ^ jphgolf4321 was medically evacuated from the game before any challenges were conducted.
c. ^ Several rewards were offered to the contestants, including a cake, a steak dinner, and money. No contestants successfully claimed a reward; Conric005 attempted to win the money but jumped off at the incorrect time.


No. Title Original air date
"All The Storms Coming"
November 10, 2018
The tribes met up for the first time on the island and split up onto their beaches. Quickly, they realized that crafting had been disabled, preventing much construction at camp.
  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe appointed a representative for the episode: Angaur chose hvt2011 and Peleliu chose megascatterbomb. For the reward challenge, the tribe leader gave 9 blocks, of which the team received a stack or equivalent number of items. Each team was then given 5 minutes to build an SOS signal. Each tribe signal was judged on a 30 point scale: 20 for function, and 10 for aesthetics. While effective use of beacons by both tribes led to full function points given, a slightly cleaner signal, led to Peleliu taking the challenge.
  • Immunity Challenge: The representative of each tribe had to travel around the lagoon collecting heads of all their other tribe members and bring them back to the Tribal Council area. After some confusion, hvt2011 returned first in a footrace against megascatterbomb, winning the challenge for Angaur.

At Tribal Council, an alliance formed between Cookie46910, megascatterbomb, and mine_man_. While they originally were torn between voting out sesese9 and SkyjumperTalon, they consulted with Vickiposa, who led them to vote out SkyjumperTalon. Meanwhile, SkyjumperTalon voted for Vickiposa as he believed she would be voted out early anyway as a newer member, and sesese9 voted out Cookie46910 for a perceived lack of contribution around camp.

"I Can See This Ending Well"
December 1, 2018
As crafting had been fixed between sessions, each tribe was given a care package with tools, food, and a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. MinecraftYoshi26 got the clue from Angaur, which referenced a high point. He lied about it, claiming it referenced a large tree and speculated it might be hidden in a challenge and proceeded to throw the book into a fire. On Peleliu, Cookie46910 got the idol clue and told mine_man_, and both began to search for the idol in a pond with a floating tree.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Each team was assigned a mascot: for Angaur, a cow; and for Peleliu, a Mooshroom. Each tribe then came up with an order of their tribe members to participate in the challenge individually. One at a time, a player from each tribe would try to knock the other tribe's mascot off of a floating platform without killing it before it landed in the water. The first tribe to 6 points would win the challenge. After being very evenly matched the whole challenge, Peleliu took two consecutive points at the end to win the challenge 6-4. For the reward, Peleliu won two cows to bring back to their camp.

Peleliu tribe received their cows and began to work on a shelter for them. Meanwhile, Angaur decided on what criteria someone should be voted out on. After concluding that too many people had participated poorly in the challenge to identify the weakest link, the tribe broke down into smaller conversations to determine who to vote out. Ultimately, hvt2011, jphgolf4321, MinecraftYoshi26, and PineappleMaster2 all agreed to place their votes on Red_Ray for being too quiet around camp, sending him out of the game.

"Can I Have The Back Of Your Jacket?"
December 1, 2018
The Peleliu tribe idol was found by mine_man_. The Angaur idol was also found, accidentally, by members of the Peleliu tribe. As they had to give it to a member of Angaur before the next Tribal Council was held, they chose Vickiposa to deliver the idol to Conric005 in the middle of the island under the instructions of not telling anyone about it. Shortly after receiving the idol, Conric005 told MinecraftYoshi26.
  • Reward Challenge: A book was hidden in a shulker box in a field of several. Some boxes were supposed to be live shulkers; however, due to technical issues the shulkers were not present in the challenge. jphgolf4321 won the challenge for Angaur, winning diamond shovels for the upcoming immunity challenge. He also won a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, unaware that Conric005 already had it.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe had to dig through 3 sand pits, one at a time, to uncover puzzle pieces. Each chest of pieces also contained green blocks for the tribes to place at the top of each pit, signifying they could go onto the next. The first tribe to uncover all their pieces, correctly place all the green blocks, solve a flow puzzle with the pieces from the challenge, and assemble on the tribe's mat at the end of the course would win immunity. After some minor mistakes from both teams, Peleliu ultimately pulled ahead and won their second consecutive immunity.

At Angaur camp, jphgolf4321 began to search for highest points on the island to find the idol, additionally looking for the tallest trees based on the misinformation from MinecraftYoshi26 at the beginning of the previous episode. At Tribal Council, the tribe unanimously voted off PineappleMaster2 for a perceived lack of contribution.

"When We Resort To Cannibalism"
December 1, 2018
  • Reward Challenge: Rain began to fall on the island, prompting the tribes to use special care packages to build shelters for their tribe. Following the allotted 5 minutes for construction, each tribe was asked to elect someone they trusted. Angaur chose MinecraftYoshi26, and Peleliu chose megascatterbomb. The trusted castaways then had to go to the other tribe's camp, scoring it out of 10 points for functionality and 20 points for aesthetic. Ultimately, both teams tied with 17 points. As Angaur was desperately in need of the food following their losses in earlier food-based reward challenges, both teams were given the opportunity to attend a feast made up of pastries, including bread, cakes, and cookies.

