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Mayor of Lamont
LocationChula Vista
Time zonePacific Standard Time (−08:00 Offset)
Pacific Daylight Time (−07:00 Offset)
Birth dateJune 26
MRT information
Current rank[Mayor+]
Notable projectsLamont
JoinedJune 3rd 2020
AcceptedJune 7th 2020
CitizenAugust 1st, 2020
TrusteeSeptember 7th, 2020
CouncillorDecember 10th, 2020
MayorHalloween 2022
Governornot anytime soon
Premieryeah right buddy
Social networks
Nickname(s)Crafter, Crafterboi
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Hello, I'm CrafterBoi500. I am the founder of the councillor towns of Alvingdale and Lamont, and the unranked town San Diego. I also own two franchises, Price Mart, and Jack in the Box. I am building 1 road and helping with another, the B920 and the B49 respectively. I also occasionally help build the A360. I like rode. If you ever need my help, Better Call After Crafter.

Towns I founded

  • [Mayor] Lamont
  • [Councillor] Alvingdale
  • [Unranked] San Diego
  • [Unranked] West Cambridge

Towns I inherited

  • [Councillor] Oceanside
  • [Unranked] Alana
  • [Unranked] Bayport
  • [Unranked] Cactus Springs


  • Get [Senator]
  • Destroy Central Alvingdale with missile
  • ???
  • profit!!!