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Totem Beach

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Totem Beach
Important Info Avenir Bay (Lake 11)
MRT Ward 6
MRT Lines: No connections yet, although may be on the Desert Line Extension 2
Roadways: No connections yet, but a planned A64 Road to Deadbush
Important Dates
Founded: March 29, 2019
[Councillor] April 30, 2019
Mayor: Foxwolf11
Deputy Mayor: ArizTrad
Councillors: FiorkG, _, _

Totem Beach is a small coastal town in Ward 6, on the coast of Lake 11 (Avenir Bay). It boasts clean air and water, as well as a fun, relaxed place to live and popular vacation spot. It was founded on March 29, 2019 by Foxwolf11, who wanted a break from his first town, Gryffin, because he didn't like the direction that it was going and he needed a fresh start.


A Fresh Start

Foxwolf11 traveled west, through the snow biome and the great desert to the Savannah Line, which just opened two weeks prior and had already been bustling with action. Foxwolf11 traveled up and down the line multiple times, and came to the conclusion that he did not like any of the land on the line and thought it to be insufficient for his grand city that he was planning. He decided to travel east, towards the Estival Sea which he previously crossed. He built on another spot for about 20 minutes, then he abandoned the spot and traveled east once more. He landed on a coastal spot on a nice, quiet bay, about 3km south of Deadbush. He built a road with beautiful acacia trees in the middle, and then a pier which has been mostly demolished to house the Waterfront. He invited other people to build their franchises, and sold condos to gain publicity of his new town.

Quest for Councillor