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The United Republic of Independent Washroom Urinals or UriWU for short, is a republic formed by MF_moj on October 26, 2019 after he was really freakin' bored.

Laws passed

Act 1 - Creation Act

blah blah blah And God said, "LET IT BE LIT BOIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!"

Act 2 - Trap Anti-Discrimination Act

very self explanatory amirite

Act 3 - National Tortang Talong Day 10/69

everyone is required to eat tortang talong at October 69.

Members of the Kongres

any1 can join, as long as u don't have malaria

City/Town Player name Number of Seats
moj's assets MF_moj 69
moj's haus MF_moj 70
trapistan the "girl" from that maid anime 10