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Welcome To Sylvania!

This city is a member of the Democratic Republic of Vulpine.
  • Sylvania is the first city made by AppleGamer123, which of July 2019, is still under work. This city is located near Central City, and is mainly meant to be a more local, and common city. Many parts of this city (Apartments and businesses) are available to be bought from the public. This city is also made to help the environment, as seen with nature reserves, villagers or BOB's, and solar power.
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  • S' MART
  • Whole by FLOWE
  • Sans Inn
  • Apple Products
  • Comet Cafe
  • MCEvan's Breakfast
  • Sylvania Gifts
  • BesTEC
  • Crafter's Part
  • St Francis or Assisi Universal/Catholic Church
  • Info Center
  • Medical Center
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(Bold = Not part of Sylvania Shops)

Available Properties

  • Office building (Bought)
  • SYL Tower floor (2 bought)
  • Vacant building floor (1 bought)
  • Riverside Apt/Hotel floor
  • PVP Arena match
2019-07-17 11.53.51.png


  • _Sans05(Deputy Mayor and BIG HELP)
  • DaEdwards(Put the FISH in)
  • KingFox(Put the water in)
  • Frog(Idk how many g's)
  • Metro(Idk last part)
  • Fiork777
  • AlphaDS(BIG HELP)
  • SoaPuffball
  • Echohue
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2019-07-17 11.56.53.png