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| 14 || [[Antioch]] || {{st|z|ZN28}} || Drive-Thru
| 14 || [[Antioch]] || {{st|z|ZN28}} || Drive-Thru
| 15 || [[Wauvis Bay]] ||  || Drive-Thru

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Taco Bell
Founder woorich999
Motto Live Mas!
Facts and figures
Locations 1
Parent Company woorich Inc.
Founded September 24th, 2018

Taco Bell is a franchise based off the mexican-inspired Tex-Mex franchise based out of the United States of America. It is owned and operated by woorich Inc., a company on the server. Taco Bell brings wholesome delicios mexican-inspired cuisine to the server. It was founded on September 24th, 2018 by woorich999 ater seeing the need of a taco chain on the server. If you would like a Taco Bell in your town, please contact woorich999.




Dollar Cravings Menu

The Breakfast Value Menu The All-Day Cravings Menu

Store Types

  • Mini (Schematica Friendly): Get your food from the Classic Taco Bell style location with a small parking lot. - $15
  • Drive-Thru: Get your food through the drive-thru or the walk-up window and eat outside or in your car! - $17.5
  • Normal: A normal Taco Bell with a drive thru and a sit down lobby to enjoy our mexican-inspired cuisine. - $20
  • Cantina: A Taco Bell Cantina, available only in urban settings and must be specifically chosen for one. - Hmmm.


New World

Location # City Name Nearby Transit Location Type(s)
1 Richville Drive-Thru
2 Sunshine Coast Drive-Thru
3 Albany Drive-Thru
4 Tranquil Forest Drive-Thru
5 Merced Drive-Thru
6 Morihama Walk-Up
7 Scarborough  V19  Scarborough Drive-Thru
8 Dekuville Drive-Thru
9 Willow  T48  Foobar Drive-Thru
10 Moramoa Drive-Thru
11 Dand  S0  Foobar Drive-Thru
12 Larkspur  NW22  Larkspur - Downtown Drive-Thru
13 Seoland Drive-Thru
14 Antioch  ZN28  Antioch Drive-Thru
15 Wauvis Bay Drive-Thru

Request One

Your Name Your City Store Type MRT Station
mdbro55 Oakburgh Normal T4
airplane320 Zerez, Capital Providence Drive Thru
airplane320 Zerez, Thespe Providence Normal
Cookie46910 Peripotamia Mall
Vickiposa Larkspur Drive-Thru NW22