Director of 東方Project, リコリコ, けいおん! and ラブライブ!
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LocationNew York City, NY, USA
Time zoneEST/EDT
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Current rank[Conductor+] (standard: [Mayor+])
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lightshatterz's Current Time
4:48 am, December 7, 2023 EST

Hello, I'm lightshatterz or light, (formerly chimata, chim or chi) depending on what you call me. I have like 20 towns, but my highest-ranked town is (9)city, which is Mayor.


Status Meaning
Green Very active, or just very motivated
Yellow Kinda active, only playing on most days
Red Not active at all
Black gon

Current Status: Green

Where does my username come from?

ChisaTaki selfie in Cirno Bay!

After a while when Unconnected Marketeers released, I went to change my name and noticed that "chimata" was available, so I grabbed the name before anyone else could (I was formerly called Ain_Ishmael.) As of November 28, 2023, I am now called lightshatterz, given that I'm less attached to Touhou nowadays, and many people in other communities, especially anime communities know me more as lightshatterz.

So far, at least 7 people have noticed the reference behind my name when I was called chimata.

Since when I first became Member, I used a Chimata Tenkyuu skin, but since April 8, 2023, I have now switched to a Chisato Nishikigi skin, which I also found on PMC. (I only just found out in May 20, 2023 that I ended up using the exact same skin as GrumpyGoomba9!)


Pre-[Guest] - I first knew about the MRT back in 2015-2016 (can't recall exact date, maybe it was 2015). This is when I watched the videos, probably from Frumple and maybe the Birdhall Metro video. However, I wasn't interested on that server as I was focused on a lot of other projects at this time. Even today, I still can't recall the full details as to how I first found about the MRT Server.

[Guest] - I first joined the server in Jul 29, 2020, when I was building a line in another project and the stations in that line was inspired by stations in other servers and MRT came into my mind. Additionally, I submitted a member application that sounded like a portfolio.

I "re-discovered" the server in May 14, 2021. I don't know what led me to find about the server again, but at least I got to watch Major League Spleef and whatnot.

 [Member]  - After like 3 failed applications, I finally got accepted on my 4th application, in May 20, 2021 by sesese9. This is where I started to build the first town and still my important town, Cirno Bay.

[Citizen] - I was promoted to Citizen with 2 endorsements from Skelezomperman and Echohue in May 27, 2021.

[Trustee] - I got 3 endorsements from Minecraft252, kingsnake and HarborRandom852 and was promoted to Trustee in June 6, 2021. I had many towns, including Sumire.

[Councillor] - I was promoted to Councillor for Cirno Bay with 2 endorsements from Needn_NL and Missa_Solemnis at June 26, 2021. In this time, Cirno Bay is now experiencing rapid expansion, with lots of roads being built, and also more towns being built.

[Mayor] - In September 9, 2021, I was promoted to Mayor with Cirno Bay, with 2 endorsements from AP_Red and sesese9.

I built towns in many places, such as Kismay for USE, Carbonwood, which is my second ranked town and many others. It kept going on until the founding of Anthian City for Glowing Bay.

I have started a new warprail company, West Zeta Rail, in order to serve the growing West Zeta region.

I also participated in SimonScholar's town contest, with Jokull. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it to [Councillor] when the contest was over. I also participated in events, such as golf and Formula MRT, in order to earn some extra money.

[Mayor+] - In July 14, 2022, I was gifted supporter by pretzel33. Before that, I was one of the richest non-supporters, at $7304.90.

In this time, I expanded West Zeta Rail and started West Zeta Ferry to serve the West Zeta region better, and started Raiko Airlines to connect towns via air.

I applied for Conductor for October GSM and was denied promotion with a vote of 2-7-0. Over November and December 2022, I slowly pushed Cirno Bay and other towns towards higher ranks and built gifts at Christmas Island for first time.

In January 2023, Cirno Bay was expanded bigger, getting closer to Senator and I finally got a third ranked town, called Yonge which was founded in January 16 in order to be part of SixTowns area.

Across the first half of 2023, a lot of happened. It included being able to meet new people in order to expand my businesses, as well as wiki work, plus the introduction of #wiki channel (I was riding the R train to home when the GSM was happening, oops), as well as the founding of Azunyan.

In the latter half of 2023, I got Hinanawi Town to Mayor, as well founding of New Rotterdam for Union Construction Incentive. Additionally, Nagoya was also founded further down the Union Line, and both towns reflect Dutch and Japanese planning principles, respectively.

[Conductor+] I applied for Conductor at July 2023 GSM and was promoted with a vote of 8-4-0. Within 48 hours of becoming conductor, I "crashed" the server by doing /stack 511 while facing west instead of south when building a canal.

[Senator+] - The quest still continues... I would someday like to aim [Senator+] someday. Maybe Cirno Bay, Raiko, Yonge, Azunyan, Nagoya or another town will get me [Senator+]. I first tried to get Senator with Yonge, but it was rejected with a 0-5 vote, with the issue being that Yonge did not have enough builds for Senator rank. After that, I started focusing on Cirno Bay more than other towns.

[Governor+] - soon:tm:

 [Premier+]  - Probably never.

What is the best way to contact me?

  1. By using Discord. This is the fastest option. (My Discord is lightshatterz.)
  2. By using /mail lightshatterz. I will read the message as soon as possible.
  3. By using the talk page. "
  4. By using the "Email this user function".

