The Stadium Challenge

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The Stadium Challenge is a searching game made by SkyjumperTalon. The winner of every search gets 10 dollars.

Format and Rules

  • Each time a challenge is opened, it will be announced ingame and on discord in the #events channel.
  • To claim your reward, visit the stadium and find the "keyword" and DM it to Talon on discord - it will be written in a book, which will be placed inside a chest in a clear location on the field surface, unless the clues say otherwise
    • Two clues will be revealed upon the announcement of a new search. The challenge is always solvable using only these 2 clues.
    • A third clue will be revealed 24 hours after the announcement
    • More clues will be released every 24 hours. If any search lasts a week long, the search is considered finished with no winner
  • Staff powers are not allowed, however, you may use any other tools (including /home, warp rail) to transport to the location
  • You may use any tools to determine the meaning of the clues - including dynmap, the wiki, and any others you deem necessary.
  • Talon makes the final decision regarding any disputes


# Date Clue Clue Explanation Location Winner
1 5/22/20
  • Nov. C 2009 - Mar. O 2001 + 2018: 47-115 AAA's 2nd home
  • Cape Town's country - Africa: Tunnel III Left