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(I went ahead and fixed the rank template for you, Legend. :) There is no template called white, if you want to write a rank use {{rank|member}}, or {{color|white|[Member]}} Feel free to undo :))
Line 7: Line 7:
| gender = Male
| gender = Male
| bday = July 8
| bday = July 8
| rank = {{White|Member}}
| rank = {{rank|member}}
| projects = Your notable projects.
| projects = Your notable projects.
| guest = 6/26/2019
| guest = 6/26/2019

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Location USA
Time zone Central (UTC-6)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date July 8
MRT Information
Current rank  [Member] 
Notable projects Your notable projects.
Joined 6/26/2019
Accepted 7/2/2019
Citizen Date you were promoted to Citizen (Mayor Pre-Gamma).
Trustee Date you were promoted to Trustee (Trusted Pre-Gamma).
Councillor Not until i make a town
Mayor when idk
Senator idk
Governor idk
Premier idk.
Trial Moderator idk
Moderator idk
Administrator idk
Supporter idk
Social networks
Nickname(s) Legend

Hi! I'm LegendPheonix26 and i own a new corporation called Pheonix holdings and Minestar coffee.