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[[Category:Rapid transit]] [[Category:Tranquil Forest Transport]]
we closed again
{{smallnotice|Weekday service is currently in effect}}
| headerstyle = background:#cfc;
| bodystyle = {{{bodystyle|}}}
| above = {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}
| image = {{{img|}}}
| header1 = Where it Goes
| label2 = Route
| data2 = Various Places within [[Tranquil Forest]]
| label3 = Number of stations
| data3 = A lot
| label4 = Status
| data4 = {{{status|{{color|green|'''Open'''}}}}}
| header11 = Players involved
| label12 = Main builder
| data12 = {{u|hvt2011}}
| label14 = Station designers
| data14 = {{u|hvt2011}} and {{u|KevinTheLlama|_AngelKevin_}}
| header21 = Technology
| label22 = Station
| data22 = TFM Flicker v2.1
| label23 = Maintainer
| header24 = Other
| label25 = Parent Company
| data25 = [[Tranquil Forest Transport]]
The Tranquil Forest Metro was founded on the same day and time that [[Tranquil Forest]] was founded: November 19th, 2016. The first station to open on the network was Mayor House (MYR) on the Red Line. As the town expanded, so did the metro. Its headquarters were founded 2 weeks later and it currently contains a future map of the metro. Ashbury Junction station had also been built around this time, but was never fully opened to all lines until December 19th, 2016, a full month after the company had been founded. In April, {{u|hvt2011}} decided to remodel the metro so that more lines and extensions could be added quickly and changed the naming scheme from colors to letters, increasing the maximum amount of lines that {{u|hvt2011}} could have. All of the former Red and Green line stations reopened on June 26, 2017 now known as the A and B lines.
Tranquil Forest Metro, or TFM, is a metro system located in [[Tranquil Forest]]. It currently has:
*3 lines planned
*2 lines partially built
*2 lines partially open
*0 lines fully open
*6 stations
==Line Status==
{| class="wikitable"
! Line
! Status
! Service
! Stops
! Service Advisories
| A || {{status|partialopen}} || Local || 6 ||
| AX || {{status|open}} || Special Express || 3 ||
| B || {{status|partialopen}} || Express || 3 ||
| C || {{status|partialopen}} || Intercity || 2 ||
| D || {{status|construction}} || Local || 0 ||
| E || {{status|planned}} || Express || 0 ||
| F || {{status|planned}} || Express || 0 ||
| G || {{status|planned}} || Intercity || 0 ||
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|P, Q, R, T, U}}
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|B, C, R, T, U}}
{{station|open|ff0000|MHQ|Metro HQ|nolink = true|F}}
{{station|open|ff0000|ABY|Ashbury Junction|nolink = true|AX, B, C, D, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|open|ff0000|MYR|Mayor House|nolink = true|R, T, V}}
{{station|open|ff0000|ADT|Apartment District|nolink = true|AX, B, L, M, R, T, V, X}}
{{station|open|ff0000|UCR|uCar Rental|nolink = true|L, M, R, T}}
{{station|open|ff0000|CDT|Commerce District|nolink = true|L, M, R, T}}
{{station|open|ff0000|TFC|Tranquil Forest Central|AX, B, C, D, E, F, I, J, K, L, M, O, R, T, V, W, X}}
''This route runs one way to Metro HQ.
{{station|open|ff0000|ADT|Apartment District|nolink = true|A, B, L, M, R, T, V, X}}
{{station|open|ff0000|ABY|Ashbury Junction|nolink = true|A, C, D, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|open|ff0000|MHQ|Metro HQ|nolink = true|A, F}}
''This route runs one way to Tranquil Forest Central.
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|A, C, R, T, U}}
{{station|open|ff0000|ABY|Ashbury Junction|nolink = true|A, AX, C, D, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|open|ff0000|ADT|Apartment District|nolink = true|A, AX, L, M, R, T, V, X}}
{{station|open|ff0000|TFC|Tranquil Forest Central|AX, C, D, E, F, I, J, K, L, M, O, R, T, V, W, X}}
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|A, B, R, T, U}}
{{station|open|ff0000|ABY|Ashbury Junction|nolink = true|A, AX, B, D, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|open|ff0000|TFC|Tranquil Forest Central|A, B, D, E, F, I, J, K, L, M, O, R, T, V, W, X}}
{{station|planned|ff0000|???|Foobar|nolink = true|F, G, H, I, N, O, W}}
{{station|closed|ff0000|SLP|Silent Plains|G, H, N}}
{{station|closed|4169E1|c=white|ABY|Ashbury Junction|nolink = true|A, B, C, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|TEA|TRONC East|nolink = true|O, Q}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|SPT|San Pablo Tunnel|nolink = true|O, Q}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|MGP|Montague Pass|nolink = true|E, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|TFC|Tranquil Forest Central|A, B, C, E, F, I, J, K, O, R, T, V, W, X}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|E, J, K}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|E, I}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|E, H, V, W}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|E, H, Y, Z}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|A, P, Q, R, T, U}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|F, P, Q}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|MGP|Montague Pass|nolink = true|D, N, O, P, Q}}
{{station|construction|4169E1|c=white|TFC|Tranquil Forest Central|A, B, C, D, F, I, J, K, O, R, T, V, W, X}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|D, J, K}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|D, I}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|D, H, V, W}}
{{station|planned|4169E1|c=white|???|Foobar|nolink = true|D, H, Y, Z}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|TFC|Tranquil Forest Central|A, B, C, D, E, I, J, K, O, R, T, V, W, X}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|I, O, W}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|I, O, W}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|C, G, H, I, N, O, W}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|G, N, O}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|G, R, T, U}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|E, P, Q}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|MHQ|Metro HQ|nolink = true|A}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|R, T}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|R, T, U}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|R, T, U}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|T}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|F, R, T}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|F, N, O}}
{{station|planned|87CEEB|???|Foobar|nolink = true|C, F, H, I, N, O, W}}
{{station|closed|87CEEB|SLP|Silent Plains|C, H, N}}

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we closed again