At the reward, both tribes rushed to claim food. Before many Angaur members had the chance to eat, sesese9 and Vickiposa from Peleliu destroyed all the cakes set out, prompting the Angaur tribe to call out Vickiposa as they noticed her breaking some.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe appointed 2 members to dive for puzzle pieces while another 2 members stayed on land to solve a word puzzle once all the pieces had been retrieved. For Angaur, Conric005 and jphgolf4321 dived for pieces while hvt2011 and MinecraftYoshi26 solved the puzzle. For Peleliu, sesese9 and Vickiposa dived for pieces while Cookie46910 and megascatterbomb solved the puzzle. mine_man_ sat out as Peleliu had one extra member. Ultimately, Angaur solved the puzzle first, with Peleliu finishing with a jumbled mess on their board.

At Tribal Council, the alliance of Cookie46910, megascatterbomb, and mine_man_ stuck together to vote out sesese9 as they believed the diving portion of the challenge held them back. Vickiposa was torn between Cookie46910 and sesese9 for contributing less around camp and ultimately cast a vote for Cookie46910, while sesese9 voted for mine_man_ as a perceived threat.

"These Cows Are Defective"
December 8, 2018
The tribes merged into one tribe, Kayangel, for the remainder of the game. Angaur beach was selected as the site of the merge camp due to the fact that it was larger; had the tribes not tied in the previous reward challenge, the winning tribe's beach would have been selected. Before any challenges occurred, jphgolf4321 was medically evacuated from the game due to his inability to attend any of the final sessions. He became the first jury member.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: For each castaway, a ladder was placed over the ocean, with a buoy of a matching color 20 blocks away. Each castaway was tasked with remaining on the ladder as blocks were taken off the bottom at scheduled 1 minute intervals. However, every other minute featured a prize instead of a block removed, that could be claimed by swimming to the buoy and lighting the attached light. Nobody attempted to claim a prize except for Conric005 who attempted to claim money, but jumped off of his ladder before the time period to claim it began. The final castaway on the ladder won immunity. megascatterbomb became the first castaway to receive individual immunity.

During the deliberation period, hilarity ensued as the cows were brought from the former Peleliu camp to the new Kayangel camp with very little success. This resulted in cows populating the middle section of the island for the rest of the game. At Tribal, the former Angaur tribe targeted Cookie46910 as they suspected mine_man_ would be more likely to have an idol than him. The former Peleliu tribe targeted Conric005 for his failure to successfully deliver the cows to the new camp. Vickiposa flipped and voted with the former Angaur tribe, resulting in Cookie46910 becoming the second member of the jury.

December 8, 2018
  • Reward Challenge: The famous Survivor Auction took place as the reward challenge of the week. Several items were for sale, including food items, an advantage in the upcoming immunity challenge, and a game advantage. MinecraftYoshi26 bought the advantage in the immunity challenge, and mine_man_ bought the game advantage, which turned out to be a clue to a hidden immunity idol.
  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways had to complete three tasks to win the materials to craft a flint and steel: dig through a giant sand pit, solve a number puzzle, and complete a short parkour course. For MinecraftYoshi26, the digging was bypassed as the advantage from the Survivor Auction. The first person to craft a flint and steel and light a fire won immunity, this being hvt2011.

mine_man_ retrieved the hidden immunity idol from an island near Tribal Council. At Tribal, the alliance of megascatterbomb and mine_man_ stuck together to try to vote out Vickiposa for flipping, but Conric005, MinecraftYoshi26, and Vickiposa came together to vote out megascatterbomb due to his immunity win and a fear of mine_man_ playing an idol. hvt2011 voted for mine_man_ as a perceived threat. megascatterbomb became the third member of the jury.

December 8, 2018
  • Reward Challenge: The final 5 castaways played in a "Majority Rules" challenge, where they were presented with questions about their fellow castaways and answered not how they felt, but who they felt the majority would pick. Everyone in the majority would get the opportunity to knock a block from another castaway's totem pole; once all 3 blocks were removed, that castaway would be eliminated from the challenge. Once eliminated, castaways could not win the reward, but they could still answer the questions and take blocks from the others' totem poles. MinecraftYoshi26 won the reward, a special dinner getaway with another castaway of their choice. MinecraftYoshi26 selected mine_man_.

