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[[{{{3}}}| ROAD CLOSED. PLEASE USE DIVERSION ON 23RD STREET. <3 (this is the error handler message)]]


Backend template for Ardy's colored roadboxes system. Unless you're Ardy, it's highly recommended that you use {{road|c}} instead.
Old World/Central City:  A0  and  B0 
Ward 1:  A10  and  B10 
Ward 2:  A20  and  B20 
Ward 3:  A30  and  B30 
Ward 4:  A40  and  B40 
Ward 5:  A50  and  B50 
Ward 6:  A60  and  B60 
Ward 7:  A70  and  B70 
Ward 8:  A80  and  B80 
Ward 9:  A90  and  B90 
Usage: {{roadardy|type(A or B)|ward(0-9)|road(A89 for A89)}}
If you've just updated the colors, please click [1] so it won't hurt


Thanks Ardy for the idea, AP, Camel and Bensi for their solutions to various problems and Chief for being awesome.
AP is a genius.png color guide for ap's strip system
RoadardyA51.png implemention of strip system in A51


(you will be awarded 23 dollars of bounty if you can fix any of the bugs listed here)

  • Bug 1: roadardy causes a table to collapse if added to a table:
Test Table
This table is for presenting a bug found in roadardy
c|A|8|A89} } fails
 A89  works