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Location UK
Time zone UTC, GMT
Language(s) English, though I could understand reasonable amounts of Spanish and Italian
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Citizen]
Notable projects Aquamarine Bay, IanTech
Social networks
Discord Johngi #9868
Nickname(s) John, JohnGG

cough Testing! cough yep, we are online. I'm Johngi, one of the more helpful people on the server, who basically helps everyone with everything, though mostly with landscaping and redstone, as well as being a pretty trustable person.

So let me set out the wiki page:

  1. Planning board for projects, so you can see what I am doing
  2. History
  3. My personal tips (Trust me, they are helpful)
  4. Whatever this "Final Deed" thing is, I'm not dying last time I checked
  5. Achievements (You bet there's a lot of them) (I hope)

Planning Board

So, If I have an idea, it will (eventually) make its way down to here, where I will also put a redirect to a wiki page if it has one.


My main company, which basically owns all the franchises down the line. It already has offices in Hendon. Most of the companies below don't exist, this is just a plan of the company. The structure is quite simple (He says):

  • IanTech (Main company)
    • Atlas World (Transport Company)
      • Atlas Aqua (Boat company with a focus on riverboats and canals)
      • Atlas Iron (Minecart rail company mainly using high-speed rail lines, made using the ucar glitch, for fast and easy travel)
      • Atlas Gold (Warp train company (when I can make those) for long distance travel)
    • IanTech Retail (Basically the manager of all the shops and services I have)
      • Venus Albums (Photo album making service that basically makes pictures and albums of towns and cities)
      • La Verde Mare (Pub chain that totally does not kill anyone and does not store them in a freezer for black market deals)


I was a guest, like all (excluding a certain someone), at one point. When I was a guest, I was exploring and not doing much... except occasionally helping members who couldn't figure out which style they liked best.

When I got member, I started cracking on my new town Aquamarine Bay, which actually is and was pretty good. Most people, when first building a town, imagine a massive metropolis, the style and scale of things like Whitechapel and Central City. I tend to think things like this out and quickly realised that originality is key, and so decided to build Aquamarine Bay in a different style; it was built in an older, Italian style.

Then I left the server for a while, to work on other projects in another server, namely (err... unamely?) the oldest one in Minecraft which I cannot say by name because that's against the rules (unfortunately). I came back to basically the same story as I left, although now I'm trying to make obi feel better about himself)

Personal Tips (From someone who really knows why)

Oke dokie here we go!

  1. Originality is key! Don't copy, though taking ideas from someone else and incorporating it with your design is!
  2. Don't be too pedantic about the website! Or do, but don't email it to the admins, because that's a bad idea. Trust me, I have been there.
  3. Don't take life advice from Frumple! (The only one he has is "Eat broccoli and die")
  4. Be helpful to other players! That's how you get popular, and lots of money!
  5. Write down the history of your town in something more secure than a wiki page or an ingame book, though I recommend you keep a copy there too, so other people can see it easier
  6. Don't swear or use caps! At all! At the very least, use something milder. It may technically be allowed, but I don't take chances, and it doesn't put you in a good light!
  7. Don't play too much on the server! Enjoy real life! And, anyways, it helps you concentrate more when you are playing.
  8. Make a regular alarm on your computer telling you to drink water or eat! It is extremely useful.
  9. Be cheerful and happy, but if you are feeling down, tell people! The guys on this server are helpful and nice, but it is your decision
  10. Read the rules! Again! Many times!