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{{notice|Inactivity Notice|Due to my account being locked, I will be unable to login to the server until further notice. I will be active on Discord and will provide updates on there.}}
{{User infobox
{{User infobox
| status = red
| status = green
| title = ''Director of bawking''
| title = ''Director of bawking''
| img = dont have image at the moment, will add it whenever i remember to
| img = image: whenever i feel like adding one
| loc = USA
| loc = USA
| timezone = EDT/UTC-5
| timezone = EDT/UTC-5
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| mod = even bigger nein
| mod = even bigger nein
| admin = biggest nein
| admin = biggest nein
| twitter = @footechicken
| discord = @FooteChicken#8400
| discord = @FooteChicken#8400
| web = [Chickenbooks website that isn't completed or published yet]
| names = true
| names = true
| nicknames = Foote, Foot, Chicken, Bawk
| nicknames = Foote, Foot, Chicken, Bawk

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Director of bawking
image: whenever i feel like adding one
Location USA
Time zone EDT/UTC-5
Gender Male
Birth date 2004
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects idk yet
Joined 5/8/18
Accepted 6/30/18
Citizen 7/10/18
Trustee 11/6/18
Councillor 2/12/19
Mayor 5/5/18
Senator nein
Governor nein
Premier big nein
Trial Moderator bigger nein
Moderator even bigger nein
Administrator biggest nein
Social networks
Twitter @footechicken
Discord @FooteChicken#8400
Nickname(s) Foote, Foot, Chicken, Bawk



I found the server when it was being talked about on Wolvhaven. I joined in April, checked out the server, and then left. In May, SilverBubble messaged me on Discord and asked if I wanted to apply. I applied, and after failing once (i think i misclicked on one of the answers), I passed the test, and was promoted to member. I founded a town at  JN1  on the Jungle Line, and slowly started developing the town a bit more. One day, CaptainObi messaged me on Discord and asked me if I wanted to take over a nearby town at  J0  that he had recently gotten from EliteNeon. I bought the town, which was then known as Upminster and unranked, and slowly built it into today what is known as Bawktown.


The following is a list of everything that is owned or partly managed by me.


These are every town that I hold a government position in.


  • Bawktown

Deputy Mayor



All franchises are owned by ChickenCorp.


Physical homes

These are the homes on the server that I own.

Set homes

These are my /home warps.


If I leave the server for longer than 3 months or am banned, my assets are transferred to the following people. If any of them don't want the asset, it goes to the next person on the list. If no one wants it, it will get auctioned at the next gsm. Please note that the users listed here are subject to change at my own discretion.


Achivement list here

Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.