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=== Presidential Voting: Ends 12/10/2017 @ 3:09 AM GMT ===
=== Presidential Voting: Ends 12/10/2017 @ 3:09 AM GMT ===
Approved. [[User:Jphgolf4321|jphgolf4321]] ([[User talk:Jphgolf4321|talk]]) 03:27, 7 December 2017 (UTC)

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This page is the voting platform for the United Cities. On it will be listed resolutions up for voting. Finished resolutions and their voting records will be moved to an archive page.

IMPORTANT: All votes must be formatted as either YEA or NAY in the voting table. Votes not in this format will be discarded.

Resolution 170: The Officer Succession and Inactivity Amendment Act

Proposed by KittyCat11231. Endorsed by godzilltrain, dragonbloon419, and hvt2011.

This resolution is a constitutional amendment.

This resolution amends the procedure by which an Officer of the United Cities may be declared inactive, resulting in the transfer of his or her powers to an Acting Officer, as prescribed by Amendment 20 (as amended by Amendment 63).

No President of the United Cities shall automatically be declared inactive assuming, within the past fifteen days, he or she has enacted or vetoed a resolution passed by the General Assembly, not including any situation in which a resolution was pocket vetoed by the President, as defined by Amendment 46. No Officer of the United Cities, being granted, by Article 2.3 or Amendment 51, the role to cast a tiebreaker vote in the General Assembly, and having exercised such role within the past fifteen days, shall be automatically declared inactive.

The General Assembly, by a resolution not subject to Presidential approval or veto, may choose to independently declare an Officer of the United Cities inactive. Such a resolution shall only pass with at least fifteen votes cast in total, by a simple majority of the General Assembly. If, after the 24 hour voting period, less than fifteen votes shall have been cast, the resolution will remain open for voting until the fifteenth vote has been cast. Should the General Assembly vote to declare an Officer inactive, he or she shall remain inactive until the General Assembly shall declare such Officer no longer inactive, by a resolution not subject to Presidential approval or veto.

General Assembly Voting: Ended 12/7/2017 @ 2:07 AM GMT

State Representative Party Vote
Royal Plaza _AngelKevin_ (I)
Lochminehead DJMC2000 (L)
Republic of Waterville PtldKnight (M)
The Royal Ferry Monarchy MIKE24DUDE (X)
Beaufort Geobros429 (I)
City-State of Hathnes VernCow (I)
Helix Bay TrainPro (I)
New Delian League Yellowitcher (G)
Ezzo City _ezzo (G)
Belvadere dubs17 (I)
Dandenong MC_Dunc (I)
Mons Pratus Skelezomperman (I)
Iconia Shyvalex (I)
Danielston mjpwwf (U)
Delta City AyyLion (I)
Waverly cal76 (I)
Coruscant SilverBubble (U)
New Beginnings uglyname (I)
Federal Republic of Brunswick hntredtie (I)
City-State of Siletz MeetMeInSpace (D)
Whiteley AP Red (I)
United Republic of Sealane RLcrafters (I)
Mason City kiwirainbow (I)
City-State of Kitania KittyCat11231 (I) YEA
Espil EspiDev (U)
Utopia Narnia17 (I)
Kenthurst Aliksong (G)
Elecna Bay mine_man_ (D)
Formosa camelfantasy (I)
Mecklenburg tarheelscouse (D)
Tranquil Forest hvt2011 (I) YEA
Snowtopic Duechayapol (I)
Bakersville FredTheTimeLord (Q)
Auckland JohnNotTech (I)
Storalisburg Vulpicula (I)
Cavia Captain_Cavy (G)
Ilirea mikefishr (I)
Phoenix Valley 34lynx72 (C)
Titsensaki frogggggg (I)
Welsbury dragonbloon419 (I) YEA
Freedon SoSo123 (F)
Segville godzilltrain (I)
Wythern Baseball02a (R)
The Port City of Victoria MC_Protocol (V)
Hummingbird Islands MinecraftYoshi26 (I)
Mallison jamess__ (T)
Mountain View XtremeF (I)
Bronte Jian_Zen (I)
West Vermilion ryanfr (I)
Savacaci SoaPuffball (I)
Eastwood ModernArt (G)
Verdantium Mossie_1810 (I)
Kolpino City MishkaMan (I)
Woodsdale Hightech_TR (I)
Radiance Square MindBender15 (I)
Lacledic Republic jphgolf4321 (I)
Pixl seshpenguin (I)
Bearainstein mervynang (L)
Alexandria Bay Itz_Lego (L)
Cattington Purrcat2010 (I)
Oakburgh mdbro55 (G)
Oasis Sands ConnConn2005 (I)
Hanamura MikeRoma (I)
Venceslo time2makemymove (E)
Knoxford & Territories BernCow (I)
Richville woorich999 (RP) YEA
New Woodbury AlfiePops (I)
Zerez airplane320 (CNV)
Creeperville Frosty_Creeper10 (RP)
Armadean Municipality Ardyln (G)
YEA: 4 - NAY: 0
36 votes for a majority

Resolution passes to the President.

Presidential Voting: Ends 12/10/2017 @ 3:09 AM GMT

Approved. jphgolf4321 (talk) 03:27, 7 December 2017 (UTC)