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The Pearl Tribune

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The Pearl Tribune
Pearl tribune.png
The Pearl of the Media
Founder mi_aquamarine
Founded October 27, 2018

The Pearl Tribune is a news organization on the MRT dedicated to giving people the most trusted and up-to-date news.
It is available as the Pearl News Network (PNN) on channel 10 and channel 110 in HD on Stripe Telecom.

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News Breifs

Headline Text
Chan Bay runs for Senator after 2 weeks seriously again?
Michigana Enters Helicopter Buisness Kevtropolis government-owned airline Michigana launched a helicopter subsidiary, FlySakura. In a press release, FlySakura was launched to compete with Michigana and wipe it out from existence.
Frumple Goes on Strict Diet Frumple is on a strict diet currently, ordered by his Doctor who wishes to stay anonymous. He is banned from eating tacos forever, and can only eat tortillas, meat, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.
Central City Invaded by Guests, admods exiled to Spawn City Central City was stormed by an angry swarm of guests, mainly Citizens on WolvHaven. First occupying Central Park, it quickly expanded to the whole city. The admods are now trying to rebuild their lives in Spawn City.
Osaka prepares for mandatory vaccines Osaka is preparing to introduce mandatory vaccines, mainly for children under 4 against the Deadbush virus.

Gryffin mayor repeatedly summoned for greifing

by mi_aquamarine
March 27, 2019

i Sunshine Coast Gryffin mayor Foxwolf11, a known traitor of the Kaktus Republic has been summoned multiple times by the governments of Kevtropolis and Euphorial, TV Osaka reports. He was taken to a dark chamber under the Sunshine Coast embassy in Kevtropolis, as punishemnt for bullying the leader of the Kaktus Republic, Cact0. He was later summoned by the Kevtropolis government for greifing the Sunshine Coast embassy to escape. Kevtroopolis government still wonders why he couldn't just use the door. The court meeting was held in Sunshine Coast, where foxwolf refused to show up on charges of greifing and treason. He was summoned again by the Euphorial government for greifing the jail cell he was sentenced to. Gryffin state media reports that Cact0 was bullying foxwolf11, but Cact0 was bullied by being called a bully, reports TV Osaka. On an unrelated note, the Republic of Kevtropolis may or may not be annexed by the Kaktus Republic, and TV Osaka isn't biased by the KR government. Seriously, trust us.

Nick Jr executed by Barney after being convicted of death threats.

by mi_aquamarine
March 10, 2019

An accurate artist's rendition shows Nick Jr being prepared to get crushed by Barney (right) while the jury (left) looks on.

San Juan Nick Jr was executed by Barney for death threats this evening, after London150 said that Nick Jr will kill Cact0 after he was signing The Backyardigans. Nick Jr was later summoned by the Kevtropolis State Court, after he was found guilty of all charges. He was crushed to death by Barney's butt while the jury looked on.

Former FreeAir CEO predicts dark fate for SkyNation member

by mi_aquamarine
March 3, 2019

Nymphalia After the new helipad rules were announced at the rules revamp in February, many players started helicopter airlines, like mylesHeli of SoaPuffball, which is a member of SkyNation Alliance. However, the former owner of FreeAir predicted a dark fate for Soa's airline. Through the SNA discord, he predicted that mylesHeli would "be absorbed into another airline and thrive," like FreeAir became part of Skytrans. We have yet to know if this will happen, since most new heli airines will not be active until the new rules come into effect.

Severe Storm Hits Fort Yaxier

A screenshot from the GSM broadcast on MBS, showing the devastating storm.

by mi_aquamarine
January 12, 2019

Fort Yaxier During the January 2019 GSM today, the residents of Fort Yaxier met an unexpected surprise to ring in the New Year. During the public portion of the GSM, a huge storm with a mix of rain, snow, and lightning devastated the city. Local resident Jaek Paul (22) gave us this testimony: “It was frightening. I heard the snow piling up on my roof, and I was sure it would cave in. I first started getting text messages from the MRT Weather Service about the impending storm, and I wasn’t too worried. But soon, I watched in horror on MBS when the skies turned grey, and the storm was about.” His brother, Loagan Paul (23), went outside and vlogged about the storm. He was never seen or hear from again.

Racoon Found Robbing A Campsite For Food

A screenshot from the WKAR ident in question, captured from one of mi_aquamarine's recordings. It is not confirmed whether the raccoon is Cortesi or not.

by mi_aquamarine
November 29, 2018

Airchester As many may know, Cortesi is a furry. Player mi_aquamarine has a large archive of TV recordings off his local PBS member WKAR-TV of East Lansing, Michigan. He was looking through the recordings, and found something odd. There was an ident aired during children's programming on the DT4 subchannel and it seemed to contain a raccoon. It was trying to steal food from a tent, but it was scared by a skunk. He immediately reported it to the local police, as it could potentially be cortesi. Later, police gained a search warrant for the campus of Michigan State University, the licensee of WKAR. They found a raccoon in the Communication Arts and Sciences building, which is the location of WKAR studios. He was using a pirated version of Adobe Illustrator 1 to make graphics for members of the Stanley Air Alliance. The raccoon was later taken in for investigation. This is a developing story.

Player Almost Freezes Internet With Task Manager

by mi_aquamarine
November 29, 2018

Central City Players on school-provided internet have been reporting frequent internet crashes to the Pearl Tribune, but it could've been a lot worse. Secret security footage has been released of an unidentified person breaking into Microsoft headquarters. Police later apprehended the suspect, who was carrying a USB drive with a pirated version of Windows Task Manager. He was never identified. A possible theory was that he would go to college internet servers, which are reportedly run on Microsoft Surface RTs and install Task Manager to kill the connection. The suspect claimed it was a "prank for the MRT"

Conric005 Still Missing!

by mi_aquamarine
October 27, 2018

Birchwood AstroCorp CEO Conric005 is still missing after a weeks-long search for him. An unidentified person reportedly held Conric hostage. Conric threw bottles of Thicc Juice at the suspect, known as “Ычасв.” Since then, various imposters have been spotted, one injuring a tourist in Sunshine Coast. Parents have been complaining to local KBS KIDS affiliates for repeated AMBER alert EAS messages that have been causing children temporary hearing loss while watching Cyberchase and Arthur. To learn more, visit and a tip hotline has been opened, which is 1-800-ITWASME and somebody totally not the police will kindly take your answer.