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Info notice.png I will be fully back in late October!
Might come online every now and then but do not expect me to be available anytime soon.
Info notice.png
also known as moria
Location Singapore (born in the Philippines)
Time zone SGT (UTC +8)
Language(s) English, Tagalog, Mandarin (basic), French (basic)
Gender Male
Birth date 12 October
MRT Information
Current rank Member, demoted from Citizen
Joined July 2015
Accepted 25 June 2017
Citizen 1 July 2017 (cal76 and Aliksong)
Social networks


I am the founder of RedEat, a restaurant franchise specialising in bar and grill. The franchise was bought by Icicle Holdings on 31 July 2017.


I have claimed NW19 Station for development of my planned city of Serpentine that would aim to be a Premier city for members of the server to build in, explore and most importantly enjoy. I would start a conglomerate called Gecko Group. Gecko Group would consist of Gecko Industries which is divided into Gecko Commodities, Gecko Products and Gecko Services, and LOGYC which operates as an info-comm and R&D corporation. I am considering to unclaim NW19 as I have started construction on Serpentine City Hall on the desert southwest of Heampstead.


Firstly I hope to regain my Citizenship by being a good member of the community and abiding by server rules always. Then I hope to climb up the rank ladder as fast as I can by expanding my city. I hope to achieve Trustee by the end of August, Councillor by mid-September, Mayor by the end of September, Senator by the end of October, Governor by the end of November and Premier by next January.