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Minor (Update status)
Minor (Update status)
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{{User infobox
{{User infobox
| status = yellow
| status = lime
| title = Director of Confusion and Forgetfulness... I think
| title = Director of Confusion and Forgetfulness... I think
| name = i____7d
| name = i____7d
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Usually my status never goes past orange, and rarely past yellow, so rest assured. You can still chat to me on my talk page, though. I check it everyday.
Usually my status never goes past orange, and rarely past yellow, so rest assured. You can still chat to me on my talk page, though. I check it everyday.
'''Current status lasting until: 6 Nov'''
'''Current status lasting until: 20 Nov'''
'''Next status: {{colorbox|lime|  }}'''
'''Next status: {{colorbox|yellow|  }}'''
== History ==
== History ==

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Director of Confusion and Forgetfulness... I think
Location Singapore
Time zone GMT+8
Language(s) English, half-decent Chinese
Gender Male
Birth date I don't want a sudden party at my house please
MRT Information
Current rank [Trustee]
Notable projects Foresne
Joined 4/9/19
Accepted 10/9/19 (Frumple)
Citizen 29/9/19 (Vicki & Echo)
Trustee 1/11/19 (Echo, Lithium, Fiork; promoted by Yoshi)
Councillor hopefully
Mayor hopefully as well
Senator this too
Governor this too
Premier I'd be very happy
Trial Moderator good question
Moderator good quesiton
Administrator good question
Supporter if I could, but...
Social networks
Nickname(s) i_7d, i7d, 7d, I 7d

Hello! I am i____7d. I founded the town of Foresne and my company ForesCompany. I have been here since 4/9/19.

Status Key

  •      - I'm on the server everyday, usually mornings and evenings
  •      - I'm on the server on weekends only, usually mornings and evenings. I'm rarely on during weekdays
  •      - I'm on vacation
  •      - I'm only on the server on some weekends
  •      - I'm not on the server for several months
  •      - it's time to say goodbye

Usually my status never goes past orange, and rarely past yellow, so rest assured. You can still chat to me on my talk page, though. I check it everyday.

Current status lasting until: 20 Nov

Next status:     


[Guest]: I heard of this server somewhere around 2015-2016 but I joined in 2019 (when the other servers were down). I applied for member on the same day I joined, at 4pm. (It was a Wednesday.)

While I was waiting for my member application results, I was looking for a place to build my town, Foresne. At first, I considered the ice plains biome south of the Fort Yaxier area and the extreme west part of the Southern Line. I went to check out the latter (fun fact: I didn't use warps) but it was already claimed by other people. I didn't bother to check out the former. But then, I discovered the forest around SW6. It has a lot of hills and lagoons, which I liked. There is an extreme biome at SW5 and lots of high cliffs around SW7, so I planned to extend Foresne there too. So there was where Foresne is.

Before the member application email came, I was always checking my mail all the time. (The wait took freakishly long.) I also visited most of everyone's user pages to see how long they had to wait. (Yes. I was that impatient.) But the email did come at 3am on Sunday. It was a rejection email. However, I bothered myself to wait until Monday. On Monday, I submitted my second application at 6-7am. (I didn't wake up just for this. I had an event at 8am.)

My second member application email miraculously came at 7am on Tuesday. Surprisingly, my application was approved. (That was what motivated me to get out of bed. I woke up at 8am.)

 [Member] : So that day, I started work on Foresne. (More info about Foresne can be found in its page.) During my member period, I mainly built Foresne. I also built a ForesTools shop at Espil Ecilidae Centre. I also claimed 2 houses: one on Mayor's Island in Foresne Central, and one in Espil Aura.

[Citizen]: On 28 September, Vickiposa endorsed me for citizen, and on the next day, Echohue. (Thank you very much to both, by the way!) I still continued building Foresne, which became part of the Epsilonian Republic during my Citizen days. I also helped at PeacemakerX5's town and Pasadena.

[Trustee]: I asked Echohue, LithiumMirnuriX and Fiork777 for an endorsement. On 1 November, when I was helping ModernArt build Pasadena's T6, MinecraftYoshi26 asked me if I was a supporter. (I wasn't.) But at first, I didn't know the reason why he asked that, which was for my promotion. (Thank you to all 4 by the way!) So I continued building Foresne.


Common mistakes that other people make

Pronouncing "Foresne"

Correct: "For-rain" /fʌˈɹeɪn/


  • "Fore-sen"
  • "Fore-snee"
  • "For-ray-sen"
  • "For-ray-snee"

Totally Incorrect:

  • "F"
  • "SW6 Town"
  • "i____7d's town in the south"
  • "For-whaaaat?"

Spelling "Foresne"

Correct: Foresne


  • Forsene (worst offender)
  • Foresen
  • Foraine
  • Foreine
  • And much more...

Totally incorrect:

  • Foreign

Pronouncing "Postiensci"

Correct: "Post-tuhn-see" /pʰɤstənsiː/

Also correct: "Post-chen-see" /pʰɤstʃənsiː/


  • "Post-tyan-see"
  • "Pohs-tuhn-see"
  • "Pohs-tyan-see"
  • "Post-tuhn-sai"

Things I can do (other than Minecraft)

  • Play Cookie Clicker
  • Design subway maps (hand-drawn or digital)
  • Code (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, C#, Scratch, Microbit, Lego)
  • Develop games (either on Scratch or on Unity. My first Scratch game is Mouseclick. My first Unity game is The Platform.)
  • Play "Perfect" on guitar
  • Do CPR (might be insignificant but can save lives!)
  • Compose music (Garageband or Noteflight)
  • Kayak (My favourite boat is a K1 Regata and I use it for competitions. I use a Jantex paddle.)
  • Make poems (I am especially proud of that Nature poem.)
  • Make videos (I use movie maker. Hehe)
  • sleep


Ask me anything in my talk page. If I would answer it your question would be here.

  • Do you know PeacemakerX5?
    • I'm his former classmate. Tadaa!

Wanna contact me?

I don't have discord or mumble yet, so it's either talk page or in-game.

“we are sorry for the inconvenience”

i____7d's Life Pro Tips

  • Be nice and everyone will be the same to you.
  • Gridded roads are mainly for flat terrain. Foresne isn't flat. Therefore Foresne's roads are rather irregular.
  • Sidewalks.
  • Metros are super useful. Look at the popular cities.
  • Diagonal bridges are very hard and time-consuming to build. Try to avoid when necessary, unless you must or you want your road to be diagonal.
  • Name your roads.
  • //stack is useful. And //set.
  • Sometimes completing something by hand that w/e can do is faster than just waiting for a staff member.
  • Plains/Desert biome is easiest to build a town on.
    • Savannah/Mountains/Badlands is a bit harder because big hills and plateaus.
    • Forest/Taiga/Jungle means you have to clear trees. Ugh.
    • Savannah M is very unsuitable for roads. Very.
    • Swamp means lots of islands. Maybe a canal system? Hehe
    • Mushroom biome means you are very special. There is only one (2?) in the Epsilon World, and that doesn't even include the whole island.
    • Ocean means you have Atlantis basically.
  • Buy a house in Foresne cuz it'z free babyyyy