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Director of Kid Icarus
Kawaii Fiork.png
Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Time zone GMT -3
Language(s) Native: Portuguese
Gender I think i am (Fe)male
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects My Preshioz Boy
Joined Sometime in 2016 or 2017
Accepted January 14, 2019
Citizen January 21 2019
Trustee Febuary 24 2019
Councillor March 1 2019
Mayor Sometime in March of 2019
Senator Tomorrow
Governor mORE gAteS
Premier After i make an airport with many gATeS
Trial Moderator Idunno
Moderator 3 months after Idunno
Administrator Very long time in the future i guessy guess
Social networks
Discord @pit da angel#2024
Nickname(s) Sometimes Fork and Firok
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Hi i am FiorkG

Things o'bout me

Sooooo, i am a talker person and i like minecraft and roblox. Also i like to joke. Datz all folkz huehuehuehuehuehue!

I Like

Ice Cream



My Town(s)

People on MRT




DevyySky (No i am not gay)

I dont like


People who make jokes about me

Epsilonian Republic


Achievement get!
Kiddy boI
Yuo under 13.
Achievement get!
Fiorkistan, Fiorkistan, You are a nais place
You live in Fiorkistan
Achievement get!
A good relationship
Have a good relationship with someone

My History

FiorkG Age

Guest and Pre-Mayor

Alert.png This Article needs help of MaxStewarts or somebody who remembers the [Guest] Fiork

Thank you


When i was accepted i've built Southburg. I loved that town. Then i built Valence to fix Southburgish Errors and then.............

The Lost Password

I lost my Password then i can't join for half a month. Also big thenks for Ramona that Donated account to me :D

The New Fiork Age

For know the New Fiork Age, Ask Fiork :|