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I'm knowing for memeing but that's about it
Location California
Time zone PST
Language(s) Silbo Gomero
Gender Yes
Birth date Nikola Tesla but 143 years later
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor+]
Joined October 12 2015
Accepted December 6 2016 accepted by Baron
Citizen December 26 2016 by Yoshi and JP
Trustee January 6 2017 by Yoshi
Councillor March 19rd 2018 by Hvt and Mega
Mayor October 2nd 2018 by Cynra_ and HeavenAngel
Senator SoonTM
Social networks
Discord Cookie46910#1010
Nickname(s) Cookie, Cookie 4-6-9-1-0

Hi, you found my page. I know people and some things on the server.

I'm currently enrolled in college though, so I probably won't be on much, however, if you ever need me just send me a message on discord or something, I'm almost always available.

My Game Show Statistics

Yoshi's Events

Average 9.22th place in all Yoshi Game Shows (I have participated in)

Other Events

An average of 4.21th place for other server events

Events in Progress

Cookie46910's Current Time
12:37 am, June 2, 2020 PDT
Officer Positions in the United Cities
Predecessor Position Successor
dragonbloon419 Vice President
October 31, 2018 - present
1.^ Since there were no direct positions for the Ryder Cup, it was decided by Talon that I had received 3rd place overall.