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|votes=60% YEA
|votes=60% YEA

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This page is the voting platform for the United Cities. On it will be listed resolutions up for voting. Finished resolutions and their voting records will be moved to an archive page.

IMPORTANT: All votes must be formatted as either YEA or NAY in the voting table. Votes not in this format will be discarded.

Resolution 287: The Massive Evaluation of General Assets and Subsequent Consideration of Possible Ends (MEGA-SCOPE) Act

Proposed by megascatterbomb. Endorsed by woorich999, MojangChan, dragonbloon419.

This resolution may be read in Google Doc form here:

This resolution is a constitutional amendment.

Upon passage of this resolution, a report must be made listing all assets owned and controlled solely by the United Cities and its committees. This report will detail, for each asset, which one of the three following actions upon the United Cities dissolution: Transfer to members of the MRT Server of the committees’ choice, be put up for general auction at a General Staff Meeting, or be transferred directly to the MRT Staff, who may handle the assets at their discretion. Following the publication of this report, the General Assembly will propose a resolution to dissolve the United Cities.

The procedures for enacting the above clauses are as follows:

The report is to be constructed as stated in the following four ‘report clauses’:

1: All current committee chairs have exactly one week to submit a report detailing the assets that they currently both own and control completely, as well as what action is to be taken with each asset. This report must be made in the form of a Google Doc, to allow people to sign the document via a comment. This report is to be made public upon completion, and the president is to be notified of the report’s completion. If no assets are owned and controlled completely by a committee, then that committee’s chair must simply inform the President that this is the case. Assets that are managed by the committee but not owned by the committee are to be left alone, as they fall under the ownership of their respective owner. Each committee’s report must be signed by either A: the committee chair and at least 2 other members of said committee; or B: a majority of the committee. A signature must consist of a comment on a google doc, stating the person’s name and explicit approval.

a) The possible actions that may be taken upon dissolution for each asset are as follows:

 i) The asset may be transferred to a member, group, or entity of the MRT Server. If this action is chosen, the member who will receive said asset must be specified and that member must agree to receipt of the asset.
 ii) The asset may be put up for general auction at an upcoming GSM.
 iii) The asset may be transferred to MRT Staff, who may handle the assets at their own discretion.

b) Should a committee fail to prepare this report by the deadline, the action specified in clause 1aiii will be taken for all assets handled by said committee.

c) If no action has been decided upon for a particular asset specified in the report by the deadline, the action specified in clause 1aiii will be chosen for all affected assets.

2: Once the President has obtained reports from all committee chairs, the President has one week to collate all the reports from each committee into a final report. This report will also be in the form of a Google Doc and will also include any assets that are owned and controlled by the United Cities, but not owned or controlled by any committees, and what action should be taken with said assets. The actions that must be assigned to each asset are the same as specified in clause 1a. If no assets are to be appended by the President, then the President must append a statement indicating that this is the case. Assets that are managed by the United Cities but not owned by the United Cities are to be left alone, as they fall under the ownership of their respective owner. This report requires the sole signature of the President.

a) A sentence must be added at the end of the report stating “Any assets formerly belonging to the United Cities that are not listed in this report are assumed to be under the ownership of the MRT Staff.”

b) If clause 1b has been triggered for any or all committees, then clause 2 may still trigger, collating only the reports that have been received. A statement must be made in the report detailing if clause 1b has been triggered, and by what committees.

c) Should the President fail to create the report, the responsibility for the finalization of the report shall fall to the next active member of the United Cities in the Presidential Line of Succession. This clause also transfers the single signature requirement to that person. The one-week deadline shall be reset should this clause be triggered by such deadline’s expiry.

d) If no eligible members remain in the line of succession, all assets currently owned or controlled by the United Cities but not by any of its committees will be transferred to MRT Staff upon dissolution, as specified in clause 1aiii.

3: Upon completion of the said report, the President shall make the report public by posting a link to the said report in the UC discord #announcements channel.

a) If clause 2c is triggered, the respective person handling the report shall make the report public.

b) If clause 2d is triggered, all of the committee’s reports shall be concatenated into one report with no other modifications, and the publication of said report must be handled by any officer or justice of the United Cities. This must occur within one week of this subclause’s triggering.

c) If clause 1b has been triggered for every committee, and clause 2d has also been triggered, the report shall simply state “All assets of the United Cities and its committees are to be transferred to the MRT Staff, to be handled at their discretion.”. Triggering of this subclause will prevent subclause 3b from being triggered.

4: This report shall merely detail the actions to be taken upon dissolution. No transfer of ownership will take place until the times stated later in this amendment.

Upon the completion and publication of the complete report, the following 4 ‘dissolution clauses’ regarding potential dissolution will be followed:

5: A dissolution resolution will be proposed by any full member of the United Cities. This resolution will follow standard voting procedure, as laid out by the current constitution, with the following exceptions:

 a) The resolution may be proposed by any member of the General Assembly or the President.
 b) The resolution is exempt from the requirement of three endorsements or a presidential exemption that is usually required. The resolution may be immediately put up for voting by a full member of the United Cities.
 c) The resolution requires at least 5 NAY votes, in addition to a failure to gain at least 50% YEA votes, to fail.
 d) In the event there is an equal number of votes of YEA and NAY, the dissolution resolution shall pass.
 e) The president may cast a vote on the dissolution resolution, which is equal in value to any other vote. The voting table for the dissolution resolution may be modified to account for this.
 f) The requirement for the President to sign the dissolution resolution into law is to be ignored. The President may not veto the dissolution resolution.

