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The Totem Post
C.E.O: Foxwolf11
Headquarters 151 First Av, 300-304, Totem Beach

The Totem Post

The Totem Post is a satirical news source that serves the Avenir Bay Area in the New World. It does not have a formal HQ, but it occupies the 3rd Floor of the Condo Building in Totem Beach. We post articles every Saturday.

Outer Circle Line Proposed by Admods, Consensus Reached by All

       Frumple has called an emergency meeting to discuss the idea that has "miraculously come to him in a dream". The staff met on Thursday to discuss the Outer Circle Line, a line proposed by Frumple that would run along the Epsilon Expansion across the server. 
       "The current, small Circle Line we all know of only has 119 stations", said Frumple in a press conference with the Totem Post. "When folks from other transit servers come to check out the competition, they see this puny line and scoff." In a similar press conference, admin MinecraftYoshi26 has said: "It will be a great project that will boost morale across the server."
       This new line is estimated to have 234 stations and have an approximate travel time of four hours. It will travel through developing cities like Kevtropolis, Southburg, and Segav Sal. However, the main topic of the meeting was centered around who should build this "masterpiece". After a "random" drawing, the lucky winner was the moderator hvt2011, who has been given a deadline of May 1 to complete the project.
       When asked to comment, Hvt stated he was too busy building the Circle Line.

(Saturday, April 13 @ 2:50 AM by TTP Reporter Foxwolf11


These articles are pure satire and are not factual. If you wish, please leave a takedown request on the talk page.