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Place infobox
Facts and Figures
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This template is designed to help you in wiki-ing. Use the documentation below to correctly insert this infobox into your page! This will also save on space.


This template will create an Infobox, or Information Box, for a place, typically used for districts or formerly independent cities. It is the same template as the Town infobox without the "Towns" category. It should be placed at the top of a page, ideally with code like this:

{{Place infobox
| color = Color of the headers in the infobox. Use hexadecimal (with the #) codes or words.
| name = Place name, if it differs from the page title
| img = Screenshot. You need to use the full parameters, including brackets, file prefix and extension.
| mayor = Name of mayor. Use {{u|username|display name}} to link to userpages if you want.
| depmayor = Name of deputy mayor
| founder = Name of the user who founded the place, if it is different from the mayor
| sheriff = Name of the user who is the sheriff
| treasurer = Name of the treasurer
| councillors = Members who are on the council but not included above
| pos1-6 = Used to customise the position names. Replaces Founder, Sheriff, Treasurer, Councillors, Mayor, and Deputy Mayor respectively.
| member1-4 = Used alongside the custom position names.
| mrt = MRT station. Use {{s|station}}. If there are multiple stations, put a <br/> tag between them
| bus = Bus transit, use {{transit|Bus #}}
| road = Road connections, use {{road|TYPE|NAME}}
| water = Waterway connections
| air = Nearest Airport
| rail = Rail connections
| transit = Other transit - use {{transit}}
| population = population, as provided by the owner (please don't change all the time - maybe once a month)
| coords = Coordinates of the town hall
| founded = Date the place was founded
| recognized = Date owner was recognized as a Councillor
| rank = The rank which corresponds with place's size along the rank ladder (Councillor/Mayor, etc.) Use {{rank|Type}} to display ranks.
| renamed = Date place was renamed from an older name
| state = If the place is a part of a wider State, then link it here.
| languages = Language(s) of the place; should only be used in the event that the place uses 2+ languages.
| world = Which world the place is located on (Old/New)
| postcode = Post code(s) used by the place
| party = Political party the place is affiliated with
| mpo = Used if place is in a Metropolitan Planning Organization.
| ward = Specifies which ward(s) the city is located in. Either put in one number, two numbers separated by a comma and a space, or the text 'Epsilon'.
| phonecode = Specifies what area code of the Creeperville Telecommunications System is used by the city.
| other1-5 = Optional custom information, the label paired with below.
| data1-5 = The data associated with the "other" of the same number.
| below = Extra space for wide templates or when you do not want a label associated with the info