6: The dissolution resolution must read as follows:

 “This resolution is a motion that will trigger clause 7 of Amendment ###.
 Upon the passage of this motion, clause 7 of Amendment ### will be triggered.
 This action will cause assets to be transferred, as described in clause 7 of the aforementioned amendment.
 This action will dissolve the United Cities, as described in clause 7 of the aforementioned amendment.
 It is noted that, per Amendment ###, failure of this resolution to be enacted will trigger clause 8, repealing Amendment ### itself.”

Amendment “###” is to be replaced with the respective number this amendment is assigned on its passage.

7: In the event that the dissolution resolution passes and this clause is triggered, the following actions will immediately occur unless otherwise specified:

a) The assets belonging to the United Cities and its committees will be transferred to new owners, as described in the aforementioned report. In the event that an asset is not listed in the report, or no report is submitted at all, all unlisted assets are to be transferred to the MRT Staff.

b) An email shall be sent to staff by the Chief Justice of the United Cities to the MRT Staff, with an attachment containing the aforementioned report, as well as an explanation that the UC has dissolved and it’s assets are being transferred as described in the report. If no report exists, the email to MRT Staff must state that all assets belonging to the United Cities are now under the ownership of MRT Staff.

c) If the Chief Justice is inactive (as described in Article I Section 5 and Article III Section 6 of the constitution), an Associate Justice may perform this action. If both the Chief Justice and both Associate Justices are inactive, any Officer may perform this action. In the event all officers and justices are inactive, any member of the General Assembly may perform this action.

d) Exactly 24 hours after the enactment of the dissolution resolution, this subclause will trigger. Upon this subclause triggering, all provisions of the Constitution, except for this one, will be immediately considered repealed. All enacted resolutions shall be repealed immediately following this subclause’s triggering. All motions, except the motion that triggers clause 7, shall be considered ineffectual immediately following this subclause’s triggering. All committees shall be disbanded immediately following this subclause’s triggering. All UC Wiki pages and the UC Discord shall continue to exist as an archive. The current owner of the United Cities Discord may choose to transfer ownership or continue to administrate it themselves.

8: In the event that the dissolution resolution fails, this amendment will repeal itself immediately following the failure of said resolution.

This amendment and the follow-up dissolution resolution are exempt from any part of the constitution that conflicts with said amendment and resolution.

General Assembly Voting: Ends 11/9/2018 @ 3:30 AM GMT

State Representative Party Vote
Royal Plaza _AngelKevin_ (I)
Lochminehead DJMC2000 (L)
The Royal Ferry Monarchy MIKE24DUDE (X) YEA
Beaufort Geobros429 (I)
City-State of Hathnes VernCow (I)
Helix Bay TrainPro (I)
New Delian League Yellowitcher (G)
Ezzo City _ezzo (G)
Belvadere dubs17 (I)
Dandenong MC_Dunc (I)
Mons Pratus Skelezomperman (I)
Iconia Shyvalex (I)
Delta City AyyLion (I)
Waverly cal76 (I)
Coruscant SilverBubble (U)
New Beginnings uglyname (I)
City-State of Siletz MeetMeInSpace (D)
Whiteley AP Red (I)
United Republic of Sealane RLcrafters (I)
Covina _Kastle (I)
City-State of Kitania KittyCat11231 (I) YEA
Espil EspiDev (U)
Utopia Narnia17 (I)
Kenthurst Aliksong (G)
Formosa camelfantasy (I)
Mecklenburg tarheelscouse (D)
Tranquil Forest hvt2011 (I) NAY
Snowtopic Duechayapol (I)
Bakersville FredTheTimeLord (Q)
Auckland JohnNotTech (I)
Storalisburg Vulpicula (I)
Cavia Captain_Cavy (G)
Ilirea mikefishr (I)
Phoenix Valley 34lynx72 (C)
Titsensaki frogggggg (I)
Welsbury dragonbloon419 (I)
Wythern Baseball02a (R)
The Port City of Victoria MC_Protocol (V)
Hummingbird Islands MinecraftYoshi26 (I)
Mallison jamess__ (T)
Mountain View XtremeF (I)
Democratic State of Bronte Jian_Zen (I)
West Vermilion ryanfr (I)
Nymphalia SoaPuffball (I)
Eastwood ModernArt (G)
Kolpino City MishkaMan (I)
Woodsdale Hightech_TR (I)
Radiance Square MindBender15 (I)
Lacledic Republic jphgolf4321 (I) YEA
Pixl seshpenguin (I)
Bearainstein mervynang (L)
Alexandria Bay Itz_Lego (L)
Cattington Purrcat2010 (I)
Oakburgh mdbro55 (G)
Richville woorich999 (RP) YEA
New Woodbury AlfiePops (I)
Zerez airplane320 (CNV)
Armadean Municipality Ardyln (G)
Scarborough sesese9 (I)
Moramoa megascatterbomb (I) YEA
Peripotamia Cookie46910 (I) YEA
Airchester Cortesi (D)
East Spruce MaxStewartS (RP)
Kalorean Union Needn_NL (K)
Vault City Zomghi5 (I)
Deadbush MojangChan (BP)
Verdepin Kel5 (I)
Oasis Sands ConnConn (I)
The City of Seoland CodyHM (LSF)
Frostbite SirNatureWriter (LSF)
New Acreadium DevyySky (I)
Rockham Aldranster50 (I)
Eagleshore SkyjumperTalon (I)
Knoxford BernCow (I)
YEA: 6 - NAY: 1
60% YEA votes for a majority

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