My assets


Mayor of

Town Rank DM Founded
Cirno Bay [Mayor] HarborRandom852 5/21/2021
Plage Rouge [Unranked] KittyCat11231 June 2021? (date unknown)
Sumire [Unranked] Needn_NL 6/24/2021? (approximate)
Northpoint [Unranked] HarborRandom852 7/3/2021
Kismay (part of the USE) [Unranked] ModernArt 8/14/2021
Kazami [Unranked] 10/23/2021
Carbonwood [Councillor] 11/13/2021
Robloxia [Unranked] kingsnake 12/21/2021
Youmu Island [Unranked] 12/24/2021
Momiji [Unranked] 12/31/2021
Solar Sands/Aigen [Unranked] __7d 1/2/2022
Hinanawi Town [Mayor] Foote_Chicken 1/10/2022
FT House Community __7d 1/30/2022
Lakeside City [Unranked] Zuoj 2/19/2022
Karna [Unranked] Melecie 2/27/2022
Jokull (submission for Simon's town contest) [Unranked] Minecraft252 4/10/2022
Raiko [Unranked] EspiDev 5/5/2022
Tournesol [Unranked] jay_planner 6/1/2022
South Mesa [Unranked] 0x10 7/19/2022
Anthian City [Unranked] woorich999 9/15/2022
Yonge [Mayor] Zuoj 1/16/2023
Mirfield [Unranked] Minecraft252 2/15/2023
Prisma Falls [Unranked] ProCallMeJr 4/10/2023
Azusa [Unranked] HalfyCrafty 5/22/2023
New Rotterdam [Unranked] Needn_NL 9/5/2023
Nagoya [Unranked] __7d 10/25/2023

Inherited towns

Town Rank Founder DM Founded Method of inheritance Date of inheritance
Laarbroek [Unranked] Kuukman Kuukman 11/28/2019 Transferred 7/3/2021
Lawrenceville [Unranked] nootell_a_ (formerly lawrence_zo) 7/29/2019 IAT 2/13/2022
Kirbyville [Unranked] Tadeusz09 AP_Red 2/16/2023 DM Succession 6/15/2023
Princeton [Unranked] RainbowSlimee RainbowSlimee 10/2/2023 Transferred 10/15/2023

Konten State

DM of

Town Rank Mayor DM since
Plainstown [Unranked] RyanVonn 2/27/2022
StevenTown [Unranked] __Steve_n__ 3/6/2022
Hudson [Councillor] Minecraft252 9/20/2022
New Constantinople [Councillor] ItsNotJasper 10/28/2022
Satou City [Unranked] fork_07 11/6/2022
Los Corozos [Unranked] Spegit 11/20/2022
Spruce Basin [Councillor] KentClarkson 1/13/2023
FreskVille [Unranked] DDaniii_ 1/28/2023
Prohampton [Councillor] ProCallMeJr 3/17/2023-10/3/2023
Birmingham [Senator] ProCallMeJr 4/28/2023
Sa'avai [Unranked] barleybun 8/14/2023
Rainer Bay [Councillor] NetworkSoutheast 10/25/2023
San Marlin [Unranked] bobbygammer 11/5/2023
New Gensokyo [Governor] LegendOfYukari 11/24/2023
Flatedge [Councillor] bobbygammer 12/1/2023

Former towns

Town DM (if known) Founded Reason
claim at ES28 ? Disclaimed
Aya ? Declared insignificant
Jeriremma ? Disclaimed


The Konten State will be dissolved. Instead, it will be transferred to respective deputy mayors as outlined below.

  • By default, it goes to the deputy mayor, if one is assigned.
  • If the deputy mayor declines, it goes to the respective DDM (deputy deputy mayor) if one is assigned.
  • If the remaining choices are exhausted, it can be transferred to anyone willing via IATs.

Amayumi Corporation, the company that holds all of my assets will be dissolved, with its divisions going to respective people, outlined below:

  • Franchise Division will be dissolved together and individual franchises under the division are available to anyone via an IAT if they are willing to continue these franchises.
  • Transport Division will be transferred to __7d.
  • Other divisions will be decided later.

My subpages

My sandbox

Guest FAQ

Tips for New Members

MRT Wiki Quick Guide

List of popular culture references in Cirno Bay

Survival Server


Conductor Timeline

MRT Shinkansen

Wiki things

  • Edited the New World MRT line pages to be more accurate, including the wards the stations are in, line extensions, histories and what not.
  • Edited the ward pages to feature more accurate information, including MRT lines, cities and adding galleries.


  • Write route descriptions and make route maps for every New World MRT line.
  • Rewrite the New World MRT system article.
  • Write an article for SimonScholar's Town Building Contest.
  • Write an article on The Borehole, the April Fools' 2023 event.
  • Improve the TacoBurritoAThon pages, including adding details on the event.
  • Add more details to Natal, including why it exists and the history of the town.
  • Add a description of the latest generation of Central Park, the history of it and descriptions of old Central Parks if possible.

My finest wiki contributions

Did you know

(This only includes pages where content that I added appeared in DYK.)

Featured articles

MRT community on r/place

MRT Marina Shuttle

MRT Circle Line

Featured images

Oparia Downtown (June 4, 2023)

Horzion National Airport Terminal 2 (July 16, 2023)

The drawbridge over the strait connecting Equinox Ocean and Coral Sea

Cirlce Line tracks south of Daneburg


See this page.

Crashed the server within a day of being conductor.