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United Cities/Resolutions

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This page is the voting platform for the United Cities. On it will be listed resolutions up for voting. Finished resolutions and their voting records will be moved to an archive page.

IMPORTANT: All votes must be formatted as either YEA or NAY in the voting table. Votes not in this format will be discarded.

Resolution 133: Impeachment of mjpwwf as Chief Justice

Proposed by Skelezomperman
Endorsed by _Kastle, _ezzo, and PtldKnight

It is with sadness and disappointment that I put forward the first impeachment resolution in the history of the United Cities. Even now I feel bad that I am proposing this, but I feel that it's a necessary evil.

I am proposing this because Chief Justice mjpwwf has failed to execute his duties as Chief Justice in a timely manner. Firstly, he did not get a single Associate Justice confirmed until August the 23rd, almost a month after he took office on July 26th. Yes, he was forced to withdraw SilverBubble and dragonbloon419 was rejected by the General Assembly, but that was no real excuse for him to have waited a full two weeks to nominate an Associate Justice for the first time, and then after his second nomination is rejected via a close vote in the GA, wait another one and a half weeks to nominate ryanfr. And there is still a vacant seat on the Court. Keep in mind, that we have spent nearly a third of Chief Justice Pueff's term without a single AJ, and nearly, if not over, a third of the term and counting without a full court. If that is not enought, there should also be the fact that Chief Justice Pueff has also procrastinated severely on Court Case #10. Case #10 was submitted on August 9, and at the time of this writing, it has been nearly three weeks that the case has languished without a decision, and it has been over a week since August 19, when Chief Justice Pueff said he was in the process of writing the decision. Regardless of what outside factors there are, there is no reason that a Court Case should last for three weeks, nor should a third of the term be spent without a full court.

I would like to stress that this resolution is not because I dislike Chief Justice's Pueff's ideology, his personality, or anything about the content of the decisions he has made. It is that he has failed to execute his duties in a timely manner, which is a disservice to the Court, to the parties of Case #10, and to the United Cities as a whole.

To mjpwwf: I do not hate you, and I am not doing this because I hate you. However, you have taken no real action so far to address your inactivity, even though you have came on both the MC server and Discord. I am willing to change my mind if you explain yourself and provide a method of your own to rectify this issue, such as marking yourself inactive or resigning. Otherwise, the United Cities really has no choice but to remove you from office and replace you with someone who will be active.

General Assembly Voting - Ends 4:55 PM GMT-4 8/29/17

State Representative Party Vote
Royal Plaza _AngelKevin_ (I)
Lochminehead DJMC2000 (L)
The Royal Ferry Monarchy MIKE24DUDE (X)
Beaufort Geobros429 (I)
City-State of Hathnes VernCow (I)
Helix Bay TrainPro (I)
New Delian League Yellowitcher (G)
Ezzo City _ezzo (G)
Belvadere dubs17 (I)
Dandenong MC_Dunc (I)
Mons Pratus Skelezomperman (I) YEA
Iconia Shyvalex (I)
Delta City AyyLion (I)
Waverly cal76 (I) YEA
Coruscant SilverBubble (U)
New Beginnings uglyname (I)
City-State of Siletz MeetMeInSpace (D)
Whiteley AP Red (I)
United Republic of Sealane RLcrafters (I)
Covina _Kastle (I)
City-State of Kitania KittyCat11231 (I)
Espil EspiDev (U)
Utopia Narnia17 (I)
Kenthurst Aliksong (G)
Formosa camelfantasy (I)
Mecklenburg tarheelscouse (D)
Tranquil Forest hvt2011 (I) YEA
Snowtopic Duechayapol (I)
Bakersville FredTheTimeLord (Q)
Auckland JohnNotTech (I)
Storalisburg Vulpicula (I)
Cavia Captain_Cavy (G)
Ilirea mikefishr (I)
Phoenix Valley 34lynx72 (C)
Titsensaki frogggggg (I)
Welsbury dragonbloon419 (I)
Wythern Baseball02a (R)
The Port City of Victoria MC_Protocol (V)
Hummingbird Islands MinecraftYoshi26 (I)
Mallison jamess__ (T)
Mountain View XtremeF (I)
Democratic State of Bronte Jian_Zen (I)
West Vermilion ryanfr (I)
Nymphalia SoaPuffball (I)
Eastwood ModernArt (G)
Kolpino City MishkaMan (I)
Woodsdale Hightech_TR (I)
Radiance Square MindBender15 (I)
Lacledic Republic jphgolf4321 (I)
Pixl seshpenguin (I)
Bearainstein mervynang (L)
Alexandria Bay Itz_Lego (L)
Cattington Purrcat2010 (I)
Oakburgh mdbro55 (G)
Richville woorich999 (RP)
New Woodbury AlfiePops (I)
Zerez airplane320 (CNV)
Armadean Municipality Ardyln (G)
Scarborough sesese9 (I)
Moramoa megascatterbomb (I)
Peripotamia Cookie46910 (I)
Airchester Cortesi (D)
East Spruce MaxStewartS (RP)
Kalorean Union Needn_NL (K)
Vault City Zomghi5 (I)
Deadbush MojangChan (BP)
Verdepin Kel5 (I)
Oasis Sands ConnConn (I)
The City of Seoland CodyHM (LSF)
Frostbite SirNatureWriter (LSF)
New Acreadium DevyySky (I)
Rockham Aldranster50 (I)
Eagleshore SkyjumperTalon (I)
Knoxford BernCow (I)
YEA: 3 - NAY: 1
60% of votes for a majority