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Current Rank: Mayor
Current Rank: Mayor
Location: Currently unavailable
Location: I am kind of shy about putting personal info on the Internet
Languages: English,French,learning Arabic and Chinese  
Languages: English,French,learning Arabic and Chinese  

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Hi, I am Purrcat2010. I am a fairly recent member that joined towards the end of August of 2016. I am currently on Red Status temporarily (see quick facts) right now. I am the current owner of Cattington, Miasto, New Cattington, and Snowdin. I am also the founder of Cattington and Farport. I am the founder and ex-leader of the Epsilon Nature Preserve Committee, a role recently given to Needn_NL. I’m also the current CEO of Malachite Group. Like most people on the MRT, I'm into city planning and transit. My goal on the MRT is to be friends with all other towns on the MRT. I'm the MRT's resident artist, I specialize in abstract sculpture, all of my work can be seen in my area on the Lab World.

I may as well tell you about how I found the MRT. For several years before I even thought about joining the MRT, I watched Frumple's videos on a regular basis. I've also had Minecraft on my familly's home computer for a few years. I changed my username a couple times. before finally coming to Purrcat2010. I joined the MRT in 2016 and got my application accepted on my 2nd attempt. I've been a member for a little over a year, and have only been on Red Status once. I was running for United Cities President,but I lost the election, for more info on this, please click the below link: One more thing is that I feel that Ben6331 has been unfairly banned. I feel this way because he was banned without any warnings, but the MRT rules say that a person must have three warnings (3 warnings=temp ban) with the 4th meaning a perm ban. Also, the warning/ban policy contradicts the most important rule #3, which the basic idea of it is “Staff can take actions to deal with things that are unacceptable to the MRT community.” Therefore, I think Ben deserve a second chance.

User:Purrcat2010/Purrcat2010 for United Cities President Campaign

Quick Facts

Current Activity Status: Green/Yellow

Title: Director of Positivity

Current Rank: Mayor

Location: I am kind of shy about putting personal info on the Internet

Languages: English,French,learning Arabic and Chinese

Social Media

Twitter: In the Twitter Search bar, type in Tacrrup2010 (feel free to follow me if you want to).

Facebook: My Facebook is closed to you, it has my real name.

Discord: I currently hate Discord right now due to an incident involving Mercury203, said incident I will not mention here.

My Towns

-Cattington (My first town)

-Miasto (First town obtained via town auction)

-New Cattington (It’s in Epsilon, relocated to a series of artificial islands in the Aires Ocean)

-Snowdin (First town TMS-ed to me)


If something were to happen that rendered me unable to play on the MRT anymore. Then this will is to be put into effect. This will is also to happen if I am off the server for more than 3 months.


-LithiuMirnuriX (Deputy Mayor)

-mine_man (If he accepts, he may merge Vegeta with Cattington)

-Rqvilo (because I know him in real life)

-The MRT Staff


-LithiuMirnuriX (Deputy Mayor)

-SoaPuffBall (If he accepts, he may merge his nearby town with Miasto)

-mikefshr (If he accepts, he may merge his nearby town with Miasto)

-The MRT Staff

In the event I return to the MRT Server, I would like all my property back.

My Homes

-An apartment in Espil

-An apartment in Elecna Bay

-A house in New Beginnings

-A house in Miasto

Interesting Facts

I got this from Ben, but unlike his, you may ask about the facts unless I put don’t ask next to it.

-Cattington is a portmanteau of Cat and the railway station in London Paddington with some extra Ts added.

-I almost lost Cattington at some point, no joke (don’t ask).

-I was considering renaming Miasto to New Miasto.

-I had a town called Farport at one time that I gave away.

-I’ve been on Wolvhaven, but I quit it due to it’s making of Discord mandatory.

-I have no funny quotes on the page.

More facts will be added soon.

Positions Currently Held

-Current Mayor of Cattington.

-Current Mayor of Miasto.

-Current Mayor of New Cattington.

-Current Mayor of Snowdin.

-Current Deputy Mayor of San Marino.

-Founder of the Nature Protecters of the MRT.

-Current President and CEO of Malachite Group.

-Current King of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington.

Other Notable Projects

The Malachite

The Find the Cat Game

Cattington Unity Party