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| 2019
| 2019
| [[Big Brother 4]]
| [[Big Brother 4]]
| Ongoing

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This is a list of games that I have been a part of on the server.

Reality-competition game shows

Major game shows


Year Title Notes
2013 The Mole 1: The First Betrayal
2014 The Mole 2: The Double Agent Strikes Once Again
2014 The Amazing Race 0 Canceled
2014 The Mole 3: The Third Treachery
2014 The Mole 4: Subterfuge
2014 Whodunnit? (season 1)
2014 The Amazing Race 1
2015 The Mole 5: Out Of The Woods
2015 The Amazing Race 2
2015 The Mole 6: Blast From The Past
2015 Whodunnit? (season 2)
2015 The Amazing Race 3
2016 Game I
2016 The Amazing Race 4
2016 The Mole 7: The Final Showdown
2016 The Amazing Race 5
2016 Big Brother 1
2017 The Amazing Race 6
2017 The Mole 8: Return Of The Saboteur
2017 The Amazing Race 7
2017 Race To Escape Canceled
2017 Big Brother 2
2017-18 The Amazing Race 8
2018 The Mole 9: Trust Is A Mistake
2018 The Amazing Race 9
2018 Big Brother 3
2019 Game X: The Portals of Hell
2019 Big Brother 4


Year Title Notes
2019 Survivor: El Calor


Year Title Placement Notes
2014 Survivor: The Summit N/A Outlasted until the stopping point
2016 Big Brother Mini 8 6th
2017 Big Brother Returns N/A Outlasted until cancellation
2018 The Game of Numbers 1st
2018 The Weakest Link 1st Anniversary special
2018 Survivor: Utara 1st

Other games

     Does not work and/or Closed
     Works somewhat
     Works and is playable

Minor game shows

Year Title Role Notes
2013 Singing Bee Creator/Host
2013 Family Feud Creator/Host
2013 Identity Creator/Host Never used
2014 Supermarket Sweep/Just Right Creator/Host
2014 Challenge Roulette Creator/Host
2014 Trust Me, I'm Lying Creator/Host
2014 The Million Emerald Drop Creator/Host
2014 Pointless Creator/Host
2014 You Don't Know Jack: MRT Edition Creator/Host
2014 Wheel of Fortune Host Gamma Studio; Original by hawksfan1010
2014 The Thousand Dollar Drop Creator/Host Spin off of Million Emerald Drop due to economy plugin
2014 Only Connect Creator/Host
2014 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show Creator/Host
2015 Trivial Bingo Creator/Host
2015 The Ten Thousand Dollar Drop Creator/Host Spin off of "The Drop" series; uses old Million Emerald Drop studio at Ghasts Stadium; rarely happens
2015 The Great Search Creator/Operator
2015 Red or Black? Creator/Host
2015 Jeopardy! Creator/Host
2015 Boom! Creator/Host
2015 The Drop Creator/Host
2015 Deal or No Deal Creator Original by BossOfGames, Created with _Kastle
2015 The Ultimate Renovation Creator/Host
2015 Scrambled Creator/Host Based off of Countdown's words rounds
2015 DYSTOPIA Creator/Host
2015 The Server Search Creator/Host
2015 Big Brother Mini Creator/Host Participated in Big Brother Mini 8, 6th place
2015 The Color of Money Helper
2016 Five Minutes To A Fortune Creator/Host
2017 Pulled Away Creator/Host
2017 Divided Creator/Host


Year Title Role Notes
2012 Wishington-PVP Arenas Creator With the help of chiefbozx for plugin
2013 Capture The Flag Creator
2013 Survival Games Creator
2013 Team-PVP Arenas Creator Used infrequently
2014 Overpowered Battle Creator/Operator
2018 Numbered Arenas Creator Continuation of Wishington-PVP Arena series, arenas 13 and over


