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==The mess continues==
==The mess continues==
21-2-2018: House List, here you can add the houses I own. Wikitable made by [[DS|AlphaDS]]
21-2-2018: House List, here you can add the houses I own. Wikitable made by [[user:DS|AlphaDS]]
{|class= "wikitable"
{|class= "wikitable"

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     Needn NL
Location Somewhere in The Netherlands
Time zone CE(S)T (Central European (Summer) Time) +1/+2 UTC
Language(s) Dutch, English, German, Flàxspràx
Gender Male
Birth date October 26th (I'm between 10 and 100 y old)
MRT Information
Joined June/July 2017
Accepted July 16 2017
Citizen August 16 2017
Trustee September 4 2017
Councillor September 30 2017 (Winterside) / Short thereafter for KC
Mayor idk like somewhere April 2018 for Winterside / May 1 2018 for KC
Social networks
Instagram no wae, unless you find it then hmu ;)
Discord Needn_NL

Hi, my name is Needn_NL and I am the NL you Needn! I'm trying to organize the mess that is me so patience please!

my test pages are at my sandbox


Well, I'm known for a lot of things, and in that way I belong to the more famous members under 18 (get out of my spotlight XD ). Things people know me from:

  • My Cities and Towns (User:Needn NL/Towns)
  • My glorious Franchises (User:Needn NL/Franchises)
  • Talking Dutch
  • Talking Gibberish
  • Talking with London
  • Talking about Leeds
  • Talking about Talking
  • Politics
  • Did I say talking already?
  • My MPO's :)
  • My birthday (please congratulate me that day lel)
  • My spaaaaaam (made in Hawaii)
  • Ananas
  • Pietsa


My cities and towns come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have differing backstories. If the wikipage exists, please take a look! If not, ask User:Needn_NL about it or write down what you know on wiki!


  • Kaloro City - The capital of the Kalorean Union, and my true pride. All my build quality probably went there, so make sure to visit it with one of the 0 current transportation methods to go there!
  • Winterside - The capital (I like capitals) of the North Coast MPO, that has fallen apart but might be reorganized soon. Winterside is visitable at NE7 and close to Hendon, Creeperville and Geneva Bay. It has one RaiLinQ station, a harbour with multiple destinations, the B12 and soon an airfield. Also, the immigration and customs in this tyranny is quite heavy, so prepare yourself!


  • Syke, no Councillor towns! *RIP*

Unranked, shared

  • Riverpoint - Created in collaboration with Frosty_Creeper10 and SubmergedSubeway, it has the J10 station owned by me and I am the primary caretaker at the moment.
  • Cornerstone - Created in name of the Metropolitan Municipality of Cornerstone, I'm the formal owner and caretaker.

Unranked, Sole Owner

  • New Winterside - Started as a gimmick to save North Coast from foreign occupation and to bug London, New Winterside is a cute little village with no ambitions to become a town just yet.
  • Coal Colony - Like the name says, it's the coal colony of Kaloro City in the western mountains. Please don't enter as it's a millitary settlement.
  • Kaloro Harbour - Voted most useless harbour twice, Kaloro Harbour harbours the Kalorean fleet and a prison camp near the western edge of the map. Foreigers are allowed but strict rules apply.

The mess continues

21-2-2018: House List, here you can add the houses I own. Wikitable made by AlphaDS

City/Town Adress House Number Coordinates/MRT Station
Desert Bay River Road 1b
New Woodbury Sonplaas  WN15  New Woodbury,  T33  New Woodbury,  C100  New Woodbury
Victoria New Prenston Street 452 Southern Line
Pearl Coast Green Street 5  ES26  South Pearl Coast Station
Skogheim Parkroad 1 - Floor 3B -12700, -11200
Carnoustie S2 Street, Old Town 3 Ward 8/-16800, -10500
Pearl Coast, Financial District 1, Pickling Lane, Building B, Imperial Towers floor 11, appartment 21 ES26
MeTromso 8 1/2, Thundra Street  I33  Foobar,  V46  Foobar
Lapis Bay Venessa Beach Road 1  XE31  Lapis Bay

Somewhere in Norwest
10 Beach Drive, Columbia (North of F35)
Dutch Street 3, Southport (South of V16)

26-2-2018: Warp list, hopefully all the warps I manage

Desert Bay:

  • desb1
  • desb2

New Acreadium:

  • NAC_1_1
  • NAC_1_2
  • NAC_2_2

(all three removed)


see Air Kirdé for the warps.


  • gabe1

/warp assets *thx Auto

Temporary list of people who own a house in Kaloro City:


My Assets

As of 6-11-2018 and unless I make other statements at later times, in case I get tempbanned, I'd like TheSubway to take care of my towns and emergency rights for **all** my franchises.

In case I get permbanned, I'd like Winterside to be split at the tunnel next to NE7, with the west half going to U: London, with Hendon Bridge (South of the river) going to Hendon (no matter if U: London still owns Hendon). I'd like The East Half of Winterside to go to Creeperville. Kaloro City would go to SubmergedSubway first (lol no way), TheSubway second, FrostyCreeper_10 third, Knowmads fourth, Piney fifth and if all those five people don't want it, it will join Norwest.

Concerning franchises and infrastructure in a permban, I'd like to give the track and station Bridge on the Hendon Line to Auto, after which he may give it to someone else. I don't even own it anymore lol I'd like FrostyCreeper to have my shares in anything that I don't fully own, plus Winterside Metro and all my franchises.

If these people don't want my assets, they will be available to (in order): FrostyCreeper, SubSub, London, TheSub, SoSo(banned), SoaPuffball(banned app I just don't like you, jk, but I think it's good to keep the chain short, soz), Piney and Autobus. If it's still not claimed after a month, it'll all go to Frosty to manage.

If I'm on a hiatus, I will tell people who takes care of what.

If I'm just being inactive, my towns will go to my deputy TheSubway, if he doesn't claim it, staff, please make sure these people will be caretakers in this order: Frosty, Londy, Alfie and my franchises to start at Devran then TheSubway then Unjinz.

I'll expect everything back if I ever get back in such a case, and if not I'll just dislike you for the rest of my days on the MRT... (fr tho)

Owned companies/names

All of the companies on this page: Kaaskoppen

Connected - conglomerate, will soon get it's own wikipage including subsidiaries

VendingCo - Sells vending machines

KCard - Kaloro City Travel Card

WinCard - Winterside Travel Card

Necxt - Connected Travel Card

'O Nep - trades in designs that resemble famous ones

Tism! - Appliances Manufacturer and works together with 'O Nep (rn, arcade)

Alles Flexx - Juridical Advice

De Bovengrondse - a bank for the underworld

De Groene Stadt - Art Gallery

Communité des Herbes - Flower Garden

De Kok's "Kookeiland" - A cooking course location for poor peepz

Kaeryn Apel's Shisha lounge - Shisha Lounge

Buurtsuper Henrik's - Grocery shop

Grand Café Wubway - Restaurant

Motel P. Verstaye - Motel

Among others...

Kaloro City 2018 Census

Zuidoeverweg 01-13 13 inhabitants

My asset list

Kaloro CIty Acacia Building - Sunshine City

Sansmore Helipad :) 29-6-2019 (service to [1] Winterside, [2] KC)

What people still owe me plus the sanctions

_nothing right now_


Achievement unlocked!
This user prefers Warprail for intercity transport

En nu in de echte taal ;) [Dutch]

Jullie kunnen allemaal Engels lezen dus wees niet zo lui! Net zo lui als ik om niet dit stuk op te schrijven :P