At the reward, mine_man_ told MinecraftYoshi26 about his two hidden immunity idols, causing MinecraftYoshi26 to rethink a plan of voting mine_man_ out at that night's tribal council. The two planned to vote for hvt2011 at the upcoming Tribal Council.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways were each placed on a corner of a large chess board; by random draw, hvt2011 was placed on a side. They then could only move in one space in any direction, with the tile they previously stood on becoming void for future moves. Once a castaway could not make more moves, they were eliminated from the challenge. The final castaway on the board would win immunity. The challenge came down to MinecraftYoshi26 and Vickiposa; however, Vickiposa figured out that MinecraftYoshi26 would have more moves to make than she would, and forfeit the challenge, allowing MinecraftYoshi26 to win his first individual immunity.

MinecraftYoshi26 informed Conric005 of mine_man_'s idols and the two planned to instead vote for hvt2011. This was the final night idols were eligible to be played. At Tribal, mine_man_ played idols on himself and Conric005; however, neither were needed, as hvt2011 received 3 votes and became the fourth jury member. (hvt2011 and Vickiposa voted for mine_man_, unaware of his idols.)

"Sit Back Down"
December 9, 2018
  • Immunity Challenge: For the final immunity challenge, each castaway had to dive in the ocean to collect puzzle pieces that would be used to fill in a set of stairs with only a few blocks placed to establish a pattern. There were three levels, and each castaway had to solve one level at a time in ascending order. mine_man_, MinecraftYoshi26, and Vickiposa all became stuck on the final level, with Conric005 behind on the second. MinecraftYoshi26 beat out mine_man_ in a close finish, winning his second individual immunity, and the final immunity of the season.

At Tribal, everyone went in expecting mine_man_ to be easily voted out; however, his persuasion convinced Vickiposa to vote for Conric005 with him, causing a tie. During the tiebreaker, mine_man_ continued to plead for safety with MinecraftYoshi26 arguing for his elimination. While the discussion ended in a seemingly deadlocked tie, Vickiposa ultimately voted for mine_man_ in the revote, making him the fifth and final member of the jury.

December 15, 2018
The final 3 all gave speeches and answered jury questions at the Final Tribal Council. Conric005 was not taken seriously by the jury, while they were split over MinecraftYoshi26 and Vickiposa: some respected MinecraftYoshi26's strategic game and criticized Vickiposa's speech for seemingly asking for the jury's votes because she had been nice throughout the season, while others liked Vickiposa's answers and felt MinecraftYoshi26's speech rubbed them the wrong way in tone. Ultimately, Cookie46910 and hvt2011 voted for Vickiposa, while jphgolf4321, megascatterbomb, and mine_man_ voted for MinecraftYoshi26, making MinecraftYoshi26 the winner of the first season of Survivor. The reunion took place at the Tribal Council site of the upcoming mini-season Survivor Christmas Island: Naughty vs Nice, which was officially revealed at the conclusion of the previous episode.

Voting history

Original tribes Merged tribe
Episode # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Voted out SkyjumperTalon Red_Ray PineappleMaster2 sesese9 jphgolf4321 Cookie46910 megascatterbomb hvt2011 Tie[c] mine_man_
Votes 4–1–1 4–1–1 4–1 3–1–1 None[a] 4–3 3–2–1 3–0[b] 2–2 2–0
Voter Vote
MinecraftYoshi26 Red_Ray PineappleMaster2 Cookie46910 megascatterbomb hvt2011 mine_man_ mine_man_
Vickiposa SkyjumperTalon Cookie46910 Cookie46910 megascatterbomb mine_man_ Conric005 mine_man_
Conric005 jphgolf4321 PineappleMaster2 Cookie46910 megascatterbomb hvt2011 mine_man_ None[d]
mine_man_ SkyjumperTalon sesese9 Conric005 Vickiposa hvt2011 Conric005 None[d]
hvt2011 Red_Ray PineappleMaster2 Cookie46910 mine_man_ mine_man_
megascatterbomb SkyjumperTalon sesese9 Conric005 Vickiposa
Cookie46910 SkyjumperTalon sesese9 Conric005
jphgolf4321 Red_Ray PineappleMaster2
sesese9 Cookie46910 mine_man_
PineappleMaster2 Red_Ray hvt2011
Red_Ray Conric005
SkyjumperTalon Vickiposa
Jury vote
Episode # 9
Finalist Conric005 Vickiposa MinecraftYoshi26
Votes 3–2–0
Juror Vote
mine_man_ MinecraftYoshi26
hvt2011 Vickiposa
megascatterbomb MinecraftYoshi26
Cookie46910 Vickiposa
jphgolf4321 MinecraftYoshi26
a. ^ No vote; jphgolf4321 was medically evacuated from the game.
b. ^ mine_man_ played a hidden immunity idol on himself, therefore two votes against him were not counted.
c. ^ The first Tribal Council vote resulted in a tie. Per the rules, a second vote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for the two tied.
d. ^ 1 2 As they were tied in the first ballot, Conric005 and mine_man_ were not eligible to vote in the second round of voting.