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Info notice.png RED STATUS
Exams till 16 October, after which I will be on ORANGE STATUS till 10 November and RED STATUS come December. I will be on GREEN STATUS for the remainder of November and the whole of January next year.
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Info notice.png My username is moriaofmines!
I have changed my username to moriaofmines.
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also known as moria
Location Singapore (born in the Philippines)
Time zone SGT (UTC +8)
Language(s) English
Mandarin (basic)
French (basic)
Gender Male
Birth date 12 October
MRT Information
Current rank Trustee
Joined July 2015
Accepted 25 June 2017
Citizen 1 July 2017 by cal76 and Aliksong
Trustee 1 October 2017 Aliksong
Social networks


I am the founder of RedEat, a restaurant franchise specialising in bar and grill. The franchise was bought by Icicle Holdings on 31 July 2017. I also founded. I am the current CEO of a franchise that I have founded, Demeter Eatery, that operates 50 restaurant outlets across the New World serving quality food. I am the founder and current president of the Serpentine Liveability Index (SLI), a non-profit organisation that aims to rate cities based on their standards of living.


I would start a conglomerate called Gecko Group. Gecko Group would consist of Gecko Industries which is divided into Gecko Commodities, Gecko Products and Gecko Services, and LOGYC which operates as an info-comm and R&D corporation. I would also plan to be the mayor of Serpentine City in the desert west of Camino.