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Welcome to the UEPO

UEPO, or Urban Environmental Protection Organization, is a organization dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of the MRT, especially from preserving it in urban areas. It is a fairly new organization, founded by Foxwolf11 on May 9, 2019 and has its informal HQ in Totem Beach. If you would like to join, see the information below. We are working to create a form, but haven't got to it yet.



UEPO Stone

This is the lowest rank in the UEPO. It is made for new members who would like to be part of this organization.


-Create a small green space in your city

-Sign the UEPO Statement (form not here yet), stating you will to the best of your ability, protect the MRT Environment

UEPO Silver

This rank is for developing members of the UEPO.


all of the requirements for Stone, as well as

-Plant many trees across your city

-Have a terraformed city that is not overly flattened and with respect to the environment.

-Have many parks/green spaces spread across your city


This rank is for cities of the UEPO that are recognized as being one of the greenest on the server. The mayors make environmentally conscious decisions that will benefit the environment.


all of the requirements for previous ranks, as well as

-A large amount of trees around the city

-Environmentally friendly lighting to minimize light pollution

-Primarily renewable utilities

-Many parks spread out your city in a way that is proportional to the city size.

-Plant/spawn native plants and animals. (Example: No spruce trees in a savannah)

-Limited, isolated industrial (factory) zoning and no close proximity to a ecosystem.

-Good drainage and no river/ocean pollution

UEPO Diamond

This rank is for cities of the UEPO that are revered as one of the most environmentally conscious cities on the MRT Server. These cities make environmental decisions that will pave the way. In addition to that, mayors of these cities are advocates of the environment, and they make it their first priority.


all of the requirements for previous ranks, as well as

-A massive nature preserve. This preserve must be extremely large scale in area and be fitting to the environment of the city. It must be adequately maintained by the city government and have a protected ecosystem.

-No terraforming issues whatsoever

-Environmentally conscious city planning

-Advocacy of the mayor on behalf of the environment