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===Titsensaki Regional===
[[Category:Metropolitan Planning Organizations]]
[[Category:Metropolitan Planning Organizations]]

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Union of North Eastern Territories
Founder frogggggg
Headquarters Titsensaki
No. of Members 7

The Union of North Eastern Territories (UNET) is a nation and MPO of towns and cities in the northeastern quadrant of the New World. It includes Titsensaki, Xiiona, Hendon, Seoland, Subton-on-Sea, Creeperville, and Nymphalia. Founded by frogggggg on December 19, 2016, it strives to help major towns and cities expand in its area of scope, as well as to protect them and keep the area safe.


Town Name Rank Mayor MRT Station
Titsensaki [Governor] frogggggg  NE17  Foobar
 NE18  Titsensaki
Xiiona [Councillor] Part of Titsensaki but is a district. N/A
Subton-on-Sea [Unranked] Jian_Zen N/A
Hendon [Mayor] London150  NE5  Hendon City
Creeperville [Senator] Frosty_Creeper10  NE8  Creeperville
 ZN23  Foobar
 ZN24  Foobar
Aviation [Councillor] UNET Owned, no mayor.  NE16  Foobar
Nymphalia [Mayor] SoaPuffball  EN22  Nymphalia - Windus
 EN23  Nymphalia - Snowspark
 EN24  -  NEX  Foobar
Seoland [Mayor] CodyHM Insert Here


Being in North-East Gamma and the start of North-East Epsilon, the UNET can get quite cold, but in the summer, some places like Seoland will get pretty high temperatures. The nation's border is split in to three groups, and is in two different main exclaves. The three main areas are: Seoland, Central UNET (Creeperville, Hendon, and Winterside), and Eastern UNET. (Titsensaki, Nymphalia, and Subton) There is a small slither just south east of Hendon where the UNET squeezes past some neighbouring towns before widening up again before the old city of Aviation.

Towns and Their Geography and Location


Titsensaki is home the place of the UNET, as it is where it was founded. The UNET HQ is located at 6 Meridien Road, Titsensaki, Titsensaki. The UNET Parliament is also in Titsensaki, on 5 Ironhill Road, Ironhill, Titsensaki. On the 19th of December, 2016, the UNET HQ started construction, and then welcomed the city of Creeperville to the union. Titsensaki is located on a peninsula just east of Ravenna and north-west of Nymphalia. The city is part of the Eastern UNET area, and has the B26 running from the Rincon district of it to the Ravenna Sports Park area. Titsensaki's residents are classified in three groups: Snow Titsensakian, Settled Titsensakian, and those of Frogville dissent. Frogville was a kingdom on the Survival Server in which Jonathan Sealerwhale was from, the founder of the city. Foreigners are not included. Titsensaki is one of two homes of the UNET's third largest airline, National Airlines. The airline is behind FlyCreeper and Oceanic Langus Airways. The airline has hubs in the two airports of Titsensaki, T' Regional Airport in the Rincon District, (TSN), and T' Sealerwhale International Airport, (TSA), in the Sealerwhale/South Cumberland districts of Titsensaki. It has a population of 4.5 million people, across all parts of the city. (not including Xiiona)


Subton-on-Sea is a small town just north of Titsensaki, and sits on the "island" of Arctus. It has an unofficial B21 (Titsensaki MS) highway to it from Titsensaki Palm Shores and Xiiona's Leweder District. There is a small population of the state, of just 300. There was a war here called The Subton War. It was the third town to join the UNET, and was founded in February of 2017. Subton was founded by TheSubway, but later transferred to Jian_Zen

Old Xiiona

Xiiona is currently the northern most district of Titsensaki, but previously it was it's own town. HammerDrinksTea founded the city in November of 2016, and they joined the UNET just one month after. Ever since Hammer has been away for over 2 years, the town was listed as an ITA, and was given to frog at an election. The city is known for its unique architecture, and it has a landmark called the X Tower, which sits in the central area of Xiiona. It has a population of 400,000 people.


Aviation is a town located at NE16, west of Titsensaki's Rincon district, and is south east of Ravenna. It was founded by SoaPuffball but then transferred to SoSo123. Once he was banned, the town has become under UNET administration, and has no current ownership. The UNET may make decisions about what happens in Aviation as long as Soa is aware. The population is 1,500.










Titsensaki Regional