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Union of North Eastern Territories

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--frogggggg 23:23, 22 May 2017 (UTC)

Alert.png If you join/auction a UNET town you are the one responsible for changing the page.
Union of North Eastern Territories
Titsensaki frogggggg
Xiiona HammerDrinksTea
Hendon London150
Aviation Seastep
Subton-on-Sea tomtomy8
Creeperville Frosty_Creeper10
Founded December 19, 2016
Headquarters Titsensaki
Members 5 ppl 6 towns
How to Say UNET Saying the abbreviation of U.N.E.T. is technically not correct. You should say (YOU-net)

What is the UNET?

The UNET is a union formed of 6 towns, Titsensaki, Xiiona, Hendon, Kenton, Subton-on-Sea and Creeperville. The UNET is located at the NE and has 5 MRT stations, NE18, NE17, NE16, NE8 and NE5. This union was formed to keep the area in a safe connection and to help towns work together to develop. The area currently has 2 official highways that are both u/c: B21, B26. (Kenton is an island far off from the mainland UNET. Boat services are provided)

UNET Meetings

UNET meetings are held once a month, some occasions twice a month. Most of them will be held in: Xiiona Parliament, Titsensaki City Hall, or Kenton Parliament. Titsensaki and Xiiona members must attend as they are the 2 biggest towns, while the other 3 doesn't have to, but must vote some time before the meeting. om

Members and their Owners

As the UNET has 6 towns currently joint, we should mention the names for contacting. Titsensaki is owned by frogggggg Xiiona is owned by HammerDrinksTea Subton-on-Sea is owned by Jian_Zen (formally tomtomy8)), formally owned by SubwayGamerMC Hendon is owned by London150 Aviation is owned by Seastep and Kenton is also owned by frogggggg Creeperville is owned by Frosty_Creeper10 "Nymphalia" is owned by SoaPuffBall

Mainland Map


Red: Titsensaki

Blue: Xiiona

Yellow: Subton-on-Sea

Purple: Aviation

Kenton, Hendon and Creeperville are not in the mainland area, therefor, not on this map.

Borders are in huge subject to change due to expansions. This map may not be up to date.