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Tag: 2017 source edit
Tag: 2017 source edit
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kelano --> {{rank|Unranked}}
kelano --> {{rank|Unranked}}
Get Boberton to {{rank|Senator}}
Get Miscow to {{rank|Councillor}}
Get Kelano to {{rank|Councillor}}
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<br />

Latest revision as of 17:38, 21 November 2020

Alert.png Bobbygammer is only online on weekends and Wednesday's sometimes. Bobbygammer also rarely comes on any other day
Location Cal,USA
Time zone PST(-8) daylight saving time(-7)
Language(s) English and Telugu
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor+]
Notable projects Boberton, Miscow
Joined Jul 16 2020
Accepted Aug 2 2020
Citizen Aug 7 2020
Trustee Aug 23 2020
Councillor Aug 30 2020
Mayor Sep 12 2020
Senator not here yet
Governor not here yet
Premier not here yet
Trial Moderator not here yet(This Rank has been deleted)
Moderator not here yet
Administrator not here yet
Supporter Aug 23 2020
Social networks
Nickname(s) bobby (no bob pls)
Previous Name(s) bobbygammer, bobby_77

I don't have tags atm

Hi I am bobby (gammerbobby). I am a [Mayor+] on the sever. I also got supporter + on Aug 23 2020. I own bobbyvile, Miscow, kelano, and Boberton.

My statues

  •      - I'm on the server everyday
  •      - I'm on the server on weekends only
  •      - I'm only on the server on some weekends
  •      - I'm not on the server for several months
  •      - bbbb Banned :S

My will is -

Miscow is going godzilltrain

Boberton is going to Vulpicula

My compony Pup Up is going to Avaneesh2008

My compony Mechanics Is going to AP_Red

My Cafe Bonkers Cafe is going to PaintedBlue

PuppyVile is going to Avaneesh2008

Bobbygammer's Current Time
2:34 pm, November 28, 2020 PST

My ranks:

Jul 16 20 --> [Guest]

Aug 2 20 -->  [Member] 

Aug 9 20 --> [Citizen]

Aug 23 20 --> [Citizen+]

Aug 23 20 --> [Trustee+]

Aug 30 20 --> [Councillor+]

Sep 12 20 --> [Mayor+]

My Town's:

Boberton --> [Mayor]

Miscow --> [Unranked]

bobbyvile --> [Unranked]

kelano --> [Unranked]


Get Boberton to [Senator]

Get Miscow to [Councillor]

Get Kelano to [Councillor]