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Mayor of Southoak
Location Singapore
Time zone GMT+8 (Singapore Standard Time)
Language(s) English, Chinese
Gender Male
Birth date World Trade Centre Collapse Date
MRT Information
Notable projects Southoak
Joined 26/11/19
Accepted 28/11/19
Citizen 6/12/19 (Endorsed by Echohue and _Kastle)
Trustee soon
Councillor i want
Mayor i really want
Senator i would be really glad to right now...
Governor airport time woo
Premier hell yeah
Social networks
Instagram ktkren777
Discord ktkren777#0299

Hello there! I am ktkren777, mayor of Southoak, a town in the shared municipality of the Region of Lumeva. I joined as a [Guest] on 26 November 2019, fascinated at the different and large-scale builds I found on the server, and joined in the fun on 28 November 2019 as a full-fledged [Member] of the MRT. I currently stand as a [Citizen].