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There are currently no air connections as there are no airports in Tranquil Forest.
There are currently no air connections as there are no airports in Tranquil Forest. It is currently planning to build a airfield when it reaches senator.

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Promotion Arrows.png This city is a candidate for promotion to the Senator rank! Promotion Arrows.png
Alert.png Note: Tranquil Forest has a Discord server. PM hvt2011 for an invite. Alert.png
Tranquil Forest
Town Officials
Mayor hvt2011
Deputy Mayor JTrain77
MRT Nope
Other transit TFM
Fred Rail
Southern Plains Rail
Facts and Figures
Town Rank [Mayor]
World New


Tranquil Forest is a developing town north of  P40  Station. Founded by hvt2011, it is a major transport hub for the southeast. Its hub, Tranquil Forest Central, has 3 levels of 16 tracks for a grand total of 48 tracks. Warptrains and minecarts are accepted. The station is currently under development in the southeast corner of the town, with multiple lines partially open. There are many ways to reach this town, the easiest being to teleport to  P40  and taking a Southern Plains Rail service to Tranquil Forest. The town hall is at the corner of San Pablo Ave. and Ashbury Ave. and the nearest metro station is Ashbury Junction.

  • Councillor: 2nd January, 2017
  • Mayor: 16th January, 2017



Tranquil Forest Metro (TFM)

Tranquil Forest Metro is currently the only form of transportation aside from uCars within Tranquil Forest. As the town expands, TFM will also expand to accommodate future growth. The TFM network is fully underground and all TFM stations are easy to use and accessible. There are currently only three partially open lines, as the TFM system is currently undergoing remodeling. Its headquarters are located at the corner of Solano Ave. and Ashbury Ave in case there are any complaints or suggestions.


There are currently no bus lines serving Tranquil Forest.


3 rail lines serve Tranquil Forest at the moment. See Tranquil Forest Central for more information.

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
Terminus BluRail BluRail1X-01.png Line
Tranquil Forest Central
towards Ilirea
Terminus BluRail BluRail2-01.png Line
Tranquil Forest Central
towards Dulwich
Terminus Fred Rail
Tranquil Forest Fred Rail Station
towards Wythern
Terminus IntraRail Doppelgänger (Temporary)
Tranquil Forest Central
towards Zaquar via Fort Yaxier


There are currently no air connections as there are no airports in Tranquil Forest. It is currently planning to build a airfield when it reaches senator.



Currently, there are 10 residents in Tranquil Forest. If you would like to live here, contact hvt2011.

Resident Street Name Information
Amber_Pine Solano Ave.
Architect_21 Solano Ave.
FredTheTimeLord Solano Ave. Has a doorbell
hvt2011 Fairmount Ave. First House!
godzilltrain Fairmount Ave
hvt2011's sister Fairmount Ave. Because she wanted a house
JTrain77 Solano Ave. Has a doorbell
zaxbyschicken Solano Ave.


Fairmount Apartments

This apartment complex is located at the corner of Fairmount Ave. and Solano Ave. SPECIAL!!! Furnish an apartment area and get $10!!

Resident Apartment #
Narnia17 1
frogggggg 2
megascatterbomb 3
autofire372 4
Rubiks0505 5


There are currently 16 franchises in Tranquil Forest.

Business Street Name Information
BaseCafe Fairmount Ave. Cafe
Blox San Pablo Ave. Music Store
BuildHelp Inc. Solano Ave. Building Store
Cytus Cafe Montague Expy. Cafe
Dave's Doughnuts Montague Expy. Donut Shop
FlipBurger Solano Ave. Burger Store
hvt's Arcade Montague Expy. Arcade
hvt's Arcade Montague Expy. Arcade (Double)
Mapple Store Fairmount Ave. Tech Store
Martyn's Money Bank Solano Ave. Bank
Potoe and Chicke Ashbury Ave. Food Stall
Served in Vietnam Ashbury Ave./Fairmount Ave. Restaurant
The Redstone Consultancy Solano Ave. N/A
RealJacks Fairmount Ave. Food Stall
Richville Metro Bank Mountain Road Bank
Traveller's Tavern Montague Expy. Tavern
Uncle Red's Ashbury Ave. Restaurant
XtremeF's Steak, Porkchop and Chicken Parlour Montague Expy. Restaurant


There is 1 office building in Tranquil Forest.

Office Street Name Information
BART Logistics San Pablo Ave. N/A
The TRONC Headquarters in Tranquil Forest


There are 3 headquarters in Tranquil Forest.

HQ of Street # Street Name Information
TRONC ? Solano Ave. Built by _Kastle
Tranquil Forest Transport ? Solano Ave. N/A

Other Buildings

There are 3 other buildings in Tranquil Forest that does not fit in to the above categories.

Building Street # Street Name Information
Tranquil Forest Central ? Montague Expy. Transit Hub (Rail)
Tranquil Forest Town Hall ? Ashbury Ave./San Pablo Ave. N/A
uCar Rental Services ? Lexington Ave. uCar Rental
uCar Rental Services ? Ashbury Ave. uCar Rental

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png