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(List of F-highways and exits)
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*{{colorbox|rgb(0,100,150)|{{Color|white|F1}}}} (Spruce Valley, Downtown) - {{color|rgb(255,255,0)|Partially Open}}
*{{colorbox|rgb(0,100,150)|{{Color|white|F1}}}} (Spruce Valley, Downtown) - {{color|rgb(255,255,0)|Partially Open}}
! Number
! Number
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| style="background:#00ff00;"|Open
| style="background:#00ff00;"|Open
==Friendly Boxes ==
==Friendly Boxes ==

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There are only three transport systems currently in development: An internal metro line, an unofficial "F-Class" highway system, and the Friendly Box, a series of boxes designed to aid guests by placing uCars.

Frostbite Metro

The Frostbite Metro is planned to run in a few loops centered at the Urban Gold station.

Origin Loop
Code Name Status
 OL1  Downtown Station Functional/Closed
 OL2  Convention Station Planned
 OL3  Stadium Station Planned
 OL4  Spruce Valley Station Planned
 OL5  Eversnow Station Planned


Frostbite uses an internal highway system known as the F-highway system.

List of F-highways and exits

  •  F1  (Spruce Valley, Downtown) - Partially Open
Number Destination Status Notes
style="background:#808080;" Spruce Valley Parkway Open Southern Terminus of the F1
{color|white|1} Stadium Drive Open
{color|white|2} Whiteton Street Open

Friendly Boxes

Important note

Due to a tps experiment which proved unnecessary, the entire Friendly Box system has been destroyed. Reconstruction will begin shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. In addition, the Friendly Box system will undergo renovations from its original design to appear a bit more in place and less messy.

List of Locations

Location District Status
Crazy Steve's Fishing Warehouse Eversnow Closed
Quill and Ink, Inc. Spruce Valley Closed