Year Title Type Role Notes
2012 Wild Goose Chase Adventure Map Creator Broken; Most or all clues lost
2012 Ticking Timebomb Puzzle Map Creator Used in The Mole 1
2013 Wild Goose Chase 2: Challenge Edition Adventure Map Creator Broken; Most or all clues lost
2013 Wild Goose Chase 3: Trivia Edition Adventure Map Creator Broken; Most or all clues lost
2013 Wild Goose Chase 4: Sign Edition Adventure Map Creator Broken; Most or all clues lost
2013 Escape the Mad Man's Basement Puzzle Map Creator Co-created with qwolf1999; In a secret location and unfinished
2013 Yoshi's Mansion Adventure Map Creator Unfinished
2013 The Hotel 1 Puzzle Map Creator Used in The Mole 3
2013 The 30th Floor Puzzle Map Creator
2013 The Hotel 2 Puzzle Map Creator Broken due to warps
2013 Shift Puzzle Map Creator
2013 The Voices Adventure Map Creator Unfinished
2014 Wild Goose Chase 5: 2014 Adventure Map Creator Broken; Most or all clues lost
2014 Get Down Puzzle Map Creator
2014 Out Puzzle Map Creator
2015 Flip Puzzle Map Creator
2015 Red & Blue Puzzle Map Creator
2015 The Bedrock Box Puzzle Map Creator
2015 The Bedrock Box 2 Puzzle Map Creator
2016 Jail Escape Puzzle Map Creator
2016 The 60th Floor Puzzle Map Creator/Operator Sequel to The 30th Floor
2017 Temple Escape: Frumple's Head Puzzle Map Creator/Operator First solved by megascatterbomb
2017 Temple Escape: The Clock Puzzle Map Creator/Operator Unsolved
2017 Escape The Rooms Puzzle Maps Creator/Operator Escape rooms from Race To Escape

Mini games & others

Year Title Type Role Notes
2012 Sandstone Fair Mini Games Mayor of town Contains multiple games of various types
2012 Parkour City Parkour Mayor of town
2013 Hunters & Runners Mini Game Creator
2013 The Dropper Mini Game Mayor of town Created with godzilltrain
2013 Treasure Sands Mini Game Creator/Operator
2013 Wild West Checkers Board Mini Game Creator Unfinished
2013 Werewolf Mini Game Creator New set made with lalaboy
2013 The Anvil Game Mini Game Creator
2013 Shoot Stack Push Mini Game Creator/Operator
2013 Falling Floor / Color on Command Mini Game Creator/Operator
2013 The Flood Mini Game Creator
2013 Cards Against Humanity Mini Game Creator/Operator Given away to Soleurs
2013 Cut The Wire Mini Game Creator/Operator
2014 Telephone Mini Game Creator/Operator Broken due to warps
2014 Trap Mansion Mini Game Creator/Operator
2014 Grave Diggers Mini Game Creator/Operator
2014 The MRT Maze Mini Game Creator/Operator
2014 Yoshi's Haunted Mansion Mini Game Creator/Operator Re-purposed from Yoshi's Mansion
2014 MRT Kart Mini Game Creator
2014 Guess Who? Mini Game Creator
2015 The Beacon Grid Mini Game Creator/Operator
2015 The Beacon Grid 2 Mini Game Creator/Operator
2015 Bare Essentials Mini Game Creator/Operator
2015 The Hot Flood Mini Game Creator/Operator
2015 Party Quirks (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) Mini Game Creator/Operator
2015 M F K Mini Game Creator/Operator
2015 Monopoly Mini Game Helper Command Blocks Removed, Main builder is CortesiRaccoon
2015 Yahtzee Mini Game Creator Created with _Kastle using CortesiRaccoon's dice
2015 Monopoly Express Mini Game Creator Created with _Kastle using CortesiRaccoon's dice
2015 The Army Advances Mini Game Creator
2015 Cards Against Humanity (_Kastle's Version) Mini Game Helper Helped with ideas and provided cards
2015 Find The Armor Stand Mini Game Creator/Host Alternatively, Find Me
2016 Hunters & Runners: Pairs Mini Game Creator
2016 B.O.M.B. Mini Game Creator Stands for "Big Obsidian Machine Bomb"
2016 Get To The New World Mini Game Creator/Host
2016 Hunters & Runners: Secret Operations Mini Game Creator
2016 Bounty Hunters Mini Game Creator
2016 The Runner Mini Game Creator
2017 Monopoly Mini Game Creator Newer version, help from Narnia17 and mine_man_
2017 10 to 1 Mini Game Creator Made official in 2018
2017 Bed Wars Mini Game Creator/Operator
2018 Congregate Mini Game Creator
2018 TR4VEL Mini Game Creator
2018 MRT Scattegories Mini Game Creator