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Location Helsinki area, Finland
Time zone GMT +2
Language(s) Finnish, English, German, (some swedish)
Gender Male (Uros in finnish)
Birth date 15.03
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects Southlake
Joined 11.11.13
Accepted 12/2013?
Citizen 27.11.14 21:00 EET
Trustee April-May 2015
Councillor Fall Or summer 2015
Mayor Spring 2016
Social networks
Skype helkamamc (i prefer more discord instead of skype)
Personal website (yes its my website)
Nickname(s) Helky, Helk, Suomiboy (Hanny Calls me like that often :D)

Hello im helkama!

Or helky (how tarry calls me :D)

Im mayor of Southlake at  C49  Foobar

Wat who is Helkama, Helky... Whatever?

Im a player on the MRT. I live in Southern-Finland and im the only Finnish MRT player. I joined the MRT first time in fall 2013. I speak Finnish, English and German very good But i cant write German so good. Im learning Swedish at School while everyone learns that here in Finland because its the second official language after Finnish. When i joined the MRT it was kinda cool to ride the MRT lines while i like trains. After i got applied i just build a small building somewhere next to Hamanei (Hamanei came after i build my house there.) and then i was kinda just exploring for the next few months and chatting. Then i started HelkGroup with owns Helcom (dat Mobile wireless operator).

Continued soon!

How did i found the mrt?

The story how i found the server was kinda like an accident. I was looking for Cities In Motion videos on Youtube and i found Frumple's videos about it, then i watched on his channel page for more of these vids and found a video about the MRT so i joined the server. Without CIM i wont be here.


Yellow-Red I could be sometimes more active than sometimes it depends on my schoolwork...

-Future status-